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catinreverse t1_jd3dqdr wrote

Who would have thought that someone who works for Facebook would try to suppress what everyone was talking about to their own personal standards. I, for one, am shocked.


Simon_Jester88 t1_jd3f0mv wrote

Keep conversation civil and if you make a stupid, hateful comment you get downvoted. At least I hope that's how it works.


TheColonelRLD t1_jd3ffes wrote

Discussing their position at Facebook as evidence of their competency for moderating this subreddit, and then having other subreddits delete any comments that reference their place of employment. That was meta.


BobQuasit t1_jd3fjs5 wrote

So who are the mods now? Apart from the usual suspects, who all seem to be...well...inactive?


Banana_Ram_You t1_jd3hapm wrote

umm.. the status is whatever it was a week ago. We post and comment about things in MA


Mnemon-TORreport t1_jd3hjxv wrote

I'd love to hear from Reddit about what happened here.

From what some folks have said in other threads/subreddits, Linuxman was appointed as moderator by Reddit. Based on his actions after, it feels like an explanation is warranted.


poppinfresco t1_jd3hkhy wrote

TiL mods serve a purpose (obviously not the dumbass that got dumped)


cliffkleven t1_jd3hl81 wrote

Mod from r/Minnesota here. We had a similar situation in our sub. Head mod had a power trip and lead to a mass ban/exodus from the sub. Don’t know who will take over, but just wanted to say it will get better for you all.


exactlyw t1_jd3hs05 wrote

I for one welcome our non-existent overlords

edit: that didn't last very long!


paganlobster t1_jd3hs0h wrote

Do you want this sub to become /r/boston? Because that’s how you get /r/boston. Guaranteed you will see the maga types back in here “just asking questions” about trans kids or the crime rate. The brigading and dogwhistling will return. Enjoy your astroturfed garbage.


BobQuasit t1_jd3i0sc wrote

Oh my god. If he screened them to suit his tastes, this sub is definitely doomed. And I agree absolutely, mods should be from Mass as a basic requirement!

At this point I want to see open and honest statements of intent from all new mods.


BobQuasit t1_jd3i9tk wrote

u/Linux-Is-Best is still listed as a mod for this sub. Do we have confirmation that he is suspended? Is that a permanent suspension, or could it expire?


Aminilaina t1_jd3iq3r wrote

Everything that happened yesterday really struck me as odd and changed my entire perspective.

The first post I saw was about how they worked for Meta. I didn’t, and still don’t, care what their day job is. However, everything else that went down became wild really quick.

What happens to people who were banned? Do they get unbanned? What happens with that now?


NativeMasshole t1_jd3jahl wrote

Especially since he's only suspended, and not even necessarily removed as a mod. There's a hierarchy between the mods' authority over the sub, so with the head mod being inactive, he will have direct power over them.


goldengodz t1_jd3jdj7 wrote

It's pretty funny how someone called this mod out for being sketchy, and it turned out to be completely accurate.

If someone posts like an unhinged person on any social media, they probably are unhinged. Pretty simple lol


mslashandrajohnson t1_jd3jepf wrote

There were so many posts recently that sort of meant to call attention to the most obscure problems in our state. I hope our moderator team can stay on top of this. I block each account they does this.

It reminds me of the patri0t fr0nt marching in Boston. Just people targeting us because of our high human development index.


zumera t1_jd3js4h wrote

Dude was disconnected from reality.


boat--boy t1_jd3jsnf wrote

Wasn’t one of the chief complaints that the moderator in question was deleting posts/comments and subsequently banning users for differing from their political views or what they interpreted didn’t apply to this subreddit?

Their actions seem akin to going to an open house at the state house, criticizing a state rep, and then getting banned from the state house. Discussion about the ins and outs and moderators of this subreddit is inherently part of r/Massachusetts discussion, and should be allowed.


new_Australis t1_jd3kjn9 wrote

Subs need to be open to all opinions. We can't live in echo chambers.


tropicaldutch t1_jd3ltfi wrote

So what’s the future for this sub? Is he still mod?

Where do we go from here?


BobQuasit t1_jd3m5z0 wrote

He went into the classic paranoid mod mode, banning everyone who commented on certain threads - and in many cases muting them as well. It happens fairly often around here. The process seems to be:

  1. Newish mod decides they are God, here to punish those who are heretical in Their eyes. They shall hereby be referred to as The Mod.
  2. Innocent users have their posts taken down.
  3. Those users complain. Brief conversation takes place in the sub about what's happening.
  4. The Mod attempts to defend their actions to the sub. But since their actions are indefensible, the vast majority (in this case, EVERYONE) disagrees with The Mod.
  5. The Mod's Wrath is incurred. Bans and deletions come more quickly.
  6. Protest from the users increases The Mod's divine wrath. The rate of bans and deletions escalates. Preemptive muting is employed, as is banning on the basis of posts and comments outside of the sub in question.
  7. Around this time one or more alternative subs are created by some of the newly-banned. Some members move there to talk about what's going on. This offends The Mod's sense of propriety, since to question Their Holy Will in a place They cannot control is sheer blasphemy.
  8. People complain to Reddit, and The Mod starts worrying about getting negative attention from the admins. Like a cat covering up their scat, They start hiding or deleting any conversations that They feel might make Them look bad. In this case, that includes all the batshit-crazy stuff in their personal ranting sub.
  9. Here we fork. Either Reddit and/or the owner of the sub does nothing, in which case the more aware segment of the sub users leave for the new alternative sub. We now have two separate communities where once there was one, to the detriment of both. The original sub either eventually dies off, or just dwindles and becomes irrelevant to most people.
    Either Reddit or the sub owner comes in and finds the sub in flames. They take hasty action to eliminate The Mod, and hope that the sub will recover with minimal damage. The Mod crawls off to lick Their wounds and plot a comeback, some day.
  10. Or - maybe - The Mod comes to their senses. Can't say I've ever seen that happen before, but I suppose there could always be a first time!

TrappedOnScooter t1_jd3n246 wrote

I’m not sure but can we please make r/truerandomthoughts a parody sub?


BobQuasit t1_jd3njvi wrote

Given recent events on this sub, clamping down and deleting posts is the WORST thing you unknown mods could be doing right now. And who the hell are you, anyway?


smmshad OP t1_jd3on61 wrote

Is discussing the status of this sub with all the drama not relevant to us? Why was this removed?


Big_Business77 t1_jd3q1ou wrote

His account was apparently reinstated, which was the wrong move.

Put this turd on blast until he's permanently banned from Reddit all together.

Make more threads, draw more attention, report report report.


Easy-Progress8252 t1_jd84ue6 wrote

I don’t understand what happened and frankly don’t have the time or mental energy to want to invest in it. I did to make this comment though. Let’s talk all things Massachusetts!


BobQuasit t1_jd8b1in wrote

I was banned for suggesting that a Massachusetts sub should have the Massachusetts state flag as its symbol.

But of course I was really banned because I didn't kiss the boot.


BobQuasit t1_jd8bjes wrote

Some of us were unbanned, and there's a thread here for people who were banned to request reinstatement. They can do that even if Linus-Is-Best muted them, which he seems to have done almost automatically.

I know it's only Reddit. But damn it, egotistical little dictators like him piss me off. I'm glad he's gone, and I'm glad he apparently lost 160k+ of the karma he was such a whore for. But part of me wishes he'd been hung from a lamppost like Mussolini.