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amphetaminesfailure t1_jcxvjn7 wrote

Great picture! Brings back a lot of memories.

I think it's been a good 21 years since I've been to Wachusetts, but from the time I was three years old until I was fourteen, we use to take the ride up there 8-10 times a season for day trips, plus a couple weekend trips to Bretton Woods and Mount Snow.

My dad use to be an avid skier, it was probably his favorite thing to do in the world. By the time I was 14 though his health was already declining (thankfully he's still around today, but can't do much physically anymore). Wachusetts was actually our very last time skiing together (my last time skiing period), and I think it was the first time I witnessed/understood what was going on with his health.

I've always wanted to get back into it, but I don't have any friends who are interested. Every fall I tell myself, "This winter, I'm going to go, even if it's alone", but things just get in the way and it's hard to find the motivation to just take the drive by myself (I'm down in New Bedford).

Sorry for the rambling comment, the picture just brought up a lot nostalgia.


Frictus t1_jcxwrwx wrote

Honestly, one winter I took a sick day from work in December and went skiing there on an early bird pass. Mountain was nearly empty and trails we're good enough that I got 6 hours of skiing in. It was weird at first because I've never skied by myself but Im so happy I went. So next December do it!


amphetaminesfailure t1_jcxxnwa wrote

I'm going to have to next year. I need to just say fuck it and go through with it at least one time, and see if I still love it as much as I use to.


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I stopped skiing almost 20 years ago. Out of the blue my 8 year old asked if we could go skiing this year. A friend of mine has an older daughter and graciously gave us her old gear that fit perfectly. The wife got her ancient gear out of the closet. I had just given all my stuff to my nephew only a few months before. We packed up, went up to a tiny mountain in NH and got her a few lessons. She was instantly obsessed. So I rented and we started skiing as a family.

I got some cheap gear on Craigslist and marketplace and we've been like 6 or 7 times since. It took me a few to get my legs under me but I'm managing. The muscle memory is strong than the muscles. Saturday we went to Sunday River and had a blast. It was beautiful spring skiing weather.

My dad recently passed away and I've been thinking a lot about how my daughter will remember me when I'm gone. Have we provided a loving home where she feels safe? If we will butt heads when she's a teenager will we be able to overcome any of those relationship variables? Will I be around that long(I'm in my 40s but you never know)? Will she think about the formative things we try to instill in her when she's at crossroads in her life and will she make the right choices? Will I become a burden and hold her back?

So, thank you for posting this. It's soothing to know that your nostalgia brings back fond memories of your dad in better health. You should A. Tell him that. B. Go skiing! REI Hingham has bus trips and there were always plenty of people flying solo back in the late 90's early 2000s. Looks like they still do it:


wet_cupcake t1_jcxx06n wrote

Loved Wawa. Such a great mountain to learn to snowboard on. Tons of memories in the early 90s.

Unfortunately the lift ticket costs aren’t justifiable there anymore. Way too expensive for how small it is.


LongHaulTruckerHat t1_jcyveib wrote

During covid they went to 4 time blocks and realized just how profitable it is and have kept it.they don’t care about you…just your money.


sir_mrej t1_jczxihr wrote

Time blocks? Sorry I dont ski


Bidiggity t1_jd159fs wrote

Most ski areas sell daily lift tickets that are good from the minute they open in the morning until the minute they close in the afternoon. Some ski areas offer night skiing as well. This is usually included in the daily lift ticket price or you can purchase a ticket that lets you ski from 4pm until close depending on the ski area (usually around 4 hours of skiing for substantially less than a full day ticket). There are exceptions to this such as discounted half day tickets or discounted tickets that only allow access to beginner areas.

During Covid, in an attempt to reduce crowding, Wachusett broke up their business hours into four blocks. I don’t remember the exact time frame of each one, but they were 3.5-4 hours each of memory served. The problem was, they didn’t reduce the price accordingly. So instead of ~$100 to ski from 8am until the lights shut off at night, you were paying ~$70 to ski from 8:30 to noon.

My numbers are probably off a little since I don’t typically ski Wachusett during the day, but people were upset that it felt like paying more to ski less. I don’t have much of an opinion one way or the other, I bought the night skiing pass last season for $160 and went about 20 times. Best value I’ve ever found for skiing. Besides, Wachusett is convenient, that’s gonna cost a premium.

Hope this helped!


ohmyashleyy t1_jd14cjk wrote

You buy tickets for a session - roughly 3-4 hours. If you want to ski longer, you buy multiple sessions. They’re roughly time blocks like 7-11, 11-3, 3-7, 7-10

You used to just buy a ticket for the whole day.


ohmyashleyy t1_jd14mce wrote

I hadn’t skied in 15 years and we got our 4yo on skis this year. We’ve been going to Wachusett because of the distance, but you’re right, it’s pricy. We’ll probably going to get a season pass next year, we’re not likely to make the long drives to NH/VT/ME next year with a 5yo who can only handle a few hours.

And that’s really how they get away with it - proximity to Boston.


SCM52 t1_jd01lzy wrote

I live 40 minutes to the south, and used to go there after work and dinner.

I would be arriving as the after school programs were ending and ski pretty much non-stop from 8-10. Good times.

Now that I'm retired, I try to get up there twice a week, and have a great time skiing, with not a lot of crowd.

Their Bronze pass is one of the bargains of the mountain, especially if purchased early.

I see from their website that their estimated closing is April 2.


shunny14 t1_jcydz35 wrote

Was this from this weekend? How was it? I was considering going but couldn’t get myself out of bed early enough.


ohmyashleyy t1_jd14pen wrote

I went Friday night and yesterday. With the cold temps after the warm days it was icy yesterday and probably worse today.


Th1s1sChr1s t1_jcxt5kd wrote

Thank you!

I've been out of state for almost a year now and I miss home very much. This is a great view and I know it well, thank you for bringing me "home" this morning!


Valuable-Baked t1_jcyoc5q wrote

OP put this in r/IceCoast!! Love the pic


chrisct625 t1_jd09wc9 wrote

First place I ever went skiing.


TuggieBoi420 t1_jd0pcqj wrote

How're conditions rn, any good?


funsk8mom OP t1_jd0qfbv wrote

Son says they’re pretty good. They did get @15” of snow with that storm last week


Big_Business77 t1_jczfhhz wrote

What a beautiful spot for a waste oil burning plant.


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I’m surprised this type of post is welcomed by the mods. Isn’t central mass a little too right of center for their strict liking?


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Ummm . . . I live not far from the Sierras and I've hiked in the Rockies and the Alps, and frankly, no offense, but I do not see an actual mountain here. Or are you "on" a mountain? Because if you call that little hill you're on a "mountain," we need to talk.


work-n-lurk t1_jczf7sb wrote

It is a small hill close to the coast, you can see Boston on a clear day. This pic is from mid-mountain.


richg0404 t1_jczfx3m wrote

Well OP's picture is not from the top of Mt Wachusett but from one of the slopes. That being said, Mt Wachusett isn't much of a mountain compared to your area.


Phil_Reotardo69 t1_jcxuzje wrote

Beautiful photo! I don't see anybody not supporting the proxy war in ukraine, which makes it good.