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Hoosac_Love t1_jeecda5 wrote

It says the previous registration from out of state can act as proof of ownership if there is a lien in place.


Popmuzik412 t1_jeegl39 wrote

This but I think OP is trying to register in his name, it seems his mom took out the loan. MA will want the car in her name.


Hoosac_Love t1_jeejpoh wrote

If that is the case and the address on registry is in Texas and in the mother who is a valid Texes resident.Leave things as is and drive around Massachusets with Texas plates.And if anyone asks just say you are barrowing temporarily from your mom and the car is not yours.Which is esentially true

I don't think MA can can force you to register a car in MA that is not owned,registered and insured by a MA resident.It's a glorified rental car basically!


Alive-Comfortable571 OP t1_jeg8sa8 wrote

that’s a really nice shout. but I would truly feel safer having it registered. some cops these days can be a pain.


Hoosac_Love t1_jegadcw wrote

I could say have the title put in your name and have the lien holder fax the RMV Out of of other thoughts right now