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majoroutage t1_jeem63i wrote

You don't own the car. Your mother does.

You cannot register it.


Hoosac_Love t1_jeemn1c wrote

There is nothing stopping him either from driving the car out of state though if it is validly registered and insured by a valid out of state resident.

I used to to deliver pizza in Amherst near UMass and none of the out of state college students used MA plates on the cars their parents lent them.In amherst you see tons of out of state plates.Never heard of it being a problem.


Popmuzik412 t1_jef3lqx wrote

Insurance may not pay out if they discover the car is permanently parked in another state.

College kids usually get a pass with insurance since it’s temporary.


Alive-Comfortable571 OP t1_jeg90iw wrote

hi, i’m sorry i didn’t point that out in the main post. my mom is the one trying to get it registered and i’m helping her out since i drive it as well.


majoroutage t1_jeg95z2 wrote

Does your mother also live here in Mass now?


Alive-Comfortable571 OP t1_jeg99af wrote

yes. our family moved together.


majoroutage t1_jeg9kd6 wrote

Cool. Now do yourself a huge favor and go to a local credit union and get the car refinanced here. I can almost guarantee you will get a better rate than any predatory in-house bullshit.


Alive-Comfortable571 OP t1_jega2b4 wrote

that’s a nice idea. do I just look up the closes one I can find or should i look into which ones offer the best rate first? do you have any experience with any good ones? thanks for helping out boss!


majoroutage t1_jeglwwf wrote

Always shop around, but don't be afraid to just walk in and ask to talk to someone.