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yourboibigsmoi808 t1_je00sbl wrote

How the hell did he get an M4?!?!?!


Hoosac_Love OP t1_je014ua wrote

Another poster on this thread made that claim not me,ask them!I had thought it was am AR too.


djsmith89 t1_je0akx8 wrote

Because police departments can purchase newly manufactured machine guns


peteypaaaablo t1_je8pap9 wrote

MA staties have become way over militarized…they have more warfighting equipment and non-explosive weaponry than some smaller countries. The pentagon provided the state with bearcats and a bunch of other shit like 10 years ago…literally got equipment meant to fight a war against foreign adversaries lol even according to Boston magazine some literal Tanks


SheeEttin t1_je0fugu wrote

The department goes to a supplier and orders it?

A real true M4 isn't really obtainable outside the military, but a generic AR in the exact same configuration is relatively easy to get. (Though for private non-LEO citizens, you can't have full auto without shelling out several thousand for the transferable machinegun lower receiver.)