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dg8882 t1_jbubp4z wrote

Boston dodging another storm, barely seen any snow this season.


noble_29 t1_jbvc0ib wrote

All because I went out and bought a new snowblower right before the season.


archeusdevine t1_jbxe82e wrote

I bought one in Jan, Worcester didn't get snow for a month!


95blackz26 t1_jbv00nm wrote

Central mass Here and we haven't seen shit but I'm not complaining


NativeMasshole t1_jbv7bj2 wrote

I wouldn't be surprised if this storm turned into mostly rain again. My weather app said the amounts are likely to vary by elevation, so I bet most of Central Mass won't be too bad.


nromdotcom t1_jbv47ks wrote

Here in north central ma we've had our fair bit of snow this winter - less than usual, but not nothing. Though maybe further south has seen even less.


IwannaGoFast427 t1_jbviqvl wrote

Yeah im on the Cape and I havent had to use the snow shovel but once just to clear the deck which was 3 inches at most. I dont remember a winter with so little snow in a very long time if ever.


95blackz26 t1_jbv7bsr wrote

I'm at the part of mass near i84. The town I live in 20ish min away from that gets a lot more snow than the town I work in near the ma/ct border. Whatever dropped was mostly gone in a few days


EasyTune1196 t1_jbw0k8n wrote

I live in the MA/CT border and we have had nothing. Went to my in laws in Holden today and the yards are covered in snow


bentheechidna t1_jbvmd3h wrote

I live and work in Worcester and I've gotten several snow days from my new job I started at the end of January. Nothing catastrophic but we've had several decent snows.


XavierLeaguePM t1_jbx6q16 wrote

Y’all didn’t get any snow last weekend? At least a couple of inches


zhiryst t1_jbvenx9 wrote

Weymouth resident here, haven't started my snowblower this winter once.


V9luv t1_jbuksaj wrote

Actually the storms have been a nightmare for clean up wet heavy snow isn’t easy to clear


wownotagainlmao t1_jbv604n wrote

Bro I’ve literally had to clean my car off twice this year and shoveled once. What wet heavy snow?


[deleted] t1_jbuebxo wrote

People on my town facebook page are going to lose their mind if they have a snow day. No matter how much snow we get, there's a bunch of dudes and a few ladies railing against how we are making kids soft now.


bleepbloopbluupp t1_jburlxa wrote

Ah yes the people who misremember their childhoods


[deleted] t1_jbuuqj2 wrote

I know. I am way older than most of them so I always try to pop in and pretend I'm just being nice and sweet!

"Oh, I grew up in the 1970s and this definitely would have been a snow day! We'd just watch TV all day and eat cereal!"


OPRAH_IS_MY_BUDDHA t1_jbvm9pb wrote

Suburbanite loser trumpers on Facebook would of course be screeching about snow days lol


murph3699 t1_jbvzmyp wrote

In North Andover, in the early 90s, we ALWAYS had school. Even when the rest of the Merrimack Valley cancelled school we had to go in. We rarely had delayed openings too


atigges t1_jburqrb wrote

Which is funny since the kids have zero say or work in the equation of actually opening and running the school for the day. They aren't driving the busses in snow, they aren't clearing the roads, they aren't making sure enough employees show up to serve a hot lunch or stock and clean bathrooms. It's always the adults who claim to be tough that blame kids for their own issues. KiDs WaNt TrOpHiEs FoR pArTiCiPaTiNg!! Uh, no, Jim Bob wanted an excuse to write off on his taxes a donation from his local business so he gave a "donation" in his business's name to buy them so his son and all his son's friends would get trophies sitting in their homes with the rights to have his business's name on the plaque twice as big as the team's name.


[deleted] t1_jbuuhcp wrote

The thing that is the number most dangerous thing for kids in walking to school. Do I care if my kid gets in a fender bender on the way to school - sure, but it probably wont kill him.

BUT - the kids who have to walk on the shoulder of a road while plows are trying to clear the snow? There's only a mound of snow that is impossible to walk on and the road.

Walking in the road makes it so plows can't do their jobs - and are so much more likely to hit a kid when there's a pack of them that are walking to school.

In Boston-- some kids have a TWO mile walk. Two miles! It's not about just how far it is, but about miles of road that thousands of cars have to drive on that can't get cleared properly because there's literally pedestrian in the road because there's no other place to walk.

There's a million reason to just have a fucking snow day. Now I know the types of parents that went on and on about "uphill both ways". They were just jerk faces.


amphetaminesfailure t1_jbv5zwx wrote

Sometime in the last few years, forget when, we had a deep freeze the night after a snowfall.

So school was canceled for a second day. The "uphill both way" parents were hollering about how the streets are all plowed the sidewalks are all shoveled.

They were completely ignoring that the deep freeze turned the streets and sidewalks into a skating rink. It was cold enough overnight that even the treated roads were a sheet of ice.

I could barely walk down my front steps and get to my driveway, busted my ass, went back inside and called out of work.

Yet these dumbasses wanted busses on the streets and kids on the sidewalk walking to school? Not to mention we know there's always assholes who don't shovel their sidewalk. So you want kids having to either get soaking wet walking through 8 inches of snow, or walk out into the street while cars and busses are slipping and sliding on the road? No. Fuck that attitude.

What I don't get about the way these people think is.....don't we want BETTER for our kids? Don't we want their lives to be EASIER than our generation and previous ones?

What exactly are we trying to make our kids to "tough" for? I mean don't get me wrong I understand wanting to raise kids to be strong and independent....but why does that have to involve putting their lives at a UNNECESSARY risk?

The only answer I've ever gotten is "Well when they're an adult and have a job they....."

I'm an adult with a job. I called out. I'll use sick time if I still have it, or I'll take the points. My job is non-essential. I'm not risking my life for a corporation's profits. Teach kids that. Maybe when the next generation gets into management they'll be more understanding.


amphetaminesfailure t1_jbv4fup wrote

I think it was last year or the year before, my city closed the schools when the temperature was predicted to be like 5 degree with a -20 wind chill.

People were up in arms with things like, "It's winter, that's too be expected! Wear a coat!"

I commented that those temperatures are absolutely not normal for southcoast Mass, they were FAR below normal. Not every kid has a proper winter coat for those temps, let alone proper gloves, hat, thermal underwear, wool socks, etc. And considering not every parent can drive their kid to school, it would be way too dangerous in those temps for kids to be walking or waiting 30 minutes for the bus.

I just got told off and had people say other parts of the country have winter temps like that every day......

Yeah, and those kids are fucking prepared for it, unlike kids in fucking New Bedford.


[deleted] t1_jbv6tr8 wrote

I know. And it's really about protecting the most vulnerable, too.

We live in a kind rich town. Rich folks are driving their kids to school.

But Worcester? You have vulnerable families and new immigrants and poor and struggling families. Kids with addicts for parents.

Yeah, we know they dont care about people that fucked up -- but maybe they should care about the kids.

I taught school in Fitchburg. Parents would call once they came to or sobered up and ask if their kids went to school. We just have to do right by those kids.


amphetaminesfailure t1_jbv8axc wrote

> And it's really about protecting the most vulnerable, too.


What gets me the most in my city's FB page, is I'll look at these parents complaining about kids being soft these days, and 99% of the time they look like they're a poor/working class person (not to be too judgemental).

I mean I'm blue collar myself, but also college educated, and making a very good income for my area.

Too many of the least well off people support views that are the antithesis to their well-being.


ZaphodG t1_jbwrsom wrote

A couple of points:

Those working class parents rely on the schools as daycare. It’s not like they can telecommute.

The schools are heated and I believe every student in New Bedford gets a free lunch. An awful lot of the working poor in triple decker tenement buildings aren’t running their heat and their kitchens aren’t stocked with food for their kids.

The schools need to be open whenever possible even if attendance is optional.


surfunky t1_jbvpyyj wrote

Fuck Facebook. Can’t wait til that cesspool dies. (No offense to you, just hate how it’s become a ghastly soup of townie malcontent)


gloryday23 t1_jbuyjt8 wrote

Not to defend them, but in the town I'm in we've had two "snow days" this year, one based on the forecast of heavy rain the day before that never happened, and one for snow the day before that we never got. To some degree I do get it.


[deleted] t1_jbv0kmo wrote

What town cancels for rain?!

Now we've had 2 storms -- that we were on the absolute cusp from either 7 inches or just rain because the line of freezing was right there.

My town got like 6 inches. The town we share a school with got rain. So while we were shoveling out snow, everyone in the other town was sure (and I bet still is) there was zero reason to cancel.

But cancelling for rain seems crazy.


The_runnerup913 t1_jbud386 wrote

Am I reading this right when I read 20 inches of snow for western mass?


MASKcrusader1 t1_jbudoj4 wrote

Yes but the models always fail to account for the Valley


KosherNazi t1_jbv01b9 wrote

That’s not true. is always pretty accurate and the current forecast for this storm is 1 inch.


steph-was-here t1_jbv2i7x wrote

ya the snow/rain is really not going to be bad, its the wind that's the big thing with this one


Kodiak01 t1_jbv0pu3 wrote

Oh, so NOW we're supposed to blindly believe the guvmint?


petal14 t1_jbxexu9 wrote

Meaning the pioneer valley? I’m in the upper left corner and they’re predicting 1-2’!!! Though this town is in a bit of a valley between the taconics and greylock ranges


MASKcrusader1 t1_jby1lxx wrote

Adams? Williamstown? Yes, I was referring to the pioneer valley.


PartyAgile1094 t1_jbvz5io wrote

20 inches of snow? I hadn’t heard that since i was a much younger child


Azure_Knight125 t1_jbua4cx wrote

Run to the stores now! Get the essentials!


TheLyz t1_jbv2j04 wrote

I remember thinking scornfully of people that scramble to get milk before a storm, as I was out getting milk before a storm.


plawwell t1_jbxdeki wrote

Still got milk and bread from the December storm!


jennyfromtheblock777 t1_jbu9wyb wrote

Gotta get the bread and milk!


wholebeef t1_jbulnso wrote

Good to know the entirety of Western Mass is now known as “West of I-495”.


richg0404 t1_jbuy2oq wrote

Well it is west of 495.

Then so is California.


constant_chaos t1_jbv1wm0 wrote

People are ridiculous. I don't think western MA is really a thing until you get out to like.. Palmer / Ludlow


movdqa t1_jbubf1k wrote

The snow ranges from the various models are all over the place for my areas. Significant to very significant.


amphetaminesfailure t1_jbv6zyl wrote

Models are crazy right now.

Last several GFS runs have been putting my area (southcoast) in the teens for snowfall amounts, NAM is putting me in a couple feet (not trusting the NAM this far out though).

Last Euro run was trending east I think, but still has me at like under 3 inches, along with the ICON.

I don't think we're going to have an accurate idea of things until late Sunday/early Monday.

If I were putting money on it, I'd say this is going to end up being an interior storm, but as of right now there's still a good chance it could be a bigger hit for eastern/coastal Ma.


Old_Army90 t1_jbvk0pa wrote

Meanwhile the Apple weather app says 19” for Holden.



Zazadawg t1_jbvx54a wrote

God I moved from Holden recently and I miss our snow bullseye! Still thinking about the 39” storm in 2014-2015 winter


Psychological-Bad937 t1_jbz7922 wrote

Believe it or not up to this point worcester/holden has been near record levels of how little snow there's been. Worcester is quickly not really as much in the snow belt as it used to be (atleast it's felt much more like that in recent years)


Tiver t1_jbvz7uf wrote

If it's on the edge of temp for snow then it basically can be all over the place because a few degrees temp swing can mean all snow or all rain.


[deleted] t1_jbumnez wrote


I suspect we are not going to get any snow. -- I am of the mindset that anytime they make a big fuss, they're selling you something. It's when they tell you not to panic, that is serious. They're making too much of a fuss about this, so I suspect the whole idea right now is to sell milk, eggs, bread, cheese, etc...

All jokes aside, the report keeps changing from snow to rain. It's like they don't know what is going to happen. So I have to look at the fact that except for 2 snow storms, locally here in Western Mass, all we got was rain. Every time folks kept talking about snow, locally here it's been like; "Snow? Where?" And lastly, it will be mid-March and the temperatures have been in the 50s. Sure, it's New England, anything can happen, but I personally am not betting on this one.

But who knows... Like the weatherman, I've been wrong before -just less frequently. lol


malapriapism4hours t1_jbuw1jw wrote

I’m always disappointed when storms underperform for snow, but the weather folks will get positively reamed if people are unprepared.


MaritimeOliver t1_jbuwsa2 wrote

I bet $1 that we hit 60°F within 1 week of having this storm.


climb-high t1_jbvpmi0 wrote

I’ll take that action. Definitely about 50 though.


RedditSkippy t1_jbup09b wrote

Seems like the forecasts are all over the place. At any rate, I’m down in Rhode Island, so we’re only getting rain. While I am usually very pro-snow, c’mon winter, it’s mid-March. Give it up, already.


climb-high t1_jbvpc1f wrote

I mean based on this forecast the middle of the state is getting 20” of snow while the rest gets rain. Weird


Psychological-Bad937 t1_jbz8yjw wrote

The terrain above 850 feet and especially above 1000 feet this time of year usually can see significantly more snow than surrounding lower terrain but now they are showing this snow as being more widespread according to the nws so who knows what's gonna happen lol


RedditSkippy t1_jbvx1go wrote

It’s not crazy unusual for a March snow dump, but, yeah, nobody really wants that anymore.


kwk1231 t1_jbuvgns wrote

I live about a mile west of 495, I guess I'll flee under the bridge and be safe on the other side.


HeyaShinyObject t1_jbukiep wrote

Models are all over the place -- i follow eWeather who gives a good picture. It's one of those where the track could move 100 miles and totally change the outcome, but there's a good chance of a walloping. If it hits, heavy wet snow is likely to cause trees down and associated power issues.


Plenty-Concert5742 t1_jbvf9oi wrote

Any snow we get from here on out will get melted real quickly, the sun is getting stronger day by day


MassholeThings t1_jbvubzt wrote

What is it about highways that make them the dividing line between storms every god damn time they put out a forecast? It’s like 495 is a void that warps time and space. And tires.


BF1shY t1_jbvn8hh wrote

Y'all act like we are not all overfed and overweight with an excess amount of calories that can last us a month with no food...


jackparadise1 t1_jbvo5i6 wrote

Evening news was saying 4-8 between 128 and 495. I hardly trust them, they keep getting it wrong.


Burger-King-Covid t1_jbucte5 wrote

Glad this isn’t the New Hampshire subreddit. You had me scared for a second that we would be getting a blizzard too.


twoscoop t1_jbv3e4j wrote

/u/coggs362 You are hoping this lasts a few more days.....


Coggs362 t1_jbxa945 wrote

Absolutely, man. Nobody likes going down hard on a sidewalk.

But yeah, from what I keep seeing, everything is up in the air until around 4/15.


twoscoop t1_jbxkxrf wrote

I hope you were going for the pun, if not, you got me still.


Essarray t1_jbwh8p6 wrote

Whatever we get won't last. We're getting upper 40s the second half of the week.


General_Boulevard t1_jbxnq9l wrote

Did a wizard cast a zone of warming protection over the city of Boston this winter? This is like the third or fourth time everyone around me I preparing for serious snow while we get this one pocket of rain and slush


daphydoods t1_jbuvgum wrote

Pls hit Marlboro so I don’t have to drive into the office thank you!!!!


shrinktb t1_jbv1ysa wrote

Better stock up on pie the day before.


JAK2222 t1_jbvge5a wrote

Bristol county has been jumping between <1 inch and 18 inches all day.


BenRed2006 t1_jbvmibd wrote

Yay! Winter finally arrived


PartyAgile1094 t1_jbvyzr1 wrote

Does that mean no school for me, then I’m happy


Luna_Blonde t1_jbw1q0w wrote

Oh sure it doesn’t snow all winter but the day I’m supposed to go to Florida for vacation…..


Loose_Unit6452 t1_jbw34yz wrote

When did we start classifying 43 degrees as a blizzard?


_katherinebloom t1_jbw5t3s wrote

I'm in Worcester so we'll probably get the most according the 7 news and I'm glad because we've had no snow at all :(

But also be brother is coming up from Florida for Thursday so I'm sure he'll love this :p


Fiyero109 t1_jbxm9cx wrote

We want snowfall maps not radar maps lol


Myztic84 t1_jbxuxmx wrote

I'm concerned about the winds. I don't trust National Grid with this one.


mortalcoildrop t1_jby9x1i wrote

Really strange winter on the South Shore


Sunny_Dais t1_jbyac24 wrote

I’m in Franklin county 😳


AuntieHerensuge t1_jbyfp3g wrote

Bleurgh. I have to drive to Boston from WMa at some point this week. Why can’t we have E-W rail now???


chesterfielders t1_jbyk6lr wrote

Thanks for posting this... I guess this is where I get my important weather updates now.


taguscove t1_jbudut4 wrote

Fantastic if true. Looking forward to some serious snow!


324645N964831W t1_jbuijon wrote

Wouldn’t you like to know weather boy /s