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Thiccaca t1_jebpnn2 wrote

MA has the second highest cost per mile for road construction in the US. It is literally twice what it costs to build in Hawaii.


Where literally everything has to be shipped in.

Wonder who is hoovering up all that cash.


Marco_Memes t1_jecglge wrote

Probably the idiots in charge? We all know the T is run by incompetent fools, but that doesn’t make mass transit a bad thing to invest in bc once you have some mass firings you’ve got the problem fixed. Either way their always expensive, that’s why the roads are bad EVERYWHERE. Every state complains about the roads because even where it’s cheap it’s still to expensive


Thiccaca t1_jechbsm wrote

MA roads are Alabama bad though.

And yeah, mass transit is great. Sadly, nobody on Beacon Hill wants it.


CableStoned t1_jecr5di wrote

Never mind the impracticality of transferring enough of the entire state’s driving to MBTA stops to offset our road damage.


Thiccaca t1_jecsaw6 wrote

Unless the system was expanded and made frequent and affordable. Oh, and made to go above 7 mph.