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kaya-jamtastic t1_jec3l1y wrote

The freeze-thaw cycling of our increasingly mild winters isn’t doing us any favors


Thiccaca t1_jec6uq1 wrote

Again, Canada...upstate NY....the mountain west....other places have the same weather and better road maintenance. There really isn't anything amazingly unique about MA weather.


kaya-jamtastic t1_jeckcw0 wrote

It can be 10 degrees (F) colder up there, does that not make a difference? Anyway, not trying to defend road construction in MA, I like to joke that the reason the roads are so terrible is because some politician’s brother owns a road construction company


Thiccaca t1_jeckn2h wrote

Ummm....have you ever seen a map of North America?

Canada literally includes parts of the Arctic. Their roads are sometimes built on permafrost.


kaya-jamtastic t1_jecpfr7 wrote

That’s why I was confused when you said that Canada has the same weather as Massachusetts


Thiccaca t1_jecq7kk wrote

I meant cold, wintery weather with snow.

My bad.


ben70 t1_jecqxx0 wrote

Did you forget your /s ?


kaya-jamtastic t1_jecu17k wrote

I’m clearly missing something here. Not sure why I’m getting downvoted since I’m not disagreeing with u/Thiccaca, I’m just saying that because we keep getting freezes that then warm up the conditions seem to be getting even worse than they used to be when we had longer periods of deep freeze

I apologize for whatever I’m misinterpreting because I’m apparently clueless