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The_rising_sea t1_jefr58z wrote

This changes nothing. I bet he’ll end up back in the same predicament because he’s not just “vacationing” and he just ran to the press because, heaven forbid, he’s accountable. I stand by my point on this case. The guy is bullshitting


particular-potatoe t1_jeftm29 wrote

Accountable for what? It wasn’t possible for him to register his car here because he didn’t have proof of residence. According to the law, he should have to do so but it wasn’t even possible.


MassholeAsswhole t1_jefvyao wrote

And the other option they offered him was to sell his car and provide a bill of sale...

Sounds like the dude was all for being accountable, but the RMV didn't give him any real options.


bostonshopper t1_jefwnvc wrote

Exactly! If they had just sent me a ticket for $100 for being in the state for 30 days, I would have been confused but definitely just paid it without appealing or anything.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jeg0ksm wrote

We have so many laws that it’s inevitable for them to contradict each other every now and then


bostonshopper t1_jefuqep wrote

I'm really not bullshitting! I visited and stayed with friends from mid-October to mid-November, then drove home to VA and that was it. I know it seems like I must have done something obnoxious to get caught up in this, like staying for several months or abandoning my car. But I just honestly didn't.


ungusbungus69 t1_jefxdie wrote

Did you happen to park in resident only parking using a guest pass during the visit?


bostonshopper t1_jefy4gm wrote

Nope, never parked anywhere that required a permit or pass. And never stayed in the same spot for more than a day or two, either.


ungusbungus69 t1_jefzieh wrote

Damn I assumed that's what happened because out of state cars get called in and towed near me all the time during the uni semesters. It can be really annoying to get called in (and be asked to get there in 30 minutes) and have to find your car again like 20 minutes away. That's fucking rough, Idk how they got you then, maybe someone flat out lied about how long they saw your car for.


-CalicoKitty- t1_jefys3v wrote

I don't think Boston even has guest passes.


ungusbungus69 t1_jeg2661 wrote

I know Cambridge does, not sure about anywhere else.


-CalicoKitty- t1_jegcbmy wrote

Somerville and Medford do, but afaik Boston doesn't, and I double checked the parking site.


The_rising_sea t1_jefxbsn wrote

Your insistence on winning me over is dubious. You played on people’s sympathies and wrapped yourself in the warm blanket of “yeah! Screw the RMV” sentiment, in order to get yourself out of a self created crisis. It’s worth every downvote to tell you straight up, you are not to be believed.


feliscat t1_jegnkvo wrote

I don't think dubious means what you think it means.


xVAL9x t1_jefw2pk wrote

It’s a dogshit law, what do you want? What does accountability for visiting over 30 days look like to you?


The_rising_sea t1_jefy3zm wrote

Ask the RMV who originally had a judge, magistrate, or other hearing officer look at the facts and came to a decision based on those facts and not based on a popularity contest. They will be able to tell you what accountability looks like. The sad fact that they caved in to pressure because of a popularity contest doesn’t change what should have happened


xVAL9x t1_jeg891g wrote

Again, it’s a dogshit law, so I guess I don’t really care that a judge, magistrate, or other hearing officer confirmed it was being applied correctly. Have a good one, bud.


hailfire27 t1_jegof4k wrote

The fact that you are more willing to trust a judge, magistrate, and hearing officer over an illogical ruling shows me you just love authority and will bow down to the law.


majoroutage t1_jefx9vc wrote

He already left the state and went home before they started chasing him down. Lmao.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jefrvrl wrote

The RMV adjudicated the case as dismissed and suspension threat can not be brought again unless of coarse he over stay's another vacation.


The_rising_sea t1_jeftt4g wrote

Exactly. I fully expect that. I don’t think this guy is being forthright about all the details. I will never believe that this was a “vacation.” Keep in mind that the whole media firestorm resulted after this case was originally adjudicated, and he only took to Reddit and the local media because it wasn’t adjudicated in his favor. Sometimes accountability sucks, and sometimes we screw up. The difference is this guy played on everyone’s sympathy and their disdain towards the RMV in order to get out of a mess he created. I guess that’s the part that bothers me, not just that he’s full of shit, but that he used you all in order to avoid accountability, and worse yet, it worked.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jefui28 wrote

It's not unual for young people to do cross country type road trips and stay a week here or a month there or two weeks here.Young people do that type of thing.

I don't think he lied ,I think he was just a transiant young person that made the mistake of staying Mass to long.I don't think he is lying.


Twerks4Jesus t1_jeg754v wrote

No even young people my own elderly parents have traveled the country staying a few weeks in various states.


The_rising_sea t1_jefwl9l wrote

He might be a plain old-fashioned transient, living out of his car. That would be a better explanation for what transpired. And, I am only now getting a look at him, and let’s be honest with each other, it strains credulity to call him a “young person.” You can think he’s telling the truth. I just can’t.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jeg1eu0 wrote

Why are you not able to imagine Occam’s Razor here? Young dude stays with friends in Boston for a month and random Karen calls in the out-of-state car that’s been in her neighborhood for 30 days. Not that difficult to imagine. And whether you like it or not, requesting the dude after-the-fact to register his car in Massachusetts even though he’s a permanent Virginia resident is beyond silly.


The_rising_sea t1_jeg2osv wrote

That’s the most interesting part, is that by that Occam’s Razor standard, it is not the simplest conclusion. To me, the simplest conclusion is that the guy is not being forthright. It is simpler to believe that he is omitting the truth in order to gain sympathy and avoid repercussions. And while it may seem more plausible because it involves the perception and reputation (admittedly a well deserved reputation) of incompetence at the RMV, that is a fallacy.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jeg3tex wrote

You believe that the simplest conclusion is that a man is lying. I believe the simplest conclusion is that he’s being truthful. You and I see the world differently.


The_rising_sea t1_jeg4zrc wrote

Isn’t that the whole point of this? This whole platform? In a way, it’s endearing that you have been able to hold onto your ability to default to truth and trust. I hope you never change. I react strongly because I despise seeing people being taken advantage of. In this case, I think in a collective sense, those who default to truth with this story were used, meaning that you were used by him. I think he was being manipulative, and I don’t have any tolerance for that.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jegw95l wrote

You “despise people being taken advantage of” yet you’re defending a large government entity instead of a common person. Which one of those do you think is more likely to take advantage of the other? The large government entity or the common person? I understand that many people may play games with the system; however, in this case the dude seems like he has his head on straight and we all know that the RMV can be an absolute poop show.


hailfire27 t1_jego701 wrote

Sad mentality. Learn to be positive and give people the benefit of the doubt. You don't win anything in life by assuming negativity.


stebuu t1_jefyrk1 wrote

(looks at karma in this thread)

you just can't... make a valid point?


[deleted] t1_jefym2y wrote



The_rising_sea t1_jeg1rkr wrote

Which if that’s really the case ( like this one guy who lives out of an old 1990s jaguar nearby) then yeah I think anyone would have “made the call.” I think that almost makes it the most likely scenario when you introduce that possibility. And if he was being honest about that, either in his hearing, or to the rest of us, my reaction would be 180 degrees different. I would want to be helpful and sympathetic. But again, it requires some honesty on his part, that is thus far elusive.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jeg4oux wrote

I suppose we'll never know the exact circumstance


The_rising_sea t1_jeg5cpf wrote

That’s fair. If we see this guy in another jam later on, I will take no pleasure in telling you I told you so.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jeg6app wrote

Let's hope he learned his lesson 😊 lol


Nomahs_Bettah t1_jegh985 wrote

Learned...what lesson? The RMV was in the wrong. What lesson was he supposed to have learned, he did nothing wrong.


seeyuspacecowboy t1_jefuwbc wrote

A lot of people who work remotely will travel to different cities and live there for a few weeks, and then move on to another city. Are you supposed to change your registration and ID to every city that you rent an Airbnb in?


Twerks4Jesus t1_jeg6x32 wrote

Lol, so by your account no interstate travel for anyone. Just sit at home and never leave? 🤡


frankybling t1_jefvcj7 wrote

I agree I don’t think we will ever know the full story… however if he was carrying the correct insurance on his vehicle the rule of 30 day residency is faulty on its own for this state… you should be able to travel between states and be a resident of your home state… say like a year minus 90 days (if you’re in a state for 90 days I think is a fair compromise for residency). I don’t really have a good answer other than that I feel 30’days is not a long enough window if you’re abiding by the rules of the state for insurance coverage.


-azuma- t1_jegjsd8 wrote

Oh fuck off


The_rising_sea t1_jegk5i1 wrote

You’re partially butt-hurt. It’s OK to have feelings. This is a safe space for you.


-azuma- t1_jegkbj6 wrote

Your hot take trash is absolutely unbearable and I felt the compulsion to call out your ass fuckery, I couldn't help it. Go stick your nose someplace else.


The_rising_sea t1_jegl7ru wrote

I’m trying to decide if this is the part where I tell you sarcastically that I live for your approval and that I’m so crestfallen by your low perception of me, or is it the part where I point out that you’re about three hours late to the party?