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The_rising_sea t1_jefwl9l wrote

He might be a plain old-fashioned transient, living out of his car. That would be a better explanation for what transpired. And, I am only now getting a look at him, and let’s be honest with each other, it strains credulity to call him a “young person.” You can think he’s telling the truth. I just can’t.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jeg1eu0 wrote

Why are you not able to imagine Occam’s Razor here? Young dude stays with friends in Boston for a month and random Karen calls in the out-of-state car that’s been in her neighborhood for 30 days. Not that difficult to imagine. And whether you like it or not, requesting the dude after-the-fact to register his car in Massachusetts even though he’s a permanent Virginia resident is beyond silly.


The_rising_sea t1_jeg2osv wrote

That’s the most interesting part, is that by that Occam’s Razor standard, it is not the simplest conclusion. To me, the simplest conclusion is that the guy is not being forthright. It is simpler to believe that he is omitting the truth in order to gain sympathy and avoid repercussions. And while it may seem more plausible because it involves the perception and reputation (admittedly a well deserved reputation) of incompetence at the RMV, that is a fallacy.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jeg3tex wrote

You believe that the simplest conclusion is that a man is lying. I believe the simplest conclusion is that he’s being truthful. You and I see the world differently.


The_rising_sea t1_jeg4zrc wrote

Isn’t that the whole point of this? This whole platform? In a way, it’s endearing that you have been able to hold onto your ability to default to truth and trust. I hope you never change. I react strongly because I despise seeing people being taken advantage of. In this case, I think in a collective sense, those who default to truth with this story were used, meaning that you were used by him. I think he was being manipulative, and I don’t have any tolerance for that.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jegw95l wrote

You “despise people being taken advantage of” yet you’re defending a large government entity instead of a common person. Which one of those do you think is more likely to take advantage of the other? The large government entity or the common person? I understand that many people may play games with the system; however, in this case the dude seems like he has his head on straight and we all know that the RMV can be an absolute poop show.


hailfire27 t1_jego701 wrote

Sad mentality. Learn to be positive and give people the benefit of the doubt. You don't win anything in life by assuming negativity.


stebuu t1_jefyrk1 wrote

(looks at karma in this thread)

you just can't... make a valid point?


[deleted] t1_jefym2y wrote



The_rising_sea t1_jeg1rkr wrote

Which if that’s really the case ( like this one guy who lives out of an old 1990s jaguar nearby) then yeah I think anyone would have “made the call.” I think that almost makes it the most likely scenario when you introduce that possibility. And if he was being honest about that, either in his hearing, or to the rest of us, my reaction would be 180 degrees different. I would want to be helpful and sympathetic. But again, it requires some honesty on his part, that is thus far elusive.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jeg4oux wrote

I suppose we'll never know the exact circumstance


The_rising_sea t1_jeg5cpf wrote

That’s fair. If we see this guy in another jam later on, I will take no pleasure in telling you I told you so.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jeg6app wrote

Let's hope he learned his lesson 😊 lol


Nomahs_Bettah t1_jegh985 wrote

Learned...what lesson? The RMV was in the wrong. What lesson was he supposed to have learned, he did nothing wrong.