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[deleted] t1_jefym2y wrote


The_rising_sea t1_jeg1rkr wrote

Which if that’s really the case ( like this one guy who lives out of an old 1990s jaguar nearby) then yeah I think anyone would have “made the call.” I think that almost makes it the most likely scenario when you introduce that possibility. And if he was being honest about that, either in his hearing, or to the rest of us, my reaction would be 180 degrees different. I would want to be helpful and sympathetic. But again, it requires some honesty on his part, that is thus far elusive.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jeg4oux wrote

I suppose we'll never know the exact circumstance


The_rising_sea t1_jeg5cpf wrote

That’s fair. If we see this guy in another jam later on, I will take no pleasure in telling you I told you so.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jeg6app wrote

Let's hope he learned his lesson 😊 lol


Nomahs_Bettah t1_jegh985 wrote

Learned...what lesson? The RMV was in the wrong. What lesson was he supposed to have learned, he did nothing wrong.