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DunkinRadio t1_jc1i81c wrote

Vanity plate? Those are only one year.


0livia_1998 OP t1_jc1odbf wrote

Nope, normal plates. I’ve never been so confused. Paid for renewal last night so we’ll see what happens.


PakkyT t1_jc1symj wrote

Still the same car? You didn't transfer the plates to another car the last time?


0livia_1998 OP t1_jc22d3a wrote

Well the plates were originally on my old car back in March of 2022 when I renewed. Purchased my new car in November of 2022 and transferred the plates then. BUT, I did some digging and found my receipts from the last renewal and realized they only charged me $35 and not $60 which brings me back to never realizing 1 year was an option.


PakkyT t1_jc39kel wrote

OK that is why then. Your registration never changes which month it renews. That is why the month is stamped right on the plate. Also did you know the last number on your license plate corresponds to the month your registration expires? Example "XYZ 123" and "0123 XY" both indicate expiring in March.

So when you transfer plates, it doesn't reset from March to November. It stays March as is literally stamped in metal on your plate. The renewal will be for anywhere from 1 to 2 years later depending on your month of your registration and where you are in the year. Your plates expire in March. Since you transferred them in November the year would move up but you still were stuck on March, so in November your new expiration for the transferred plates would be about 16 month later rather than a full 24 months.