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Ghawblin t1_jc377kk wrote

Under $1000 in Worcester will get you a 100-300sqft studio with no washer/dryer hookups. I see a couple in the $800-$900/mo range. Basically a small hotel room looking place.

If bedrooms are a must, then it simply doesn't exist without applying to section 8 or other welfare program. Craigslist/facebook marketplace might have some people that are willing to negotiate rent prices down to what you need.

Alternatively, you could consider renting just a bedroom. it's basically a "roommate" situation but may satisfy your needs.

EDIT: Did some more digging. Eastview apartments have 1b1b 500sqft units for right at $1000/mo


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Ghawblin t1_jc3906a wrote

Yikes. Didn't know that. Never had to use it, I just know some apartment complex have reduced ratees for section 8 tenants.


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I looked into Eastview last year and they said they were full, I’m not even sure if the prices on their website are updated. Most of the new places being built are out of reach if you make much less than 6 figures. Under 1k for anything is rare, unless you know someone there’s probably going to be 20 people showing up just for the open house.


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>Worcester County

You're looking at ~ $2k/month to rent a comparable spot in the middle of Massachusetts.

If you are going to be in the state for 7+ years it would be much cheaper to buy a home right now, especially in Worcester County. Rates are high 7%+, but you can always refinance and if you're ever planning to go back to Ohio your home will probably be worth much more than you purchased it for. :)


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I don't plan on staying anymore than 4 years.


Hoosac_Love t1_jc38owi wrote

Would you take western or southern Worcester county or do you need to be very close to the city of Worcester


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Auburn, Charlton, Dudley, N. Brookfield, Oxford, Paxton, Rutland, Spencer, Southbridge, and Webster is the overall area I need to be in.


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You're not getting anything close to a 3 BR 1B in MA unless you're willing to pay like $2K/month and finding that for $2K would be a steal.


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My sister actually moved to Ohio a few years ago - Athens county near the border of West Virginia. Having lived in MA all my life I was blown away by how low the rents were in OH. She rents a 3 bedroom house for about what I pay for my 350 square foot studio an hour west of Boston. I’d like to move out there myself but there isn’t nearly as much in the way of work for my field as there is here in the industrial northeast. You’re literally moving from one of the lowest cost of living regions of the country to one of the highest, so unfortunately your housing will be significantly higher.