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medforddad t1_iuii0t1 wrote

> I saw someone using an angle grinder on a bike in front of a police station.

Did you talk to that person? How do you know it wasn't their bike and they lost their keys?

Anyway, I don't think a bike thief would choose a locked up bike inside a bike shed that requires a registered charlie card to enter and likely has video surveillance as the one to steal.

> Nobody gives a shit about bike theft.

That's not far from true, except for the bike owners :-P.


Garethx1 t1_iuijo8p wrote

I think youre right, if you have a beater there is very little chance someone is going to go through the trouble at a place like that. Way more opportunities for expensive bikes at softer targets.


sightlab t1_iujd7tg wrote

Sure, and they guy breaking the car window may just want to get his wife’s purse off the front seat and grab all the change out of his own cup holder. But statistically speaking these people doing drastic crime-like things are, more often than not, not doing them for legitimate reasons.
But hey, Boston is a very special city. And I say this as a native masshole. Maybe that’s just how Bostonians do things differently. Who am I to judge from my lofty Berkshire perch?