Submitted by artistsays t3_xwhemh in massachusetts

The earliest appointment I could secure for transfering my Registration and license is on my bday(next week), in Pittsburg. Is there anything worth seeing or doing or eating or shopping around there?? I’m in Lexington. I went to 2 rmvs in person today to see if they could squeeze me in earlier, no dice. All other appointments aren’t until November:(



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8bitAdventures t1_ir73ait wrote

Places should still be open for apple picking! Bartlett’s Apple Orchard (Pittsfield) and Lakeview Orchard (Lanesborough) are both great spots.


Icefyre79 t1_ir6knx5 wrote

Lenox is nearby. Lots of shops and restaurants. Pretty town.


thedegreeis t1_ir7pjb0 wrote

Stop by Museum Outlet on North Street for some nice gift (for yourself) shopping. Dotties at the north end of North Street is a great place for coffee and breakfast. Ottos is a fun place to eat breakfast or lunch —one block from the RMV.


Ok-Lengthiness446 t1_ir8mm88 wrote

There’s a ton of great places to eat in Pittsfield. It’s leaf peeping season, so Pittsfield state forest, Lanesborough has a great lake, take a drive up Mt. Greylock, or go to Waconah Falls. Eat on North has great fare, soul food at Rem Rocs, RJ’s seafood has exquisite Italian food, Teo’s is a local dive hot dog stand, cash only, La Fogata has empanadas that are life changing, as well as the arroz con pollo, Papa Joe’s pizza and cannoli are great. There’s hourly kayak and rowboat rentals on Lake Onota. Ayelada is a local froyo place or Chocolate Springs down the road if you want a decadent sweets experience.


JaKr8 t1_ir9o1w9 wrote

If nothing else, bring it camera and take some of the back roads in the area. If you like to drive there are options for beautiful ways to get up to Pittsfield besides taking the Pike all the way to rt7.

Do a quick search of Berkshire county and something will come up that you can do or visit...


threenamer t1_ir709wf wrote

I would suggest the Olde Forge in Lanesborough, but they’re closed temporarily.

Any fall festivals at Jiminy Peak while you’re there could be fun. Maybe head a bit further north and see MassMOCA in North Adams…


Balsac_is_Daddy t1_iraimf1 wrote

There was a fire at the Olde Forge!


threenamer t1_iram055 wrote

Oh no! I love that place.


Balsac_is_Daddy t1_irapxc8 wrote

Authorities say arson in Olde Forge fire

Personally, Im not a fan of the place. I didnt like having to wait in the middle of the dining room with rude waitstaff glaring at us. Food is pretty good and if youre into beer, then they certainly have what you want lol. But I know it is a beloved, long-running establishment, so it was sad to hear that someone intentionally tried to burn it down. Luckily, damage was contained to the back part of the building and management says they will fix it up and reopen.


threenamer t1_irar5us wrote

Snap. The waitstaff can be so snotty. Thought it was part of their schtick. I really only go there for the cozy feeling and the beers.


Goldeverywhere t1_ir8eqe2 wrote

Are you a Triple A member? I had my license renewed at a branch. Not sure if they do transfers, though.


bubalusarnee t1_iraldlf wrote

THey also don't do the first go at the new Fed Compliant ID at AAA. They can renew those, but they can't issue your first one.


Banea-Vaedr t1_ir6izoc wrote

I mean, there's Lee?

When I went to the RMV in Milford, they told me the police are barely enforcing the rules about registration because the RMV is so backed up. Wrote me a little note that said I tried and that was that


artistsays OP t1_ir6jegt wrote

What is Lee? Thank u.


Banea-Vaedr t1_ir6jhqk wrote

Lee has outlets. Good for shopping. Pittsfield has some shops downtown, but nothing particularly special.