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jjnefx OP t1_iraeire wrote

& thank you for showing me how out of shape my legs are.

Gonna work on that so next time I can hike more than 5 miles.


Rocker400k t1_iramdof wrote

Where was this picture taken? Looks beautiful! I’ve lived in the Berkshires for a year but haven’t gone on any crazy hikes yet


jjnefx OP t1_iraoic9 wrote

Pretty sure that was Rounds Rock trail on Mt Greylock


IntergalacticPopTart t1_ircbtcu wrote

Definitely the Rounds Rock Vista!

Did you get to see the plane crash site from 1948 a little further down the trail?


jjnefx OP t1_irce4ti wrote

Yes..found it interesting that a plane crash would be left there for all to see on a hike, certainly was memorable


Wild_Jury_6941 t1_irb1xdp wrote

I hope I waved and showed my good ambassador of the berkshires smile!


jjnefx OP t1_irb5aof wrote

Chances are you did if we crossed paths, most people did :)


JaKr8 t1_irc33ah wrote

Glad you enjoyed it. If you do enjoy the outdoors it's a great 4 season place to live or visit. It's a bit of an undiscovered gem, and we like it that way...


jjnefx OP t1_irc3u40 wrote

We have some of those here in Minnesota too, just no hilly to slightly mountainous areas unless you go way up north.

But no legalized marijuana here! That was a cherry on top of the trip, not necessary but it got rid of my knee pain from hiking.


artistsays t1_ircfydc wrote

Right?? It’s nice to have something for pain!!


JaKr8 t1_ircxjgt wrote

We actually split our time between 3 states, CT, Berkshire county in Massachusetts, and MN.. Winters are rough but most people there don't seem to mind. I love it there, so much to do year round. Great food, culture, and people. The North country is gorgeous, up toward Duluth. But no dispensaries, at least for now...

Our son went to a very highly regarded small LAC about 45 minutes South of the cities. My wife and I fell in love with the area and decided it would be a great place to spend time. If you're from the cities, we're near one of the places where it's not too hard to get a great view of the city once a year..edit : the one by us is not open once a year.

We lived a number of years in the South. No thank you..

"Set my compass north, I've got winter in my blood.."


jjnefx OP t1_ircynx6 wrote

I will admit we liked the area enough that I hit Zillow today to see what's out there.

Maybe one day but for sure we'll visit again on our next getaway


[deleted] t1_ire6tex wrote



jjnefx OP t1_irecdlq wrote

Aww...a day old troll account that can't come up with an original insult. Your parents must be so proud. Maybe start a GoFundMe for your mommy to get that abortion she's always wanted.


jaymancharles t1_ircm44i wrote

you are always welcome here in the Berkshires


jjnefx OP t1_ircmobf wrote

I felt welcomed. Can't say that about other places I've traveled (especially looking at you Montana and Utah).

Looking forward to my next visit!


[deleted] t1_iramnur wrote

Any highlights or fav restaurant?


jjnefx OP t1_iraqjmc wrote

We're not the restaurant types (I spent way too many years owning them) so we cooked at the resort.

The Shaker village was better than I expected. Mastery of efficiency has always been fascinating. The round barn with the manure basement is ingenious.

Mt Greylock hikes were gorgeous. Spent many hours there, next time the wife and I will be ready for the hard ones.

Explored as much as we could. Went to Saratoga NY & Bennington VT but by far my favorite was Natural Bridge State Park. So many beautiful spots to take pictures, going to be hard to choose my favorites.


itallendsintears t1_iraqxpn wrote

Welcome to New England friend. Glad you agree with our sentiment!


jjnefx OP t1_irast6o wrote

Thank you! It was so nice to be in an area where people are friendly and helpful.

Always got at least a "hello" crossing paths with other hikers. Shop owners were great and helpful.

We will return for sure.


ManifestDestinysChld t1_irar7zf wrote

You picked a great time to visit!


jjnefx OP t1_irarjlw wrote

We sure did! We hate crowds and cities (no offense), there were way too many things to do we'll be coming back again for sure.


ratiofarm t1_ircvaaj wrote

Moved to the area a year ago from Chicago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. There are endless amazing places to explore and so many are barely 2 hours away. Absolutely astonishing hiking, too, we go hiking almost every day before work. And, like you said, the people here are genuinely friendly.


ParagonChainmail t1_irdvj0w wrote

We may be assholes but we are kind assholes


jjnefx OP t1_irehe2k wrote

We call that "Minnesota Nice" here. A misnomer for sure. Minnesotans are pricks that think their shit don't stink, then winter hits and we all get to realize we may need our neighbors assistance to literally survive. Spring comes, rinse and repeat


itallendsintears t1_iraqpnm wrote

My girlfriend is from great barrington.

Great town and I love it up there myself


varunbiswas t1_ircj8l6 wrote

Where did you stay?


jjnefx OP t1_ircl901 wrote

We were at Vacation Villages in Hancock. It shows its age but served us well.


alan02532 t1_ire1ujj wrote

Definitely some scenic views out there


ggtffhhhjhg t1_irebt8d wrote

I’m happy you enjoyed your time here. I hop you will consider coming back and exploring the eastern part of the state.


jjnefx OP t1_ired4ri wrote

We'll definitely visit again! There's a chance we'll do more in the east for the historical sites but we certainly love the countryside.