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TywinShitsGold t1_it035f6 wrote

How the hell is there stress in VT. Everyone’s stoned out of their damned minds.


WinsingtonIII t1_it03xl2 wrote

The cost of living is high there for a rural state, and yet it doesn't have particularly high wage jobs given it is rural. Just one possibility that comes to mind.


Upthespurs1882 t1_it24img wrote

Californians are moving in at a staggering rate and the housing market has priced out a majority of locals. It’s a bummer, I hardly recognize the place I grew up in


WinsingtonIII t1_it2aoij wrote

Wow, Californians are moving to Vermont? Kind of surprises me. I thought they would mostly just go to Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, etc. if they wanted mountains and cheaper CoL.

I guess California is so big that even if most are going to states like that, even a few thousand going to a small state like Vermont could feel meaningful.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_it04ehi wrote

Well, these results are based on goggle searches for words like “depression”. Maybe Vermonters search for information on depression because they don’t know what it is. Or because they are going out-of-state to see depressed relatives for the holidays.