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vartanarsen t1_it2js9a wrote

Got it so your solution to me is to move to Lowell or Lawrence so people in Andover can pay for my police and fire and school ? Or move south ?


WinsingtonIII t1_it2knyq wrote

If property taxes are bothering you, then sure, move to a town with lower property taxes. The idea that only Lowell or Lawrence have lower property taxes is ridiculous, I live in a nice town with pretty good schools and the property taxes seem much more reasonable than yours. My house would have to be assessed at $900k (and assessments always lag the actual market, mine is assessed at ~$150k below market rate) to be paying >$10k annually property taxes, in which case I would be comfortably upper middle class so I'd have a hard time complaining.

Otherwise, you just seem mad about stuff that isn't specific to Massachusetts, so no idea what to tell you there.