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WaldenFont t1_itvz19i wrote

TIL we have a Mount Washington.


goPACK17 t1_itvqnuo wrote

Wait, we have a Mt. Washington in MA too??


NorthshoreFrank OP t1_itvqrtg wrote

A town called Mt. Washington, yes.


Adriennesegur t1_itw8qfc wrote

This bash bish? ( above the falls) I can’t remember if it’s in mt. Washington( I know half the park is in MA, the other in NY)- but I know You drive through the town to get there. Either way, I’m curious what trail this is.


NorthshoreFrank OP t1_itw9rxp wrote

Yes this is above Bash Bish Park. I started off the road, which appears to be a trail. It's route 344, Falls Rd. which you see on the right.


Adriennesegur t1_itway68 wrote

I thought I recognized the summit/valley below :) Was thinking maybe there was a different park/trail I was unfamiliar with and wanted to ask for potential exploring possibilities. Either way, great shot.


NorthshoreFrank OP t1_itwb7y0 wrote

Definitely worth a visit. The NY state side of the park has better infrastructure, especially now with foliage and wet leaves.


Adriennesegur t1_itwsxgf wrote

Grew up right around the corner, so I’m very familiar with the area/recognized the summit etc. Aside from the upper and lower parking lot/trials and hiking over the river and above the falls, I haven’t explored beyond. Do they still do camping NY side? Have always wanted too, but never got around to booking a site.


NorthshoreFrank OP t1_itx9hyy wrote

Did you ever dip at the falls? I was disappointed to learn it's now restricted.


Adriennesegur t1_itxwwx4 wrote

For sure, just go downstream, there’s some beautiful pools. It’s understandable why it’s restricted. I’m surprised it didn’t happen decades ago since many people have died jumping off the falls. I feel like it was only in the last handful of years that it became restricted, after they weren’t able to recover a body.


jjohnh572 t1_itwrbr9 wrote

>Mt. Washington in MA

I am shocked and surprised, but he's right! I Googled it and there IS a town called Mount Washington in western MA! Nicer pictures, Frank!


Training-Cry510 t1_itz7078 wrote

I’m a south coaster, never knew that either, and I’m almost 40!


Fit-Anything8352 t1_iu2f2zu wrote

Yup, and the mountain in Mt. Washington, MA, is called... you guessed it! Mt. Everett

Add it to the list of dumb MA town names along with Peru and Florida and New Marlboro and Satan's Kingdom(ok that ones not technically a town, but still)


lex-crowley t1_itvr1pb wrote

Absolutely stunning. Great post!


bubalusarnee t1_itvu6tx wrote

xeric/ mesic - influenced by differing sunlight and rain balances.


ZOOTV83 t1_itw2dxs wrote

Kinda funny how there's a pretty clear division between the side that's mostly green vs. the side that's nearly all autumn foliage.

I can't really tell from the picture, but are they the same types of trees on both sides? Or is the green side mostly evergreens?


bicyclemom t1_itwppgk wrote

I would think some of that has to do with where the sun is in the sky.


NMS-KTG t1_itx0rk5 wrote

Fun fact: If you're lucky, you may be able to see NYC from Jersey City


Comfortable_Plant667 t1_itxfrbb wrote

"What about that shadowy place?"

"That is beyond our borders. You must never go there, if you want healthcare."


Salty_cabbage69 t1_iu03vkv wrote

New Hampshire has a cooler Mt. Washington


BostonPilot t1_iu085c4 wrote

True, it's currently -3°C! ( and 100 feet visibility in freezing fog, brrr. )


afoley947 t1_itwvib4 wrote

If someone could please photoshop dead and decaying trees on the New York side, i'd be so happy.

Yankees Suck.


EssexHaze t1_itx2fp1 wrote

Orange v Green, reminds me of the Simpsons episode where the Northern Irish fight the Irish


MrBillsDog2 t1_itxgzcf wrote

I thought Mt. Washington was in NH? Who knew? And I live here in MA, but rarely leave Boston, so what do I know?


youthfully_gleaming t1_itz3u9m wrote

Different Mt washington. This is a small little hamlet of Egremont basically. Theres only about 200 or so residents in mt washington. 


MrBillsDog2 t1_itzjdot wrote

Thanks for the info! I always like to be geographically informed, especially about the state I live in. Appreciate it! :)


capybroa t1_itxh58v wrote

I'm fascinated by this town. It's on a plateau that isolates it from the surrounding communities, and there are few roads to the outside. There are only 136 residents. It's also one of the most gorgeous places to visit in the state, with some pretty impressive topography.


SSG_Vegeta t1_ity088f wrote

Bash Bish Falls is up in there and it’s beautiful.


Pool_Party_Ziggs t1_itz2iwr wrote

Looks like hills not mountain?


NorthshoreFrank OP t1_iu0jhot wrote

This is part of the Taconic Mountain, Taconic Range. The TOWN is called Mount Washington.


-icey_TempR t1_iu2sc0t wrote

To be fair, NYS is basically at the base of Mt Washington. Hillsdale. Gross.


NorthshoreFrank OP t1_iu38c7g wrote

🙌 You get it!


-icey_TempR t1_iu4s442 wrote

Don’t drink their water & don’t get a ticket there


NorthshoreFrank OP t1_iu4z8nv wrote

Tell me about the water? I drank from the falls.


-icey_TempR t1_iu6oo81 wrote

The rivers are fine, as far as I know. I assume there is something in their drinking water if you get my drift


DEWOuch t1_itwk6s2 wrote

Remember the popular bumper sticker, “This car climbed Mt. Washington”.


Snowstig t1_itwvc73 wrote

I believe that bumper sticker references the Mt. Washington in NH in the White Mountains. Much bigger than our Mt. Washington!


DEWOuch t1_itx4m82 wrote

Yes you’re correct, I was confused, thanks for the clarification! I didn’t know about dueling Mt. Washington’s!