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revjoe918 t1_itr3vaw wrote

I'd agree, but plenty of mainstream people did it, and there was even people who lied to start a whole investigation over it.


medforddad t1_itr6217 wrote

That's not true. No one disputed the actual results or claimed it was actually stolen. Virtually everyone agrees with the actual counting of the votes (no votes were added, changed, or thrown out).

People were saying there was interference from, and collusion with, Russia. Those actions would be illegal in their own right and would have influenced the outcome of the election, but no one said the actual outcome of the election should be overturned.

It would be like if I kidnapped you on the morning of the election, and didn't let you go until after so that you couldn't vote. That kidnapping was illegal. And it certainly affected the tally of the votes. But that doesn't mean that the results should be overturned or that you should be allowed to vote retroactively.

The difference is that there are plenty of people that say the actual outcome of Biden's election was wrong. That he actually "stole" the election. That votes were directly tampered with. And it's not just a couple of crazies that are shouted down by the "sane" Republicans. There's a huge portion of sitting Senators and Representatives and Supreme Court justices who believe this crap.


[deleted] t1_itrukqb wrote

I love how as soon as you say something contradicting to the left on Reddit. Your downvoted to oblivion. It’s like they’re mad because they know the comments usually right lol

Ironic really. Pretty soon we’ll all end up on some sort of like/dislike ratio. If your not down with the brainwash then GTFO essentially, scary world we’re living in.


Mission-Meaning377 t1_itsj44g wrote

The echo chamber is a key part to why all of the left is so surprised and taken a back when the voters punish their candidates.