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medforddad t1_itvw9xu wrote

The information is true whether it's published there or anywhere else. If they're not aware of the large number of election deniers in (and running for) political offices, then they've not been paying attention.

It's not like you'd have to be reading The Washington Post to know about it. They're not the exclusive location for this information. The politicians themselves have been saying all of this stuff out in the open.


[deleted] t1_itw3ena wrote

Sure that’s fine. Again you’re missing the point. Also I really don’t care to argue this matter lol. Like I said before, posting liberal based news links and telling someone there not paying attention is ironic. Regardless of the story content or facts.


medforddad t1_itw5g26 wrote

> Also I really don’t care to argue this matter lol

Says the guy who replied to me 3 times in 6 minutes LOLOLOLOLOLllllOOOoloooLLooooLLLLol


[deleted] t1_itw7gq3 wrote

That’s how I type. In spurts. Easier for me to get things out than one big long rant. “Not only” was referring to not only have you ignored my point that I’m not arguing election denier BS. But more or less the irony behind the statement of the redditor above, not only that but you also can’t see your own hypocrisy in the left wing political media. But that’s gone over your head a few times now so we’ll just leave it at that.

Good day.


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[deleted] t1_itw3t0e wrote

Not only that but it’s an opinion piece and uses buzzwords like MAGA mob, yea so the millions of Americans that voted for him in 16 and 2020 is a “mob”. I wouldn’t trust a letter of that article until it’s verified from a alternative source. Man’s really out here arguing that an opinion piece from a left wing media outlet should be taken as fact. Get a grip FFS


[deleted] t1_itw4c54 wrote

Not only that but the hypocrisy from the left trying to call the right election deniers like there’s wasn’t fishy stuff going on is comical. Trump won without a controversy like this and they stilled rioted and looted. It’s like the left acts like election deniers are insufferable slobs who cry over a fair election while at the same time pretend they didn’t scream trumps not my president for the last 4 years. Again double standard irony


medforddad t1_itw51i1 wrote

> Not only that ...

Not only what? You didn't respond to anything I wrote.

A total non sequitur, and also completely wrong. so... cool.