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KarmaliteNone t1_iuke1el wrote

>Masked white supremacists

Why are they hiding their faces? Are they ashamed of their beliefs? hmmmmm


brianishere2 t1_iukfcjw wrote

They probably don't have mirrors in their trailers or basements.


Pappa_Crim t1_iuow8q4 wrote

The masks a embolden them, b make them look scarier, and c protect them from retaliation (not that that will help if you find where they parked their cars and snap a few pictures of the plates.


pillbinge t1_iutjfpn wrote

They're not. They're pretty open about them. But it's the same reason people of all political walks hide their face when they aren't popular. It's not like anyone here would ask why protestors and/or Antifa hide their face.


Comfortable_Plant667 t1_iukqnn5 wrote

Anybody want to join me tomorrow? I'm gonna bring my accoustic guitar to the Kingston hotel to welcome the migrants.


macabeeI95 t1_iumdmfg wrote

More info on local neo-Nazi group NSC-131:


BatmanOnMars t1_iurt0i3 wrote

So many of these creeps are from out of state too. But they come here and pretend like there's a strong massachusetts nazi movement. They have to operate across like 5 states to even get a group together.

Not to understate how dangerous this is. I just find it crazy how much of the right wing movement in this state is actually people from out of state.

In my town we have like 12 people who show up at every event to yell and scream. A few MA people but also many connecticut license plates in the mix. Why are you bothering us in our state then?! Oh because you have nothing better to do.


highlander666666 t1_iumvvyr wrote

fucking nuts .were do they all come from?? seams like we going back wards in History


throwawaysscc t1_iuncess wrote

Some of my ancestors were refugees from famine. They were fed in the US upon arrival. This is the way.


TwoCanSee t1_iundc28 wrote

Indigenous Americans be like “ SAY WHAT?”


harborspirit t1_iukwuhx wrote

Hang on - there's literally 100 migrants from Haiti that don't speak a lick of English that are expected to somehow get jobs and integrate here? What the fuck? No citizenship test, just, here's free lodging and food while we figure out what to do with you or how you'll integrate on the south shore? Insane! And how is this okay but sending half this amount to Martha's vineyard is not?

Let me repeat that: how is sending 100 migrants to live in a hotel in Kingston okay but sending 50 to Martha's vineyard is not.


Junius_Brutus t1_iukxfm7 wrote

Ummm, these people were lodged there under an emergency situation, with their knowledge and consent. The people DeSantis sent to MV were lured into going to MV under false pretenses as part of a political stunt. The difference is glaringly obvious.


Graflex01867 t1_iul1ojz wrote

Exactly. There’s a huge difference between the government putting people up in a hotel so they’re not sleeping on the street and the government just dumping some people onto an airplane to take them somewhere else.

The government is gasp contracting with a hotel to do what hotels are designed to do!


harborspirit t1_iukxuyc wrote

No its not - they are two groups of illegal immigrants that do not speak English. Do you have any idea how far away Martha's Vineyard is to Kingston? It's not very far at all.

In fact, it further proves desantis' point. There is a massive illegal immigrant border crisis and we're going to run out of empty hotels soon. Sooner or later, they WILL have to take them in on Martha's Vineyard.


smedlap OP t1_iul1pav wrote

If you ever went to the Vineyard or Nantucket you would see the many immigrants from the Caribbean working there. If you think no one in The Inkwell speaks Creole, think again.


ExpressiveLemur t1_iumabqb wrote

You keep saying illegal immigrants, but the article clearly states they are migrants, some of whom are undocumented. They make no reference to the languages they speak or do not.

None of that really matters, of course, but you are clearly writing a false narrative.

The difference is that DeSantis just lied to people and then dumped them on a small island without any plan to support them in any way. Moving a group of migrants to a hotel is extremely different. If you can't recognize that you lack the cognitive skills needed to opine on the topic.


JaesopPop t1_iun375k wrote

How telling that you incorrectly assume the parties involved are illegal immigrants. Or maybe that’s what your preferred news source told you.


harborspirit t1_iukyaua wrote

You're also telling me that there was NOT an emergency situation for the migrants that were sent to MV, but there was for the migrants sent to Kingston, and that somehow makes any of this okay!?


PHD_Memer t1_ium191d wrote

Are you insane? There WAS an emergency in MV and as a result the government relocated them to a location with better resources. Fuck outa here with these dishonest questions go live in Alabama if youre gonna act like this


harborspirit t1_ium6458 wrote

Is Kingston a place with better resources? I really don't understand how you guys are able to put MV migrants and Kingston migrants in two different boxes in your heads.

The point is we have so many fucking illegal immigrants that were literally using our tax dollars to pay for food and hotels to house them. DeSantis was right to send them to MV because it got the country's attention finally.

Down vote me all you want, I'm speaking the uncomfortable truth!


PHD_Memer t1_ium7j0h wrote

Yes kingston has more resources are you kidding lmfao. It’s not a seasonal town that has it’s local economy drain to nil every winter. And it’s well connected to the rest of the south shore. And no, we aren’t wasting tax payer money to try and help human beings. Because these people, grab your hood for this one, PAY TAXES, wow crazy, every transaction they make, job they work, action they do, drives activity; economic, cultural, or social, in this commonwealth. It’s been a well documented fact that immigrants actually give and help economies grow. And no buddy you are NOT speaking the truth, you’re just another one of the all too common racists in the south shore who are terrified to see the white suburban state they were raised in disappearing, and to make it worse you see how others don’t care that it’s changing. Massachusetts will continue to become more diverse, more multicultural, and hopefully strive to provide better and more robust immigration infrastructure for future bay staters to settle in, because thats a GOOD thing, for all of us. If you want to be upset about shit, then you should really take a look at some other policy issues that warrant criticism on the south shore. We are RIDDLED with NIMBYS who will pretend to want to help, but say the same shit you do. Get angry that towns make high density apartment construction so limited, exasperating the housing crisis, or how we lack a real public transit system outside the metro area which places unnecessary burdens on urban communities in terms of being able to house new individuals and families. Our state has MANY issues, many that require immediate attention and are not talked about enough since it’s so much worse elsewhere. But brown people speaking Spanish/Portuguese/Creole/French? Not a problem at all


PakkyT t1_iumdyj1 wrote

> And no, we aren’t wasting tax payer money to try and help human beings.

You are just waiting your breath. Neocons are never happy unless they are directly causing pain and suffering to actual people they don't approve of. They are thrilled when they can pass some law and then immediate go hurt someone with it.


PHD_Memer t1_iumh1j1 wrote

Yah absolutely, this isn’t so much as me trying to convince him on anything it’s more just public shaming, can’t really make people afraid to be racist online so the best options kinda just cyber bully them


smedlap OP t1_iukyf8n wrote

Hire a bilingual manager and suddenly your business does not have a labor shortage. We need immigrants in Massachusetts.


harborspirit t1_iukyuym wrote

That is outrageous. There's 100 Haitian migrants in there. You'd need somebody who speaks their language to hold their hand all day. You'd need 50 translators at least to make it make sense. That's insanity. Not to mention they have zero clue about our cultural norms and customs. It's culture shock for both the migrants and the neighboring communities. It's literally like an alien landing. It's naive as hell to think it's gonna be a cakewalk to just hire "bilingual managers" for people who can't read or write English or know even a fraction of our country's history and values.


smedlap OP t1_iul1zjl wrote

You have never been in the back of a restaurant, have you. It is far more difficult to manage cave men who do not value diversity than it is to cross a language barrier.


harborspirit t1_ium69oq wrote

I value diversity. I'm talking about the fucking migrants crisis you all continue to conveniently ignore.


smedlap OP t1_iumbsw8 wrote

There is a migrant crisis. It is a subset of the general labor shortage. I have to wait, because dunkies has 2 people instead of five. My local pizza place is closed Sunday and Monday because they don't have enough staff. We need easier immigration to ease this labor shortage. Also: The United States are the good guys. When things are bad somewhere, we help. I am happy to help people leaving Haiti and South America right now. Building a wall and letting folks die on the other side of it is not a solution. It is not what your family or my family faced when the immigrated here. We were helped, and now we have a moral obligation to help others.


ins0mniac_ t1_iun2mq8 wrote

Stop watching FoxNews, ya knob.


[deleted] t1_iun516x wrote



ins0mniac_ t1_iun6342 wrote

Because it's not destructive, unless you're some sort of racist that wants a white ethnostate.


[deleted] t1_iundmk7 wrote



ins0mniac_ t1_iune878 wrote

The US does not have a national language. It’s a testament to the millions of immigrants that moved here at some point. They don’t need to speak English. You give off “go back to your own country” vibes, blatant racism and a complete lack of empathy and compassion.

Move to Texas if you want to cry about immigration.

We are proud of our immigrant population here in Massachusetts.

Get fucked.


ins0mniac_ t1_iunh5sx wrote

Something tells me you’d have no problem with white refugees from a European country.

That something is that you are racist.


ReactsWithWords t1_iunn7ov wrote

Tee-hee. It always amuses me when they think we worship CNN the same way they worship Fox News. Nobody tell them the truth, I want to keep laughing at them.


DarkPurpleHibiscus t1_iul0mb3 wrote

newsflash, Haitians have lived in the Commonwealth for decades and are doing just fine. you're being an idiot. maybe if you'd venture out of your little harbor every once in a while you'd meet one. Their community support network is pretty vast.


somegridplayer t1_iulxyko wrote

>You'd need 50 translators at least to make it make sense.

I love how you post after post continue to prove you have no clue what you're talking about.


elite_tablespoon t1_iumij7u wrote

Do you expect them to understand when they probably just avoid anyone who isn't white? I picture this guy getting wide-eyed as soon as they hear Spanish or Portuguese.


JameelWallace t1_iulyrkj wrote

This is always the funniest argument to me. You may not be aware, but this is the only country in the world with the level of diversity we do. The United States of America is a grand experiment in multiculturalism and democracy. If you’d like to be outraged at faces that don’t look like yours speaking languages that don’t sound like yours, there are many counties that would gladly have you, most of them predominantly white and English speaking. It’s you who is experiencing culture shock, not immigrants coming here for the promise of a better life this country provides them. Again, it’s hilarious to me that the people who love to explain what this country is about who are the least informed about it, and if they did educate themselves, would find they’re quite opposed to its most basic founding principles. I bet you have some interesting interpretations of the constitution as well, don’t you?


mythofinadequecy t1_ium780l wrote

Are you applying for the job of cultural attaché? You seem steeped in the norms and customs of our great country.


JaesopPop t1_iun3dhf wrote

…does someone who speaks English need someone to hold their hand all day? Or can they just do their job? Baffling.


RevengencerAlf t1_iuncng9 wrote

There's always one of you fucking clowns, lmao.


[deleted] t1_iunfu9q wrote



rbetts t1_iuo5db1 wrote

Like providing the needy a safe place to sleep, a warm meal, and a helping hand while they resettle and restart their lives, find jobs, and permanent housing?

As someone so concerned with history and culture, you might enjoy learning some of Haiti’s history. You might reconsider who deserves your empathy.


[deleted] t1_iuod7bv wrote



rbetts t1_iuq3b82 wrote

No. You don’t get that all humans deserve a chance and it starts with neighbors. Immigrants don’t pull us down. They are who most of us were in a previous generation.

Don’t be afraid.


mmmjjjk t1_iumd955 wrote

The difference is that there is not an opportunity to slander Desantis in this instance (who gave the migrants pamphlets of our actual state policies for refugees). It was only a “political stunt” because they were being sent to the rich haven of MV instead of a Town like mine where all the rich white saviors don’t have to deal with the instability it causes to the local economy and schools.

And guess what, if Florida and Texas were sending them out in proper proportions it would be thousands, not tens of people to feed and house.


smedlap OP t1_iumigxy wrote

It was a political stunt because the people sent to the vineyard were lied to. They were lied to by republicans. Lying is fine with todays republican party.


mmmjjjk t1_iumiuct wrote

Every “benefit” listed on the pamphlet was a genuine Massachusetts policy for refugees. Democrats don’t care about the smugglers and coyotes that got people here, and how many die trying. They just need something to keep the polls up. Only thing Abbot and Desantis did was point out hypocrisy and it worked extremely well


smedlap OP t1_iumonsa wrote

They lied. Republicans lie about all of it. We all know about coyotes and rapes. If we had a good immigration system, coyotes would not have jobs. Spoiler; a wall is not a good immigration system.


mmmjjjk t1_iumpagx wrote

If we had a good immigration system, immigrants would not think they could come here illegally and stay. Coyotes and smugglers will always exist, but without millions to hide amongst or a secure border their job would be much harder. If we didn’t have millions of illegal immigrants we would be able to handle a much higher volume of legal immigration. The only people who “win” with illegal immigration is democrats running for office.

PS, border walls do work, if they didn’t then Biden wouldn’t have finished adding walls at the weakest parts of the border. The goal of a wall isn’t to be impenetrable, it’s to deter.