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Prescription stimulants have their drawback but have helped a lot of people. That’s purely a decision between an individual and their physician.


notanotheramber t1_iy3z3kc wrote

Thanks for the disclaimer. Better personal relationships, healthy additude. The drs don't care because you have to be monitored on these meds and they charge for that med review and maintenance. There is no need for Adderall. It took me getting off of it to realize that. Good luck! Just my experience... Your life is in a loop on it


birbdaughter t1_iy42v2h wrote

Because I’m certain to have better relationships and a healthy attitude when, off meds, I can’t remember dates, events, to eat, or have the executive functioning to brush my teeth.


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This was the loop before I ever got on medication. It’s why I needed medication. I was drowning, unable to focus on even things I wanted to. You wouldn’t tell someone with diabetes to stop taking insulin, so why tell people with ADHD to stop taking adderall?


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People with unmedicated ADHD have a shorter lifespan because of their impulsivity and issues causing them to lose jobs. But keep advocating against science and medicine.