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Kayakinggypsy t1_iy3s708 wrote

If you’ve completely ran out and can’t find it anywhere, I’d ask the pharmacy if they have just the regular pills that aren’t extended release and just use those temporarily. Are they able to order the xr capsules for you? Or is it a supply chain issue?


Kayakinggypsy t1_iy3s9ka wrote

You could also try pharmacies in department stores like Walmart and target


dupattaluella t1_iy3vdy4 wrote

I would reccomend looking into alternatives. We are starting to experience many more supply chain issues due to the shut downs over COVID. Chances are, you will be struggling to find Adderall off and on for the next couple years. Supply chains have been slowly ramping up, but not to the degree needed to fulfill the gaps we had during the shut downs.

Here's a couple articles I found on OTC alternatives. I don't take Adderall, so I have no idea which alternative would be best, but I'm hoping the links have helpful info for you.

Article 1

Article 2


yuliemoon t1_iy3vsgr wrote

Try grocery store pharmacies, cvs inside Target, and independent pharmacies. They tend to have less volume and may have some on hand.

There's a shortage of Adderall + pharmacies can only order a certain amount of CII monthly.


DaisywithAsideofSass t1_iy3vwq2 wrote

I've run into this issue with both my daughter and my prescription, she takes XR while I take the short acting version. The local mom and pop type pharmacies have them, like none chain store. You just have to call around and ask.


Most_Past t1_iy3wbdp wrote

Nothing quick - a small independent pharmacy will at least answer the phone. They may have something close in stock if your doc will work with you on changing the script. There are like 4-5 manufacturers who haven't shipped jack since September, with no estimates on when they will start production again.


asscheeseterps710 t1_iy3x0vf wrote

What I did was stopped my intake stayed sober for about 14 hours a a day. I end the night with a dab or a joint and repeat this. Honestly your focus will be better with out the aderall long term. Gods great letting the pharmacy’s run out…


Diligent_Friend_6107 t1_iy3xjff wrote

Work at CVS , can confirm good luck getting ADHD meds , every store running low Also it’s a narcotic so you have to pick it up at whatever / CVS /Walgreens script was sent to


kljhgvjht t1_iy3z0ow wrote

Try Costco. You don’t have to be a member and had it when the CVS’s near me had none.


notanotheramber t1_iy3z3kc wrote

Thanks for the disclaimer. Better personal relationships, healthy additude. The drs don't care because you have to be monitored on these meds and they charge for that med review and maintenance. There is no need for Adderall. It took me getting off of it to realize that. Good luck! Just my experience... Your life is in a loop on it


eep2378 t1_iy3zdjt wrote

I’m hearing shortage won’t get better till spring 2023. There are alternatives, like Concerta and Vyvanse, although Concerta is experiencing a shortage too. The issue is overprescribing stimulants(My son has adhd and is on Adderall XR and I’m a prescriber). In my practice I’ve come across many folks being prescribed a stimulant who don’t meet criteria for ADHD, which makes it difficult for those who do get the treatment they need.


birbdaughter t1_iy44agv wrote

This was the loop before I ever got on medication. It’s why I needed medication. I was drowning, unable to focus on even things I wanted to. You wouldn’t tell someone with diabetes to stop taking insulin, so why tell people with ADHD to stop taking adderall?


birbdaughter t1_iy451yu wrote

People with unmedicated ADHD have a shorter lifespan because of their impulsivity and issues causing them to lose jobs. But keep advocating against science and medicine.


dupattaluella t1_iy4f7di wrote

They're looking for meds that aren't available and you're chastising me for providing links to OTC alternatives and mentioning supply chain issues, which OP had already mentioned? Sounds like you feel the need to complain about pretty much everything in your world.


bubalusarnee t1_iy4fus3 wrote

No, they're looking for ADHD meds and pharmacies.

You're pretending they're asking a differnet question (go check) and you are not being chastized, I am not your fucking parent. You're being ribbed to get you to notice you're making OPs questions about what yoiu feel like talking about -



dupattaluella t1_iy4h42a wrote

Lol. They said there are supply chain issues in this exact comment thread.


Well, duh. That's why I linked articles for them to read and decide a choice of a action.

Why are you so upset over me offering advice when someone asked for advice? Is it because I didn't follow the rules you outlined in your head on how everything should work? Are you a Sheldon Cooper?