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ladybug1259 t1_ixntujf wrote

Talk to a lawyer who does non-profit work. You'll probably need to incorporate and obtain a tax exemption. Nonprofit owned real estate usually doesn't pay real estate taxes and you could accept tax-deductible donations. Warning: this will probably cost something in the range of $3-6k to set up, possibly more with Boston hourly rates. It will likely take months to get the IRS exemption. You'll also have to file annual reports with the secretary of state and attorney General, have tax returns prepared for the organization, etc. It's a fairly complicated process with recurring obligations not a one and done thing.


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ohhgrrl t1_ixxbmp3 wrote

What kind of anti-capitalist evades taxes by setting up their commune as a corporation in a state that gives sheltered tax status? This post went from funny to gross way too quick.


ladybug1259 t1_ixp02lk wrote

The tax exemption is an IRS process so that will be the same regardless. I think you would have to hire Delaware counsel for a Delaware incorporation, you'd still be subject to the attorney general registration and tax filing requirements and Delaware counsel is probably going to tell you to hire Massachusetts counsel anyway because there are a lot of state specific considerations and you'd be doing business in Massachusetts so you'd also still need to file annually with the secretary of state as a foreign corp and maintain good standing in Delaware with whatevers required there.


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All religions are a lie and there is no such thing as god. Luther was a virulent antisemite.

Avoiding taxes on property removes revenue for public services like education. Saying you're anti capitalist while pursuing tax avoidance like this is wildly cognitively dissonant.

Don't do this.


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"We're strongly anti-capitalist, and don't believe in taxes."

Last post: "How do I use sales navigator on LinkedIn?"

I know a cult commune when I see one.


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Where should I send the cookie? Just pay your fucking taxes like everyone else.


fauxpublica t1_ixntza4 wrote

I don’t work here (but I used to) so I have no profit motive in this: Krokidas & Bluestein, Boston. No firm understands non-profits like they do, and there are a lot of spiritually centered people there (Jews and Catholics, I don’t know about Lutherans) who will fully understand what you are trying to do. Honest and super smart lawyers trying to do good work. Won’t be cheap wherever you go, but good advice is worth the price. Be well (and God bless your endeavor).