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BF1shY t1_ixhtq62 wrote

Can't wait to see the food scene in MA in 10-20 years. These immigrants are going to bring the world's cuisine to MA. Not on the same scale as NYC but similar.

I'm already seeing the plethora of Italian restaurants and steakhouses slowly close and turn into something more interesting in my area.


3720-To-One t1_ixi2l6l wrote

Taco trucks on every corner!

Sounds like a good time!


socialmagnet t1_ixizk4s wrote

The small random taco cart at the back of the parking lot is what I missed most about LA. They’re SO GOOD


zyrzyxen t1_ixj5evx wrote

Honestly, this is what I miss MOST about LA. Diversity is good. I’m in Western Mass far less diverse than everyone east of us but I see the slow changes out here as well.


JaKr8 t1_ixjmy75 wrote

Yes, but some of the best restaurants anywhere in the country are tucked away in a lot of those Berkshire towns.. Great Barrington might have the best 'great restaurant per capita' ratio anywhere on the planet.


electrikinfinity t1_ixk4i76 wrote

Ive lived in one of those Berkshire towns my whole life and I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or are you actually being serious.


scientist4321 t1_ixlv0ln wrote

I just drove by Lee, MA today, and had lunch at “Let’s do lunch” and it was amazing.

I dont think it’s ironic.


electrikinfinity t1_ixly3ai wrote

I’m not saying there’s no good restaurants, we have like 5. And they are definitely not the best in the country lmao. We have mint in Lee which is very good Indian food, Frankie’s in Lenox is awesome Italian and new sushi place in north county called Nara which is good. Great barrington has a few decent restaurants but you get sick of the same 5 places, everyone here complains there’s no where to eat. I frequently travel to Albany to get better food.


ChainmailleAddict t1_ixjsbrc wrote

Can confirm, I traveled there twice to get my COVID vaccine and Naji's makes AMAZING food.


zyrzyxen t1_ixltfw6 wrote

Please enlighten me with suggestions!


pillbinge t1_ixjhltl wrote

Diversity is more than consumerist choices, but if all you're concern with are things that don't matter, I can see why you'd arrive at that position.


PtrWalnuts t1_ixji9pw wrote

We have one in the neighborhood i swear the tacos were made in heaven.


pillbinge t1_ixjhii0 wrote

Sounds like something boring people would want.


Bringyourfugshiz t1_ixiyc58 wrote

Can we get some more Indian immigrants up in this place? Need to drive 45 minutes to get to a decent Indian food restaurant


nromdotcom t1_ixk4mpa wrote

I have options for almost any kind of food here in North Central MA. Leominster/Fitchburg doesn't get enough credit for that. But I've gotta drive an hour for Indian. Actually only 30 minutes to a place in NH, but an hour if I'm staying in MA.


bachmanis t1_ixkciny wrote

This is literally the comment I came here to make. Though, Street Kitchen in Marlborough has some amazing Indian fusion pizzas, not to far from Leom/Fitch


nromdotcom t1_ixkiy4b wrote

I'm north of the cities, right up against the NH border, so Marlborough is still about an hour's drive for me. Though we do swing by the Hudson/Marlborough area occasionally, so I'll put it on the list to check out sometime.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_ixjnmm8 wrote

What are your favorites so far?

I've JUST found one recently that I absolutely adore. (Sher-A-Punjab)


Bringyourfugshiz t1_ixkgmnn wrote

Aaha in Weymouth

And yeah, i know Sher a Punjab. Only been there once or twice but it was great


TinkyThePirate t1_ixmbkdc wrote

I know it’s unrelated but I’m curious, what is this Indian restaurant that’s worth driving 45 minutes for? Asking for science


Bringyourfugshiz t1_ixmzhy4 wrote

Aaha is the closet one to me. I dont know if its necessarily worth driving 45 minutes for but it is damn good


Codspear t1_ixjjeya wrote

> Italian restaurants and steakhouses

That’s unfortunate. I like those.


nixiedust t1_ixjq820 wrote

Me, too, but variety doesn't hurt. I hope we end up with a nice mix of everything.


Jmbolmt t1_ixi0r1a wrote

The food and music is gonna be fantastic!


Tricky-Pea2794 t1_ixixne9 wrote

This is such a great take on this too, give me more food fusion!


PtrWalnuts t1_ixji8bc wrote

Yes but at least we'll have slightly smaller rats.


JaKr8 t1_ixjmryz wrote

Minneapolis hadms one of the best cuisine scenes anywhere due to the influx of migrants. It's incredible!!


winter_bluebird t1_ixlvyq4 wrote

As an Italian immigrant, I have to say that regional Italian food is PLENTY interesting. It's Italian-American food that's been played out.

(Spoiler alert: if there's alfredo sauce on the menu it's not an Italian restaurant).


pillbinge t1_ixjhhtv wrote

Why is it that whenever there's a story about people escaping extremely bad situations, a host of comments focusing on how it improves their lives in such a banal way pop up. It's always food. It's like Poe's law of raw, neoliberal appeals on social media.

>These immigrants are going to bring the world's cuisine to MA.

The world's cuisine is a lot simpler than Americans think. Most of it is shitty street food served in a building with chairs because Americans don't know better.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_ixjnq9m wrote

Yikes, way to take a "banal" take and turn it into a racist/trashy hot take.

Good job.


pillbinge t1_ixjp24t wrote

That doesn't even make sense. I'm talking about the people who are from here, and it applies to people of all races. Food is not a worthy cause, and talking about it to cope with the harsh reality these people are facing, doesn't make sense.

If you hear, "Hundreds leaving violence to simply escape it, with nothing but their clothes," and you think, "I hope they end up serving me new and exciting food!", you're a bad person through and through.

Have you had real, Ukrainian food? We had an influx of Ukrainians recently and their food is far from "a taco truck on every corner". It's good, like most real, authentic food is, but it doesn't have that lame energy that Americans crave and are mentioning in the comments.

Try to work on your reading comprehension before you start throwing out terms you kind of heard but don't come close to getting.


Kaio_ t1_ixk6ovy wrote

>If you hear, "Hundreds leaving violence to simply escape it, with nothing but their clothes," and you think, "I hope they end up serving me new and exciting food!", you're a bad person through and through.

LMFAO fuckin' brutal and true


pillbinge t1_ixkw2fd wrote

So tiring listening to these barely-middle-of-the-road politics from people who really only react to media, not politics, talk about how the world should be. They're trying to shape it into EPCOT at everyone's expense. And it's just lazy. They've convinced themselves that they're doing God's work humanitarians' work by just letting people show up, when people showing up at your doorstep happens after a long line of failure. But it's easier to do nothing, and spin that as a good deed, than do real work.


puppeteersrequiem t1_ixkx6yr wrote

I’m sorry but I can’t see a comment like “food is not a worthy cause” without saying something. Food is a universal concept that every human shares. It’s a common tongue that we all speak. It is art and culture all in one. It’s a uniting principle that should never be underestimated. There are whole cultures and economies that revolve around food. Anyone who has felt real starvation gnaw at them, even once, could never utter the phrase “food is not a worthy cause”. Food is one of the worthiest of causes. Food is everything. Food is life.


pillbinge t1_ixtcu8s wrote

When I said that food isn't a worthy cause, I meant from the people in the receiving country who sit back and sell a fringe benefit that's totally unrelated to helping people. That's fairly obvious.

I'd like to believe what you believe but that ship sailed from New England. There are few local staples that people enjoy so thoroughly outside maybe seafood, and even then, that's divisive. Most Americans don't have any real staple that's cultural here. The food people "bring" is made from ingredients shipped world-wide, not local ones, and a lot of it in restaurants is fairly bad for you.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_ixk80ly wrote

Thank you for expanding your yikes to even greater depths of pathetically sad.


pillbinge t1_ixk8ias wrote

Thank you for replying only in clichés that add nothing and obscure any real thought you have lmao. You'll bump that second language reading comprehension up to middle school one of these days.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_ixkiwrs wrote

Verbosity != Veracity

Sorry scumbag, but you're flailing hard here.


pillbinge t1_ixkvrxh wrote

>you're flailing hard here.

You can plug in text to online readers and they'll gauge it, however accurately, across a lot of different tests. In this case, what I wrote is equivalent to what a seventh grader or ninth grader is expected to handle.

I'd be way more careful going forward about admitting that seventh grade texts make you so scared that you're ironically dropping words like verbosity lmao.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_ixkzp7u wrote

You substitute words for substance thinking you're making a salient point.

You're a fucking clown.


pillbinge t1_ixnbfke wrote

I think you’re revealing that you think that’s happening, but you’re commenting on commenting without adding anything. Ironic, and sad - again, seventh grade.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_ixnjaqm wrote

The length one will go to claw at a perceived superiority while spewing the most vile and hateful shit truly is impressive.

You're not as intelligent as you think you are or so desperately wish others to believe.


pillbinge t1_ixtc3g1 wrote

The only thing every post of yours has reveled is how intimidated you are by someone giving a fairly thoughtful view, written at a seventh grade level. I never said I was intelligent and I don't value that as a trait or characteristic, if you were to ask.

You need to calm down.


rhythmchef t1_ixj6ma2 wrote

You mean like the same illegal immigrants we already have that don't understand proper sanitation in the food industry? Just saying.