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3720-To-One t1_ixi2l6l wrote

Taco trucks on every corner!

Sounds like a good time!


socialmagnet t1_ixizk4s wrote

The small random taco cart at the back of the parking lot is what I missed most about LA. They’re SO GOOD


zyrzyxen t1_ixj5evx wrote

Honestly, this is what I miss MOST about LA. Diversity is good. I’m in Western Mass far less diverse than everyone east of us but I see the slow changes out here as well.


JaKr8 t1_ixjmy75 wrote

Yes, but some of the best restaurants anywhere in the country are tucked away in a lot of those Berkshire towns.. Great Barrington might have the best 'great restaurant per capita' ratio anywhere on the planet.


electrikinfinity t1_ixk4i76 wrote

Ive lived in one of those Berkshire towns my whole life and I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or are you actually being serious.


scientist4321 t1_ixlv0ln wrote

I just drove by Lee, MA today, and had lunch at “Let’s do lunch” and it was amazing.

I dont think it’s ironic.


electrikinfinity t1_ixly3ai wrote

I’m not saying there’s no good restaurants, we have like 5. And they are definitely not the best in the country lmao. We have mint in Lee which is very good Indian food, Frankie’s in Lenox is awesome Italian and new sushi place in north county called Nara which is good. Great barrington has a few decent restaurants but you get sick of the same 5 places, everyone here complains there’s no where to eat. I frequently travel to Albany to get better food.


ChainmailleAddict t1_ixjsbrc wrote

Can confirm, I traveled there twice to get my COVID vaccine and Naji's makes AMAZING food.


zyrzyxen t1_ixltfw6 wrote

Please enlighten me with suggestions!


pillbinge t1_ixjhltl wrote

Diversity is more than consumerist choices, but if all you're concern with are things that don't matter, I can see why you'd arrive at that position.


PtrWalnuts t1_ixji9pw wrote

We have one in the neighborhood i swear the tacos were made in heaven.


pillbinge t1_ixjhii0 wrote

Sounds like something boring people would want.