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Kaio_ t1_ixk5iru wrote

My parents sat on a waiting list for years while Sadaam and Hezbollah bombed their country until they got their green cards.
We didn't hop a fence


PtrWalnuts t1_ixk6khg wrote

You couldn't hop a fence. If you could have you would have. You just weren't close enough to the United States at that time.

You were lucky You didn't have to do anything at all. You get the privilege of sitting here and your little Ivory Tower and stepping on people's hands or worse off than you either try and get up the ladder you sit on.

Hey great great grand uncle left because of potato famine to come to the United States. My grandfather and grandmother left to escape Mussolini. I know what you're on about dude it's America home of the free in the brave it's a melting point. It's what makes us strong. We're mutts.


Kaio_ t1_ixk87rg wrote

Hopping a fence is a metaphor for breaking the law you goofy anarchist. Get outta here with that "if you could have you would have" crap for fucking animals.


PtrWalnuts t1_ixkgcvb wrote

Right you’re so stupid you think other people or animals. You’re an animal too. A lot of people are escaping shit you can’t even imagine. America is a melting pot. These people are what’s called asylum seekers. It’s in the constitution.

I tell you to go back where you come from but the third Reich no longer exists.


Kaio_ t1_ixkhjax wrote

It doesn't even matter. Don't break the law. Apply to immigrate like a civilized person or fight the evil at home. Our asylum laws are geared towards people escaping persecution from their government or one at war, especially after what happened with your "third reich", not people troubled by gangsters or poverty.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_ixl2vq0 wrote

You're a piece of shit and you will die alone, unloved, and no one will care.

More evidence that you're a lowlife scumbag that will leave this planet better off without you in it than before.


Kaio_ t1_ixl3k4j wrote

hahaha that second one is pretty good. Also taking the time to go through someone's post history is pretty cringe.

hey next time save yourself some time and sort my posts by 'controversial'


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_ixnita6 wrote

>Also taking the time to go through someone's post history is pretty cringe.

-weak, racist, pussy, whining about minorities on the internet


Kaio_ t1_ixpwku4 wrote

I've never whined about minorities