Submitted by nayrcire t3_zuoi6e in massachusetts

I see all over the internet that utility companies can't shut off your service from November 15-March 15 or something similar, but when I was on the phone w eversource, the customer service representative told me straight up it wasn't true. I do rely on my electric bill for heat, and it's obviously brick af out lol. I owe like $1,400 at this point... Thanks in advance!



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7573 t1_j1l375v wrote

Well, if you are on SNAP then you are eligible for heat and eat. As for utility shut off, it was provided below that this cannot happen when you need to heat. Here is the LIHEAP program link.

Note that not all food banks are FDA standard application, and the food bank is not SNAP, so you won't be able to pick up food at one and plead they were qualified for the heat and eat program like many people we had apply try. To qualify for LIHEAP it must be SNAP.

On another note - I'm not one to judge and everyone needs to blow off steam but you just dropped a ton of money on a (quite nice) tattoo and weed to make weed butter according to your post history. Every year the state added additional cash to the heat program when I worked for it, and we at times had to reach out to other orgs to help the indigent with home repairs, etc that weren't publicly covered to keep people warm.

Money was extremely tight at the end of cold years, and several of our non-profit partners were covering your heating costs with their own money earmarked for other services. If you apply for theses programs, I beg you to remember that every dollar you spend on something else and taken from LIHEAP is hard fought by those organizations - they are stretched thin every year to try and keep as many people in tough financial conditions warm as possible.


nayrcire OP t1_j1m83a5 wrote

Thanks for the response, you’re definitely right to a degree, but I start a decent paying job tomorrow and plan to pay this down pretty soon. The tattoo was cheap and the weed was 6 months ago, and I didn’t even end up paying for it, I got it from my boss, but fair points! Believe it or not I haven’t applied for any assistance like SNAP or utilities programs because I believe there are people who need it more than I do. That being said, just curious on whether or not I need to come up with $300 for a minimum payment within the next 48 hours. It seems as though they will not shut me off so I think I’m gonna hope for the best and not pay it yet.


7573 t1_j1mq1ql wrote

Congrats on the new gig! Sorry for not knowing how long ago that was, I just peaked because having worked in the field sometimes people post things (like what city they're in) which helps.

If I was in your boat I would call and offer anything, even fifty bucks. But yeah, for the moment shut offs are suspended so you're good.

Good luck on the next gig!!!


bubalusarnee t1_j1m322e wrote

I don't think they're ready to hear it, yet. Don't you wish humility came more naturally to more of our neighbors? Thank you for your thoughtful response!


cdcyclist t1_j1lxk5u wrote

Some many years back now in 2008 I lost my job and everything. I was totally unprepared and through some misteps I could also not collect unemployment. So I ended up getting really behind on my utilities.

I got the threats of shutting off service/utilities and I called them to plead based on the same information about a law preventing shut off in these cold months.

They told me the same thing, pound sand. They are sending a guy to shut it off. At the time I lived in an apartment and the shut off would mean I'd have to let the guy in. So I just didn't answer my door.

Sometime shortly after that I called the Valley Opportunity Council and explained my situation. I wished I had just gone to them much sooner. They informed me that the utility company could not and should not be doing such, and if was unlawful. They stepped in and got the utility companies off my ass and even helped me settle the bill.

I don't know if you're in Western Ma or not, but if so, talk to those people at the VoC. They really saved my ass. You may have a similar program in your region of MA if not.

Good luck.


Current-Weather-9561 t1_j1ls3b5 wrote

Cannot speak for eversource, but I have National grid and owed (now paid) about $2000 last winter. They didn’t shut it off. They usually don’t in liberal states like MA. They would get way more backlash than say, Texas. You’re good, but get it paid when you can. It’s a last last last resort when it comes to shutting off. Likely only applies to people who owe quite a bit.


Hot-Cry920 t1_j1ko2d5 wrote

So dont pay then what happens in april?


ncgbulldog1980 t1_j1krzzi wrote

They shut it off, my guess the bill at that point would be over 2 grand probably pushing 3


Adorable_List3836 t1_j1kyi71 wrote

And then they’ll make a post here asking what to do because their service was cut off and can’t afford the bill


nayrcire OP t1_j1m6yx6 wrote

I start a job tomorrow with overtime and decent pay relative to what I’m used to, so it’ll be taken care of long before April. I just can’t come up with $300 for a minimum payment within two days.


PuddleCrank t1_j1kzaj7 wrote

Welp, this sux huh. The most important thing about it is not getting too behind and working with them. Figure out a payment plan now before you get comfortable not paying. Good luck. The electricity man really wants you to be okay (I've worked for eversource before) I promise they don't hate you or anything just be upfront and as on top of it as possible.


nayrcire OP t1_j1kkpnd wrote

Alright cool, that’s exactly what I needed, appreciate you. I could only find it on lawyer’s websites which I don’t fully trust for some reason lol


nayrcire OP t1_j1kkt30 wrote

Side note, do I have to prove financial hardship


Tissarage t1_j1kmz0l wrote

I am not sure but the bill is over a grand right? so I am pretty sure that would be a hardship for anyone


teucer_ t1_j1mo8hc wrote

Blowjobs at Wendy’s dumpsters will definitely provide an additional income boost


Theor_84 t1_j1khtw2 wrote

Generally speaking I would imagine the company working with you on some sort of payment plan if you can afford that. I've never tried this before so it's just a guess.

I've also heard for years that they can't shut you off, but I don't know how true it is, and how much of a fight it would be to get it back on if they "accidentally" shut off the wrong house/apartment.


Syncope7 t1_j1o87de wrote

Above all else, it is brick af


Any_Advantage_2449 t1_j1oakle wrote

I would not pay electric or heat in any apt I would move into. It would never get turned off and I never got a bill for it. I would just ignore the mail they sent. I just never called to set it up. I have moved into my own house and set up utilities there and nothing has ever come of it.


Adorable_List3836 t1_j1l0dn4 wrote

You could try working for a paycheck like I do and then you can pay your bills instead of staying home and doing drugs like you do


7573 t1_j1l3ci9 wrote

While you aren't wrong and they just spent enough money for a tatto and a pound and a half of weed butter, you come off as an ass with your phrasing.


Adorable_List3836 t1_j1l4m65 wrote

Ok, but do weed, mushrooms and tattoos keep the house warm? I know that in my house I need to pay the oil company and to do that I go to work to pay the bills, I don’t care if I sound like an ass, am I being honest or no? Who’s at fault here? The service company or OP for not paying the bill and spending their money on other shit?


nayrcire OP t1_j1m8iuu wrote

I do work, just dealing with a whole lot of shit lately and anxiety and depression pushed me to quit my job and do Instacart to pay the bills. I’m also pretty young still and don’t come from money. AND I’m an alcoholic. This post also has nothing to do with who’s at fault… obviously that would be me. Just a guy in a desperate situation trying to figure out whether or not I’m gonna have the lights shutoff within 48 hours.


bubalusarnee t1_j1m3a4v wrote

Are you trying to convince them to grow the fuck up already, or are you patting yourself on the back?

Can't do both.

DO choose a lane.