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Adorable_List3836 t1_j1l4m65 wrote

Ok, but do weed, mushrooms and tattoos keep the house warm? I know that in my house I need to pay the oil company and to do that I go to work to pay the bills, I don’t care if I sound like an ass, am I being honest or no? Who’s at fault here? The service company or OP for not paying the bill and spending their money on other shit?


nayrcire OP t1_j1m8iuu wrote

I do work, just dealing with a whole lot of shit lately and anxiety and depression pushed me to quit my job and do Instacart to pay the bills. I’m also pretty young still and don’t come from money. AND I’m an alcoholic. This post also has nothing to do with who’s at fault… obviously that would be me. Just a guy in a desperate situation trying to figure out whether or not I’m gonna have the lights shutoff within 48 hours.


bubalusarnee t1_j1m3a4v wrote

Are you trying to convince them to grow the fuck up already, or are you patting yourself on the back?

Can't do both.

DO choose a lane.