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MrRemoto t1_iyvpdq6 wrote

Bad schools, high property tax, poorly run government, racial tension. Good food there though. Lots of Southeast Asian food, old Jewish delis, Italian, etc.


SmellsofElderberry25 t1_iywktrf wrote

Moved away 10 years ago due to the schools but still drive an hour to get Lynwood pizza a few times a year.


bastard_swine t1_iywclj8 wrote

My favorite pho spot got shut down due to health violations 😔


kellmoops t1_iyve6yr wrote

I seem to remember a Superfund site on the Randolph/Holbrook line? I believe toxic chemical waste dumping there was leading to increased rates of Non-hodgkins lymphoma in the area..


Ex-Pat-Spaz t1_iyvr64e wrote

This ^

It’s the 14th most contaminated site in the US. They discovered it in 1980 and the grounds are so polluted that they are still cleaning it up with probably another 20 to 30 years to go.



metrowestern t1_iyww230 wrote

Onondaga lake in Syracuse has got to be on that list.


Ex-Pat-Spaz t1_iyypsem wrote

I believe it’s Love Canal that started the Superfund Act and highlighted these kind of issues. I also think it’s listed at the top.


johnny_cash_money t1_iyvkfnx wrote

It’s called Baird & McGuire. It’s on South Street in Holbrook but it affected the Cochato River that fed Holbrook, Randolph and Braintree water supplies, and led to a well field closure.


Dseltzer1212 t1_iyvsozr wrote

In the mid 80’s we had put down $5000. on a duplex in Randolph and the next day I read this quote from a woman who lived in Randolph….”when I want to punish my kids, I make them drink tap water” We backed out of the duplex and lost the 5g


MrRemoto t1_iyvpqvd wrote

In my dad's neighborhood 2 kids and several adults died of Leukemia in the 1970s early 80s


SmellsofElderberry25 t1_iywi434 wrote

Can confirm:

My first house was within walking distance of it. My block was largely original owners, almost all of whom had someone in their household that had cancer. Small sample size, but not where I wanted to stay with my young kids. The fact that the town refused to fund the Prop 2 1/2 override to fund the schools for 3 years in a row (in the early 2000s) drove the state to nearly take over the school. I loved the diversity, the library and the friends we made, but had to get out to give my kids a better education and healthier environment.


Puzzleheaded_Ad_7204 t1_iyvkiya wrote

The fireworks factory?


Ex-Pat-Spaz t1_iyvrkgs wrote

No, a chemical plant


>The Baird & McGuire facility is located on a 20-acre site in Holbrook and operated as a chemical mixing and batching company from 1912 to 1983. Later activities included mixing, packaging, storing, and distributing various products, including pesticides, disinfectants, soaps, floor waxes, and solvents. Some of the raw materials used at the site were stored in a tank farm and piped to the laboratory or mixing buildings. Other raw materials were stored in drums on site. Waste disposal methods at the site included direct discharge into the soil, a nearby brook, wetlands, and a former gravel pit. Hazardous wastes historically were disposed of in an on-site lagoon and cesspool. Also included on site were two lagoons open to rain and large areas of buried wastes such as cans, debris, lab bottles, and hundreds of bottles of chemicals. The lagoon area has been capped with clay. The on-site buildings were in various states of disrepair and unsecured; early activities conducted by EPA included demolishing all but one of the buildings and the tank farms. The tank farm area was temporarily capped. The site is completely fenced and a groundwater recirculation system was operated to contain the groundwater plume until permanent remedies were implemented. The site is 500 feet west of the Cochato River. The Cochato River had at one time, been diverted into the Richardi Reservoir, a water system serving nearly 90,000 people in the Towns of Holbrook, Randolph, and Braintree. Currently, the Cochato River is not being used as a supply source for the Richardi Reservoir. The South Street well field, part of the municipal water supply for Holbrook, is located within 1,500 feet of the site and was shut down in 1982.


Sail-Painter t1_iyvwpx5 wrote

Had to do with Leather Tanning chemicals I believe.


Ex-Pat-Spaz t1_iyw5pks wrote

That was Woburn, not Randolph. It was a chemical factory.


Ken-Popcorn t1_iywe8qd wrote

No, Baird McGuire was agent orange


Sail-Painter t1_iz1d4sq wrote

Seriously?! They made THAT crap? I hope they were held accountable for all the deaths & medical problems it caused


jennybens821 t1_iywv5ey wrote

You’re thinking of the case that the book & movie “A Civil Action” was based on, another famous one.


Ken-Popcorn t1_iywe5gs wrote

The Baird McGuire site was rigorously cleaned and is actively monitored. No water is taken from that area any longer, and I don’t think that Randolph ever drew water from there. If anything, the legacy of Baird McGuire is better water in the area


Ex-Pat-Spaz t1_iywj9p2 wrote

Are you a lawyer for the defendant, perhaps?

Sad when people don’t read all the links provided. They are still cleaning it up and yes, contaminated water got into the drinking water.


>By then, toxins from the plant had contaminated the soil and the town’s nearby South Street drinking-water wells.
Thirty-five outraged neighbors filed suit against Baird & McGuire. They compared it to Love Canal in western New York, one of the nation’s most publicized Superfund sites, and claimed pollution-induced cancer and other health problems.


Ken-Popcorn t1_iyy435q wrote

I was there. Why would you think I was defending anyone? My point was that because of that problem, the water is better monitored and tested than it is in most communities

The property is adjacent to wells that Holbrook used, and my statement was that I don’t think Randolph drew any water from there. The reservoir that Randolph used is on the other side of the town on the Braintree border


SmellsofElderberry25 t1_iywgibr wrote

Unfortunately not. According to the 2020 update they are evaluating

>new options for groundwater
>remediation that involve injecting chemicals into the
>groundwater plume to prevent arsenic and other
>contaminants from entering groundwater. Because
>the efficiency of the pump-and-treat system has been
>in steady decline, EPA and MassDEP have been
>exploring the potential for alternative treatment
>methods that could result in a faster and more
>effective cleanup.


Ken-Popcorn t1_iyy4lny wrote

Unfortunately not what?


SmellsofElderberry25 t1_iyy6q2m wrote

Unfortunately it was not rigorously (or effectively) cleaned up. I’m glad they they stopped pulling water from that reservoir since I was drinking it!


Ken-Popcorn t1_iyynq1u wrote

I would say that the fact that they built an incinerator on site, then excavated and burned the soil for years, among other measures, is a pretty rigorous cleanup


jimcreighton12 t1_iyvk8d7 wrote

Honestly if Massachusetts had a butthole Randolph is the dingleberry waving to the turd parade.


laura_darc t1_iyvtg70 wrote

I just had to put my phone down and walk away to laugh


kilteer t1_iyvkzrn wrote

Man, I am so glad that Worcester is the armpit.


WendellVaughn_Quasar t1_iyvquei wrote

I thought Fall River/New Bedford was the armpit? I mean, Worcester is objectively worse, sure, but their location is literally where the armpit of Cape Cod would be.


COVID_2019 t1_iyvr0im wrote

I swore I saw someone say Fall River is the anus of MA.


kilteer t1_iywcipp wrote

Based on the arm shape of Cape Cod, yes, I could see that being an armpit.

Worcester is off-center and smells odd. (whether off-center in the state or to the side of Boston being the Hub/center)


warriorofinternets t1_iyvohn9 wrote

Avon is right next door and is equally cheap but with better schools and better water supply (not cancer causing).


Ken-Popcorn t1_iywdm00 wrote

I think it’s a stretch to say Avon schools are better, Avon has better industrial parks, that’s about it


2020Hills t1_iyxf44x wrote

Avon town high schools are 7-12 and get trounced on for sports teams until varsity teams


warriorofinternets t1_iyxui5q wrote

As in their varsity is good? I haven’t spent much time thinking about highschool sports so maybe I’m just not understanding your comment?


Ken-Popcorn t1_iyy3t5n wrote

That would be high school (singular), it’s a sad 60’s era building, the elementary school is not far behind


nebirah t1_iyvakc4 wrote

They are next to Brockton


tbootsbrewing t1_iyvcj7m wrote

Holbrook erasure right here.


[deleted] t1_iyvd066 wrote

Holbrook has Poland Summer of 1939 vibes.


tbootsbrewing t1_iyvhiko wrote

Did Ye buy property in Holbrook?


[deleted] t1_iyvihxn wrote

I did not - I know a couple of families that purchase there and in Stoughton back in the day and ended up choosing to sell once their kids came around and hit school age.


SharpCookie232 t1_iyvlzft wrote

Stoughton's on the way up. It has a commuter rail station, reasonable driving to Boston (relatively), and is surrounded by upscale towns. The schools will follow suit as the town gentrifies. It's a great investment.


human8060 t1_iyvngoa wrote

People have been saying that for decades. Stoughton isn't on it's way anywhere.


SynbiosVyse t1_iyw06o6 wrote

Stoughton is much nicer than Randolph in my opinion.


human8060 t1_iyw0ckl wrote

Having lived in both places, neither is better than the other.


SynbiosVyse t1_iyw0ysx wrote

Stoughton has some pretty wooded areas near the Easton and Sharon borders. You can get a house with good acreage over there that's not really an option in Randolph which is considerably denser. Also don't you think the Stoughton schools are better than Randolph or are they the same?


human8060 t1_iyw8rps wrote

In Randolph, my house backed up to hundreds of acres of woods. I literally spent my entire childhood in the woods. Schools were basically the same. Elementary schools were good, junior highs started going downhill, and high school was pretty awful.


SynbiosVyse t1_iyx3joj wrote

That's the exception not the rule. Randolph population density is 3300/sq mile compared to Stoughton at 1800/sq mile.


HebrewHammer14 t1_iyvp8nj wrote

Stoughton also apparently has a severely corrupt police force if you judge by recent turtleboy articles.


badhaircut22 t1_iyvz7td wrote

And the most corrupt police this side of the Mississippi to boot


SmokeEater1375 t1_iyw4shn wrote

Stoughton is almost like Brockton but with nice houses. It’s not as threatening but it’s not great. There are for sure a couple tucked away areas that I would consider living but that’s about it.

The old timers I know say it’s done 180 degree flip since they were younger. Maybe industry and business wise it’s on the way up, technically speaking. But people wise I wouldn’t say so. Like anywhere else there are good people and good neighborhoods but I think it’s often over-estimated as a nice town. They call it “Tough Town” for a reason lol.


Unable-Bison-272 t1_iywrkmn wrote

You’ve got to be pretty soft to think there is anything dangerous about Stoughton


SomePolack t1_iyx0nkd wrote

You’d be surprised, there’s been a good amount of murders in the past decades.


SmokeEater1375 t1_iyx4oop wrote

I literally said it’s not threatening but it’s not a nice town lol. A lot of lowlifes float around there. Sandwiched between Brockton and Randolph. Even the nice houses often have shitty people lol.


Unable-Bison-272 t1_iz8hd21 wrote

Yeah, that’s why I said you were soft. It’s a perfectly normal town. Take this shit back to Wellesley.


ohmyashleyy t1_iyx3yi0 wrote

Stoughton is way worse now than it was when I grew up there 30-15 years ago it and it wasn’t great then either. Funny enough my parents moved there from an apartment in Randolph.


tbootsbrewing t1_iyw72ex wrote

No, Ye as in Kanye. Trying to figure out what the Poland comment means?


LowkeyPony t1_iyvqm68 wrote

Grew up there. Forced to go to the Catholic school in town. My family has a few acres that was purchased in the late 1960's, and the neighborhood hasn't changed much at all since I left. I go down and visit every so often, and my pcp is down on the South Shore. But I personally can't wait to sell the property.


PotBaron2 t1_iyvgkyf wrote

so is west and east bridgewater whitman and abington all nice towns try again


SouthShoreSerenade t1_iyvhpk9 wrote

Don't forget Easton and Avon!

...intentionally leaving off Stoughton though. Sorry Stoughton.


PotBaron2 t1_iywqo15 wrote

easton is nice forgot about easton no thank you to avon and stoughton though


lzwzli t1_iyx4nc6 wrote

Why the hate on Stoughton? Full disclosure, I live in Stoughton and I don't feel its bad.


BrockVegas t1_iyvhqfy wrote

You know goddamned well that most have never set a single foot in the town.... But sure do love to shit on it in a nice anonymous chat that


nebirah t1_iyvihps wrote

I'm not most. I've set foot in every town in the south shore and can recommend a restaurant or other business in all of them, but keep on making assumptions about random redditers.


BrockVegas t1_iyvjel0 wrote

Just a mouthy punk though.... No matter what you've convinced yourself of


successiseffort t1_iyvsm9v wrote

Dude Brockton is the Champion City of Potholes


PotBaron2 t1_iz1knar wrote

100% factual they also have the worst drivers in all of new england


PotBaron2 t1_iywr1xp wrote

Brockton is such a shit hole but it doesn’t define the surrounding towns. Name 1 nice thing about Brockton.


Puzzleheaded_Ad_7204 t1_iyvkap8 wrote

It’s basically the suburb of brockton, so a lot of similar issues: gangs, crime, drugs, violence, not great schools.


RepC t1_iyvvdup wrote

I live in Brockton and it’s been going fine.


agenz899 t1_iywckj8 wrote

Maybe for you but you can’t argue that city doesn’t have worse issues in all of those categories than most cities and towns in Massachusetts.


RepC t1_iywgi79 wrote

I don’t really know what you mean, every town has issues? Brockton isn’t awful, and if you’re just going to pile on the trope. There’s no point in trying to explain to you. The high school is a little crazy but yeah.


MikeD123999 t1_iywfn0l wrote

There are nice sections, the part over by easton seemed good Bridgewater side probably ok too. Its like boston, some junky sections and some nice parts


ThatDudeThatWrites t1_iyvvdx6 wrote

I moved here two years ago and it wasn't exactly cheap, but it definitely wasn't the most expensive house we were looking at. It was the only one we didn't get outbid on.

Anyway, we live on a quiet street and have loved it ... up until I got carjacked on the top of our block the other day. What a nightmare. That said, my neighbors have all rallied around me in a way that I haven't experienced in places like Norwood, which has been heartening.

It really depends on where you live in town. There are some nice spots and some not so nice spots (like any town). They just built a bunch of really big houses right near me, so idk if that's a good or a bad sign. Schools aren't that great here, from what I've heard, but idk if we'll be around long enough to have that matter--this is our starter home.


badhaircut22 t1_iyvzrb7 wrote

Damn I was considering moving to Norwood, what would you say are the negatives and positive there?


ThatDudeThatWrites t1_iyw05t8 wrote

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to trash talk Norwood. I'd probably have bought a house in that town if I could have afforded it, but it's much more expensive than Randolph. I lived in a massive apartment complex over there, which was fine for when I was moving up to MA, but I wouldn't want to live there long term. People aren't exactly neighborly in those huge complexes (not a statement about Norwood, but about big housing complexes).

Norwood has a lot to offer though. Decent downtown, multiple commuter rail stops, decent schools, etc. But it's kind of a pain in the ass the get to off the highway, and if you take commuter rail into the city you're zone 3 which is really expensive.


Stringgeek t1_iyw1kov wrote

laughs in Zone 8


ThatDudeThatWrites t1_iyw23x3 wrote

My condolences. I can't even imagine what that costs on a monthly. It's been a few years, but it was over $300/month for me outta Norwood. Absolutely stupid.


Stringgeek t1_iyw4gcm wrote

It’s close to $400/month. I’m hybrid 1x/week, so it feels as if I’m out some money there. Also, once I get into South Station, it’s a nightmare to get to where I work on the northern side. It’ll be better time-wise once the GLX has opened completely, but I still haven’t decided what I’ll do at that point. Part of me thinks the smartest way to do it would be to drive to Riverside and take the GL from one end to the other. Work subsidizes the T, but not the commuter rail.

In the meantime I drive, because the expense/time it takes isn’t in my favor. I’m hopeful that will change at some point, because I really hate driving all the way there.


ThatDudeThatWrites t1_iywafjn wrote

"work subsidizes the T, but not the commuter rail" ... wtf is that shit? Would they pay you more for the rise in the cost of living to be close enough to take a T? These employers are crazy.

That's a really annoying situation. I've passed on really good jobs in the past bc commuting from the south shore is like 2hrs each way on public transport and 1.5hrs in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic if you drive. lose/lose.


Stringgeek t1_iz0u6wj wrote

Oh, taking public transportation would take longer for me, too, but it would be worth it. I could just make art on the train and relax rather than waiting for some Masshole to crash into my car while changing lanes. Unfortunately, what it’s not worth is the money.


badhaircut22 t1_iyw1kji wrote

Only thing about Norwood i could come up with us there aren’t exactly any new houses being built there. Just a ton of houses from the 60’s and 70’s for sale


ThatDudeThatWrites t1_iyw1v02 wrote

There aren't really any new houses being built anywhere in MA. At least nothing affordable. My house is so old it wasn't even insulated when we bought it lol. If you're looking to buy something, brace yourself to either pay through the nose or to compromise, compromise, compromise!


badhaircut22 t1_iyw2o6w wrote

I’m still in my starter home with 150k left on the mortgage and I refinanced 1.5 years ago(2.99%) it’s valued around 500k now. I’m guessing when the housing markets crashes I’ll still have good enough equity to heloc a nice down payment for my next home and rent this or just sell all together. Currently in East Bwater there are just zero amenities here no services. Great place if you want to have a small farm and goats but I need more a city vibe.


ThatDudeThatWrites t1_iyw31wt wrote

I imagine it'd be harder to rent something out there than it would be to sell it, but nonetheless sounds like you're in a good position. If I were you I'd look to Dedham or Canton. They're both just a smidge more convenient to get to, imo. All three are very similar.


badhaircut22 t1_iyw4s54 wrote

Not really into dedham that much and I think canton is even more pricey than Norwood either way let’s see if the market even crashes lol


flowerxgirl t1_iyxjqyc wrote

Oooof, hi neighbor. I've been really lucky on my side of town and I haven't particularly heard of any carjackings over this way. I'm so, so sorry to hear that happened to you.

I've been here about two, almost three years and I'm on my way out this summer. Buying my house was a mistake but luckily I'll be coming out ahead in the end.


biddily t1_iywnjam wrote

I have a friend that's a teacher in Randolph. The DRAMA that happened over covid. People (me and my sister) were dialing into the meetings just to watch the dumpster fire.

They just... Fired all the teachers. Then hired back like, math and English and science and history and that was IT. No guidance councilors. No music. No art. No gym. No language. No NOTHING outside the basic core corriculim.

Everyone was ENRAGED. the superintendent was like 'nope I'm god'.

And seeing as covid had started, and kids would need emotional help thru it, need guidance, need people in their corner, the teachers who knew this and wanted to be their for their students were freaking the fuck out.

But they needed jobs. They couldn't hang around and see if this got sorted. So they got new jobs.

Oh my God. It was a marvel to watch.


lzwzli t1_iyx2hv5 wrote

Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how the school system in the US is soo localized to the point that what you are describing is possible.

Is the state not allowed to intervene when a local town school system superintendent f**ks it up so bad?


biddily t1_iyx4tmp wrote

At the time, thats what we were saying. 'Why isn't the state stepping in?' But 2021? When everything was falling apart?

When schools were like 'are we remote? Are we staying home? Our town budget is gone cause we spent everything on covid stuff - lets just fire as many people as possible.

The state eventually stepped in - as far as I remember - at least I think so cause my friend is back to being the music teacher in the high school. But it took A LONG time for the state to realize what was going on and get their act in gear. It wasn't like this happened and then the state went 'no'. This happened and then there were MONTHS of virtual school board meetings with town parents losing their shit at the board and board going 'lol no'. Like I said, my sister and I zoomed in to watch the shit shows.

Every time Randolph could make a decision about their schools, they made the WORST POSSIBLE DECISION.


WestRiverTraveler t1_iyxs99n wrote

Randolph schools have been a dumpster fire for years. I worked there in the late aughts. Horrible.


MediumDrink t1_iyvsoav wrote

It’s cheap because it’s inconvenient to get to. 24, 93 and especially 28 are brutal driving at rush hour and there is only one commuter rail stop and it’s at the edge of town so most people will need to drive there in traffic and pay to park.

All the other issues people are discussing (other than the chemical spill) are symptoms of the low desirability of the location and corresponding low home prices (and low taxes).


TheTr7nity t1_iywaru4 wrote

Probably a mix between the high crime and terrible school system. Oh yea, the marvelous city of Brockton is right next door.


Positive-Material t1_iyxgrz1 wrote

My friend made the naive decision to shop at a store in Brockton - ended up getting arrested and spending a month in jail, spending 20k on lawyers, and almost losing his house cause some white trash type lady with ten kids started accusing him of things randomly..


ShoreNorth9 t1_iyvp5zr wrote

Obviously you haven’t been yet.


HebrewHammer14 t1_iyvoyoc wrote

Because Randolph as it currently stands is not a desirable town. Doesn’t mean it can’t get there. But it’s not there yet


SheeEttin t1_iyvt21r wrote

So what you're saying is I should buy now and wait for the gentrification


HebrewHammer14 t1_iyvw6cn wrote

You may have to pass it down a couple generations before you see a return on investment lol


Beetlebailey1990 t1_iyvr750 wrote

Let me list out why it’s cheap in Randolph:

  1. it isn’t

Wizard01475 t1_iyvqmnn wrote

It’s not as affordable as the Rt 2 corridor, especially out in Worcester County.


crazyparrotguy t1_iywzy35 wrote

Oh yes, can confirm this--especially if you're bordering the Franklin County line.


ThePremiumOrange t1_iywh7o4 wrote

Honestly it’s a pretty shit town in lots of aspects but if you’re just living there and minding your own business/always in and out of the city it’s good for that. Get a proper whole house filter though, the water sucks… don’t even shower without filtering that water


Maleficent-Guess8632 t1_iyvetm0 wrote

It’s not cheap lol


NativeMasshole t1_iyvgzdz wrote

Just looked it up on Zillow. Cheapest house is $364k for a dumpy 660 sqft 2 br with no yard. Apartments start at $1500 for a 400 sqft studio. How super affordable!


kilteer t1_iyvktzw wrote

That actually sounds cheaper than Brockton.


A_Participant t1_iyw37eh wrote

School system is surprisingly bad compared to neighboring towns. It has a reputation for high crime, though I don't think the statistics actually bear that out. People have mentioned the super fund site,

That said, the commuter rail is a less than 30 minute ride to South Station, it's a do-able (but not great) drive into the city, and there are plenty of places to eat.

If you have school age kids, you're probably better off looking at someplace like Holbrook or Stoughton, which are just a little pricer but have decent schools and are in the same area.


badhaircut22 t1_iyw02qj wrote

Randolph has about a million group homes from the mentally I’ll to convicts living in halfway houses. There’s barely any neighborhood the gov or these non profits haven’t touched with their problem houses that have staff (Brockton kids) all parking on the streets and just acting like it’s a commercial area all hours.


SirKomlinIV t1_iywlu0i wrote

God forbid people with disabilities get to live in decent homes and you have to deal with 😱 people parking on the street!


badhaircut22 t1_iyx3t7j wrote

I know especially when they park on the sidewalks that way people with wheelchairs can’t get through safely. You’ve never lived next to one of these houses I promise you it’s hell and it kills your property value not to mention when they lose control of the individuals they end up naked running around exposing themselves to your kids na it’s not the disabled kids it’s the people these companies leave in charge of them. They don’t care to take proper care of their clients they smoke weed all day while in charge of someone’s care and they make a mess with the littering. I feel bad for the kids that are living in these houses, it’s not they’re fault because they clearly don’t get the care they need that shit just spills over to all neighbors. The companies should figure a bussing situation when they have 5,6,7,8 cars including their vans flooding the streets where there’s no overnight street parking already.


amusemuffy t1_iyx95au wrote

Ooof, do I feel you! Lived next to one of these types of facilities on the North Shore. Never again will I make that mistake. It's brutal.


SirKomlinIV t1_iyxemdt wrote

You're right, I don't know what it's like to live next to one. But in the past I used to manage one (all medical, everyone in wheelchairs, really no riff raff). Still, we had a neighbor who used to put fucking cones in front of his house and yell at people parking there. I was even nice and asked my staff to use the driveway first, but there wasn't enough parking. It was borderline harassment over despite the police telling him anyone can park there. These poor people inside didn't bother anyone and needed staff to care for them, but no, meltdowns because it ruins his view to look at cars parked on the street.

We also got blamed for litter in the street in a vacant corner lot down the street, 99% of it was nips bottles (excellent Brockton neighborhood). Of course it wasn't us, but didn't stop people from demanding we clean it up.

People with disabilities deserve to live in the same neighborhoods as you or I. If you get mad over it, you're a Karen.


badhaircut22 t1_iyxfsj3 wrote

Again I agree with your last part but just like your experience was with a shitty neighbor. Mine have been with awful staff and you can’t appreciate that because you worked in the other side of it and if you did work for a Bamsi or something like that than you know how horrible bad staff can be. I’m not the neighbor you dealt with I’m not your ‘Karen’. Learn how to read an opinion and not immediately draw conclusions towards your biases you moron.


Redshirt45 t1_iyxpj1z wrote

Whoa, never realized this. I always noticed weird living arraignments with lots of people living together in houses yet the properties themselves being really run down. This makes sense now.


goPACK17 t1_iyx6e2q wrote

Because Randolph is a shitty town, and I think their public high school doesn't even have accreditation? Although that may have just been a rumor I heard goinf to Blue Hills


lucky_chalms t1_iywpdp5 wrote

Have you been to Randolph? City motto should read: “Welp, at least we’re not Brockton”.


jcowurm t1_iywtzd0 wrote

Because they are in Randolph.


Wizard01475 t1_iyx1byz wrote

Yup. Athol is still very affordable


noodle-face t1_iyxaqrx wrote

My wife used to live there and said crime skyrocketed about 20 or so years ago. On her quiet street some dudes tied up a family and held them at gunpoint.


needles617 t1_iyvomg5 wrote

Ranbury* Def not cheap Def not a suburb of Brockton


Codspear t1_iyw6y1q wrote

For the same reason Stoughton is. Lots of scary middle class Black people live there.


lzwzli t1_iyx1qsc wrote

Randolph vs Brockton, which is worse?


Positive-Material t1_iyxh1tc wrote

I think Attleboro is on it's way up to being the next Brookline away from Brookline.. or something like that. I think it might be gentrifying, and anything away from the downtown or not in South Attleboro is decent in my opinion.. sitting on your butt in your car commuting to Boston sucks though, but it has two highways to choose from and has all the's also full of Trump loving gun owning Republicans, so the city money is well managed and there aren't that many house break ins.. just can't post my pride flag or BLM poster in the front yard, but that is a small price to pay for the above for a decent price house in a safeish neighborhood. Once the self driving cars are here and you can read while driving to Boston, it will go up even more i think. The small towns around Attleboro like Norton, Randolph, etc. seem to have corrupt badly run city governments and people who don't want to pay for schools, so it ends up spiraling into a self made downturn where the town is no fun to be in and thus richer people don't move in.


revjoe918 t1_iyviwku wrote



UppercaseBEEF t1_iyvioai wrote

It’s called Ranbury, and that’s why.


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Those of us local to the area know exactly why Randolph is cheaper than other towns because it's got a crime issue. Years and years and years ago it used to be a nice town and then it got overtaken by hood rats.

I'm pretty sure the same might be happening to Stoughton. Used to be a real nice town and then a load of low class immigrants moved in and started trouble. And Stoughton lost a lot of its local oldies. A lot of them went to Raynham. Randolph was the town that was ruined before Stoughton.


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Stoughton is perfectly fine. You must be one of those fools from Norwood would tell me I lived in the hood because they saw an Azorian granny in Stoughton gardening in her yard.


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Wow. You seem like you're really into census data. Kinda like how some people are really into trains.

Not sure how that answers OP's question though. Would love your elaboration to connect the two.