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677536543 t1_j1qaou4 wrote

I have never taken it but I had a boss who took it for years and it was his preferred commuting option. Gets you right into downtown. He would walk to the office from there. Only downside was it sometimes wouldn't run due to weather and he'd have to drive in.

To get to Logan you'd have to hop on the Blue Line at Aquarium.


bubalusarnee t1_j1qnlwk wrote

or drive to the greenbush commuter line during weather, and take that instead


No_Yesterday_8242 t1_j1qi3o2 wrote

I recommend it. I used the Hull ferry years ago so I can't comment on current pricing, but it was so relaxing compared to driving up to Quincy and cramming onto the T. Grab coffee and a breakfast sandwich at the stand on the pier then relax and watch the waves until you dock. To get to Logan you would have to either switch to the blue line at aquarium very short walk or take one of the water taxis.


DDups2 t1_j1qvifh wrote

Best way to get to Logan IMO. If you can take it from Hingham to Logan directly, and the bus pics you right up and drops you off at a terminal. Bad thing is times to Logan have been reduced. If you can’t take it to Logan directly you can take it to Rowes, or long warf and uber not much difference in cost. If you are real adventurous you can take the water taxi from rowes/long to logan. Always take the Ferry from Hingham.


BobLoblaw4Pres t1_j1rcca6 wrote

I think I made an error in the post headline. I was under the impression that it was called the Hull Ferry/Boston Logan. We will actually be traveling to MGH. Not the airport


DDups2 t1_j1rdugo wrote

Is this a daily commute? Because MGH is a hike from the boat, I would guess about a 20-30min walk. You would most likely hop on the redline from Rowe’s warf. I took the boat daily for years until covid hit then went full remote.