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SweetHatDisc t1_j1n2nl1 wrote

Oooooh, NPC! That's a creative insult that I have not seen repeatedly made on certain echo chamber subreddits. Did you come up with it yourself?


Elecrockcity t1_j1n3qjo wrote

What’s an “echo chamber subreddit”?


SweetHatDisc t1_j1n3ypt wrote

r slash conspiracy would be a good example of one.


Elecrockcity t1_j1n46e2 wrote

What qualities of that subreddit make it a good example of an “echo chamber subreddit”?


SweetHatDisc t1_j1n5aua wrote

The use of certain code words- such as "NPC"- amongst an "in" group, used to determine in spaces outside of the group who is and isn't members, and to discredit those who are not part of the "in" group. An "NPC" doesn't have real feelings or opinions, and so their thoughts can be disregarded or even mocked. Of course, your particular dialogue is inspired and witty, even if you're copying it off of the things you've heard elsewhere.

As much as you think you're trying to be witty with this tired "NPC" shit, you're just repeating the terms someone else came up to say words. Like an NPC.


Elecrockcity t1_j1nioc1 wrote

Hmm… code words, you say? When you say “like an NPC,” at the end of this post, is that you using a code word to discredit me because I am not part of your “in” group? What about all these downvotes I’m receiving? Are those code downvotes to indicate that I am not a part of the “in” group?


SweetHatDisc t1_j1nl85t wrote

It's me using your own language to mock you. The downvotes- and this is just speculation on my behalf- are because you're being very obviously disingenuous with your arguments.


Elecrockcity t1_j1nn7cf wrote

Not disingenuous. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m not honestly expressing myself.