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Arctucrus t1_j1q7hcu wrote

> Literally if you googled who invented email before it would say his name

Google search results is far from the final arbiter, or any kind of arbiter, on truthful information. Google's function isn't to answer questions; It's to spit back webpages that best match the submitted query. If there's shittons of websites that say Shiva invented e-mail, even if it's wrong, and especially if one or multiple paid Google to come out at the top of search results, then, yeah, Google's gonna tell you Shiva invented e-mail. Even though it's completely wrong.

Don't take Google seriously. Ever. Check its sources. Determine there whether or not you take something seriously.


Ilikereddit15 t1_j1qcmz3 wrote

Obviously—my post wasn’t to say that it was iron clad—just interesting that it did in fact used to say that. I know this because when he did the whole real vs fake Indian campaign i looked into him and then saw his claim abt inventing email then did a Google search and his name popped up. In any case, spent enough time on this topic


Arctucrus t1_j1sgvpw wrote

You're missing the point.

> If you Google who invented email his name comes up. It’s between him and some guy that worked for the govt so who knows lol

> interesting that it did in fact used to say that

You're repeatedly presenting it as if it means something that Google displayed text stating Shiva invented e-mail. "It's between him and some guy," "so who knows," "interesting that it did in fact used to say that" -- All these sentences put validating weight on the fact that Google displayed text to you stating that Shiva invented e-mail. No validating weight exists. There is nothing of value to be taken simply from Google displaying that text, because that is not Google's function. Not to mention that Google these days tailors its results to each user, but I digress.

I could get Google to display text stating literally the most batshit insane thing with a few bucks and a website up that already says that for Google just to quote. Anyone could. Google's function is to put a bunch of books on the table for you to pick up and read and judge for yourself, not to guarantee that the books it's giving you are any good. That's your job.

"It's between him and some guy" puts Shiva's claim on the same level as actual fact. That does not reflect reality.

"So who knows" implies there's no way to know for sure because Google said both, implying Google placing two names on equal level means they are on equal level. There is a way to know for sure, even though Google said both and put both names on equal level, because Google's function as a tool isn't to tell anyone what is certain.

"Interesting that it did in fact used to say that" I mean, sure, as interesting as literally anything else popping up as a search result for any given query ever. Again you're signaling that specifically as interesting, which says there's something special or unusual about Google saying Shiva invented e-mail. In turn you're saying that there's something of value to be deduced specifically from Google once having stated that Shiva invented e-mail. There absolutely is not; Again, you're just fundamentally misunderstanding the tool's function. That's the point.


Ilikereddit15 t1_j1sh9sy wrote

Dude you spent way too much time analyzing this. Nobody has time to read this


Arctucrus t1_j1shitb wrote


I spent a minute and a half explaining a point you're repeatedly missing. I don't give a shit if you don't have the time to read it, although it's weird that you have the time to reply anyways.

Regardless, says more about you than me if you repeatedly miss a point, someone takes a little time to explain it to you as a favor, and you judge them for it. 🤷 I'm good with that.

See ya bud, best wishes to you! Happy holidays... lol.


Ilikereddit15 t1_j1slqmk wrote

You come off as an self-esteemed autodidact who missed my point entirely…that it’s between shivva and some guy in the government…implying — you can’t trust either…so who didn’t get it? Your whole thesis was wrong. Thanks for helping but it looks like I had to help you


Arctucrus t1_j1smr3t wrote

Alright, hold on then.

> that it’s between shivva and some guy in the government…implying — you can’t trust either

You're right, I absolutely didn't get that. Genuinely, can you explain your point then please?

> You come off as an self-esteemed autodidact

You've humbled me... maybe. 😅😝 For a lot of really complex reasons related to life's challenges, I am a bit of an autodidact. If I may, I'd like to know what about me and my comments enabled you to deduce that. This surprised me, but I want to know and understand. You have no obligation to, but I would appreciate any help with that because it seems you're a person in a position to help me with it, and you've actually identified that you are haha.