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tingusbangus t1_j1s3vd4 wrote

Ignorance is abundant. Accountability is earned.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_j1s4kpj wrote

You will never be informed.

You will always spew ignorant bullshit in an effort to, for once in your sad existence, sound as if you know something the majority of those around you do not.

The truth is you're desperately clinging to the hope you're on the "in-crowd" of some sort to lord over your "lessers." The hilarity is that your "lessers" are just the rest of the world that isn't a pathetic lump of shit wallowing in obscurity and ignorance.


tingusbangus t1_j1so8d9 wrote

I am above no one. I just don’t accept the bullshit being spoon fed to the rest of the populace. I see the attempts at dividing the population. Seeing your desperate attempt at belittling a fellow human is quite humorous. One day you will learn my friend.


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_j1tlr3q wrote

You're subhuman.

Less than scum.

No one cares about antivax, ignorant, slime.