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Arctucrus t1_j1smr3t wrote

Alright, hold on then.

> that it’s between shivva and some guy in the government…implying — you can’t trust either

You're right, I absolutely didn't get that. Genuinely, can you explain your point then please?

> You come off as an self-esteemed autodidact

You've humbled me... maybe. 😅😝 For a lot of really complex reasons related to life's challenges, I am a bit of an autodidact. If I may, I'd like to know what about me and my comments enabled you to deduce that. This surprised me, but I want to know and understand. You have no obligation to, but I would appreciate any help with that because it seems you're a person in a position to help me with it, and you've actually identified that you are haha.