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Paulrus55 t1_j1msgxj wrote

Is this the guy I sometimes see signs for running for something?


Comfortable_Plant667 t1_j1mvh6n wrote

I met this guy outside a town hall a couple years ago while he was handing out racist pamphlets mocking indigenous clothing and heritage. He tried to give me the pamphlet and I said no, handed it back to him, which he didn't like at all. Great first impression.


BigSteveSees t1_j1mvutl wrote

4 degrees from MIT and he doesn't know to tweet private information to the public? How many prank calls has he gotten lolololol


BNL52577 t1_j1myggx wrote

What an absolute fucking loser.


Flatout_87 t1_j1mzqwq wrote

You don’t need to write “MIT PhD”……… it’s just so dumb. I will never hire someone who brags like this…


[deleted] t1_j1mzrjv wrote

This guy is so off-putting he makes me feel bad that we both have a 617 phone number.


socialist_frzn_milk t1_j1n0zmx wrote

“The inventor of email” go fuck yourself you deluded sack of shit


ManWithTheCats t1_j1n1brn wrote

That’s what happens when people in a geographically huge country lack education or direct interaction with the outside world. They buy into right wing media bullshit. The script is carefully crafted to appeal to people who have never left their own backyard, and who lack the critical thinking skills to deconstruct the narrative. The US has a much larger backwoods area than any other industrial country. So you end up with millions of people who don’t really know anything about the world and, thus, are ripe for the picking. Ignorance is the root of fear. Fear breeds anger, and the mainstream right wing media is very good at playing to that ignorance, and reinforcing it with the chorus of “RAH RAH RAH! AMERICA FIRST! RAH RAH! DIRTY LIBERALS! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!” The reason you get a cultural divide is that the US does trade with the rest of the world and, naturally, that happens along the coasts. So, you get people who interact with the world, have the money to invest in education, and as a result have more enlightened, liberal attitudes and values. The further you get away from the trade hubs, you more you find the cocoon mentality. That, and the United States is a really young country with little history to draw from. So if people here aren’t learning from the older industrial countries that have already made all the mistakes (like privatizing municipal services) and learned what not to do, they make those same mistakes themselves.


itallendsintears t1_j1n1jxw wrote

I’m a college educated lifelong liberal. Who happens to have been alive in Massachusetts during the opioid crisis.

Pharmaceutical companies are profit driven instruments of the capitalist machine. Don’t be a sheep.


TheDancingRobot t1_j1n1pja wrote

I hate the fact that whenever I see "kindly" in any email/message, probability suggests it's an Indian scammer.


riefpirate t1_j1n1qse wrote

I think I'm going to give him a call at 3:00 am and tell him he's hired as a male escort.


OakenGreen t1_j1n1zuc wrote

“Ayyadurai claimed to have invented email, as a teenager; in August 1982, he registered the copyright on an email application he had written. Historians strongly dispute this account because email was already in use in the early 1970s.”



SouthShoreSerenade t1_j1n20zn wrote

Being college educated is cool. Knowing how to sort out real knowledge and bad sources into two different piles is cool. Having a basic understanding of how the world works is cool.

Being a nut job who 30 years ago would never have found a single person with the same insane beliefs as yourself is not cool.


devinx93 t1_j1n2e6n wrote

Has anyone called him yet? 😂


SweetHatDisc t1_j1n5aua wrote

The use of certain code words- such as "NPC"- amongst an "in" group, used to determine in spaces outside of the group who is and isn't members, and to discredit those who are not part of the "in" group. An "NPC" doesn't have real feelings or opinions, and so their thoughts can be disregarded or even mocked. Of course, your particular dialogue is inspired and witty, even if you're copying it off of the things you've heard elsewhere.

As much as you think you're trying to be witty with this tired "NPC" shit, you're just repeating the terms someone else came up to say words. Like an NPC.


Sayoria t1_j1n83ao wrote

The guy will offer to run anything but a marathon.


stuartgatzo t1_j1n9k1a wrote

The inventor of email ends his with a phone number.


OakenGreen t1_j1na81b wrote

Google says Ray Tomlinson invented email in 1971, but this dude disputes that claim by saying he invented it in the late 70s. Looking into the stories it does seem that shiva developed his own email system in the late 70s but the credit goes to Ray Tomlinson since he did it first.

Considering it’s Shiva vs the world on this argument, I’m gonna go ahead and call the swindler a swindler.


blumpkinmania t1_j1nac4z wrote

I got into a screaming match with him outside a Whole Foods in Newton like 6 years ago when he was running against Warren. It went from him asking me to sign his petition to screaming in like 30 seconds. Not my finest hour but would totally do it again.


bassistmuzikman t1_j1nd0s4 wrote

The guy who things 5G caused COVID wants to be the CEO of Twitter?? Sounds about right ...


quikfrozt t1_j1nd52o wrote

Weird. He seems like a very smart guy and a legitimate entrepreneur. What drove him off the deep end? He doesn’t seem to be a bad faith actor who only pretends to subscribe to conspiracy theories for profit?


teebeek5 t1_j1nfhfh wrote

Get outta here— we all know Al Gore invented the internet


Elecrockcity t1_j1nioc1 wrote

Hmm… code words, you say? When you say “like an NPC,” at the end of this post, is that you using a code word to discredit me because I am not part of your “in” group? What about all these downvotes I’m receiving? Are those code downvotes to indicate that I am not a part of the “in” group?


Elecrockcity t1_j1njk5p wrote

I haven’t looked at this sub’s rules, but I know a lot of these woke subs have strict regulations against accusing someone of being a bot. I hope you don’t get reported!

I won’t report you, don’t worry. I don’t need The Man to police mean words for me.


ogurekplz t1_j1njqww wrote

Has anyone texted him yet saying hey it’s Elon? Because I’ll take one for the team


JaesopPop t1_j1njsfi wrote

>I haven’t looked at this sub’s rules, but I know a lot of these woke subs

The nonsense words betray that you’re a bot

>I won’t report you, don’t worry. I don’t need The Man to police mean words for me.

I mean you basically just declared that you do lol. “You can’t call me a bot, it’s against the RULES 😭😭😭😭”


MrRileyJr t1_j1nrhm6 wrote

A man taking credit for something he didn't do and begging for all attention, good and bad? Elon's gonna love this guy.


wgc123 t1_j1nxjm9 wrote

I can’t claim to have made any contributions to the internet but ive been using it since before it was the internet. I did not have anything to do with the creation of email and was not an early adopter, but I was using email for years before this guy “invented” it. This was a huge issue back then when he tried suing to enforce his “invention”. I remember sending in references to previous email systems to help collect proof against his claims


JerkBezerberg t1_j1o3itq wrote



tingusbangus t1_j1o70m6 wrote

The truth is the truth. There is no left or right wing version. There is a manufactured sense of reality created by the central government and that is done by silencing dissenters and pushing absurd information to the slave minds


lumberjackninja t1_j1o7x44 wrote

In case anybody's curious, he says he invented email because he wrote a messaging program and named it "email". It's like if I started a car company, and named our first model "The Car", then said I invented the car.

IIRC he also dated Fran Drescher for a time.


Forzareen t1_j1o9c2o wrote

I will never not laugh when he describes himself as the inventor of email.


Siren74 t1_j1o9gcy wrote

I almost reflexively downvoted this. 😆


PorgCT t1_j1odzo9 wrote

This is the fate we deserve.


demon-_-queen t1_j1of116 wrote

Did this guy actually invent email?

Also I never recognized he campaigned here until reading the comments and remembering. He probably should’ve put he invented email on those signs, but then again it’s also a very good thing that he didn’t get elected


h8theh8ers t1_j1ojkbd wrote

No, he didn't invent email. People generally credit Ray Tomlinson for inventing email in 1971.

This guy claims he wrote a messaging program in 1978, which he called “EMAIL,” and he eventually got a copywrite for it in 1882. He shamlessly self-promoted for the next 30ish years and sued people that published things saying anything other than that he was email's creator.

And really, even if he had invented email, which he didn't, he'd still be a real shitty person.


TheSukis t1_j1oma9d wrote

I mean yeah, anyone with a PhD in biomedical engineering from MIT is quite brilliant (or at least they were at the time), but I don't see any reason to believe that he isn't a bad faith actor. Honestly seems to me to be a combination of a bad faith actor and a complete nutter.


evilmullet t1_j1op4mf wrote

He should just sue anyone who says he's not CEO of Twitter.


Dseltzer1212 t1_j1p21jv wrote

The truth is never real with republicans. They think they can lay claim to any version of the truth that they say. These guys live in a place where facts don’t exist! Where real news is not real and fake news is real! Where crimes are not crimes, election losses are not losses and a deadly attack on our Capitol by thousands is free speech. Hell, they think dead people like JFK jr are alive and any version of history they want to be true is true!


Essarray t1_j1pdh92 wrote

He likes having big political signs. You only need two of them to make an A-frame tent.


skigusguski t1_j1pkspo wrote

His ridiculously-ostentatious campaign bus (I presume it's still his anyway) is still sitting in a parking lot on Concord Ave in West Cambridge. His campaign sign was removed from it in the last couple years. The bus hasn't moved since his last campaign against Markey. Judging by the bus and this job ad, it looks like he's really doing well! 🤣


OrphanPortion t1_j1q25q7 wrote

This guy left a bus with his face on it next to burger king for the past several years, a "real indian."


Live_Olive_2853 t1_j1q4gwy wrote

I think he might live in my town. I drove by a house that looks like a homeless encampment and it’s littered with political signs for this dude. So I assumed it was his own house. Who else’s would have all those signs? 🤯


Soft_Mood_6826 t1_j1q6olm wrote

It’s no different than the neighbor you interact with who you consider stable despite their chanting to an imaginary sky wizard.

Let’s not act like you guys are exactly above the fray in here. Cmon now.


Arctucrus t1_j1q7hcu wrote

> Literally if you googled who invented email before it would say his name

Google search results is far from the final arbiter, or any kind of arbiter, on truthful information. Google's function isn't to answer questions; It's to spit back webpages that best match the submitted query. If there's shittons of websites that say Shiva invented e-mail, even if it's wrong, and especially if one or multiple paid Google to come out at the top of search results, then, yeah, Google's gonna tell you Shiva invented e-mail. Even though it's completely wrong.

Don't take Google seriously. Ever. Check its sources. Determine there whether or not you take something seriously.


Arctucrus t1_j1q8g54 wrote

It's interesting; Different cultures latch onto slightly unusual idiomatic expressions in their non-native languages. I see it a lot with middle easterners; They'll call everyone "my friend." At first it comes across fake and insincere, but the more you're exposed to it from that group the more you realize it's just a cultural thing and it indeed is entirely sincere and heartfelt.


Arctucrus t1_j1q95zt wrote

Right, because obviously it's that simple.


EDIT: Russian bots, for example, are known for disseminating disinformation and generally trying to muddy dialogues and corrupt the facts. They'll often get downvoted. Doesn't mean they're not bots or trolls.


MrRileyJr t1_j1q9jau wrote

The joke there is that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, but facts can't be.

It's an actual fact that email was invented in 1971 (he was only 8) and Shiva claims to have invented it in 1979. Even if there was one result saying Shiva invented email there would be thousands saying Ray Tomlinson did. Kinda hard to miss that, unless intentionally.

Wikipedia has always been a good resource....if you follow up on their sources of information. It isn't a source, but it is a very solid starting point.


Crayonbreaking t1_j1qbg15 wrote

Oh hell no. Something is wrong with the people from MIT. Too many linked in positions and with the FTX debacle.


gmrm4n t1_j1qbqbv wrote

Not sure, but probably not. The best a vexatious libel/defamation lawsuit can usually hope for in this country seems to be settlement. Massachusetts even has an anti-SLAPP law so he probably has to pay a lot of money for suing people.


Ilikereddit15 t1_j1qcmz3 wrote

Obviously—my post wasn’t to say that it was iron clad—just interesting that it did in fact used to say that. I know this because when he did the whole real vs fake Indian campaign i looked into him and then saw his claim abt inventing email then did a Google search and his name popped up. In any case, spent enough time on this topic


AlistairMackenzie t1_j1qdh58 wrote

I think Elon should give him the job. They share so many of the same values; massive egos, knowledge of late ‘90’s internet technologies, and grievance against any sort of efforts to hold their genius accountable. I hear Elon is asking CEO candidates to put their life savings into Twitter. Shiva is dumb enough to actually do that. He’s perfect. It has the advantage he’d have to move to California and we wouldn’t need to see him anymore. Come in folks, we need to make this a trending thing.


tesky02 t1_j1r10d6 wrote

The blind leading the blind…


Clear_Forever_2669 t1_j1s4kpj wrote

You will never be informed.

You will always spew ignorant bullshit in an effort to, for once in your sad existence, sound as if you know something the majority of those around you do not.

The truth is you're desperately clinging to the hope you're on the "in-crowd" of some sort to lord over your "lessers." The hilarity is that your "lessers" are just the rest of the world that isn't a pathetic lump of shit wallowing in obscurity and ignorance.


Arctucrus t1_j1sbsel wrote

I get the joke; I'm saying it doesn't really make sense.

> The joke there is that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, but facts can't be.

This is strictly true, but I mean... You can't just transfer facts to others, you have to communicate them, through some sort of medium. Facts can't change, but they can be presented dishonestly via crafty use of the medium used to communicate them. So... saying "Facts can't be edited by anyone," I mean, you're missing the point. That facts can't be edited is irrelevant; We're discussing the quality of fact-communicating mediums.

And when it comes to Wikipedia, I reiterate; It's not what it used to be. Especially with highly-trafficked subjects, it itself tends to be pretty accurate. Yes it can be edited by anyone but that alone doesn't make something a poor resource -- If anything, present-day Wikipedia is a great example of that. Since its early days it's developed a robust infrastructure of guidelines, systems, and more, to quickly identify bad actors and correct misleading information. All of that is upheld by a humongous global network of volunteers, all of whom adhere to and some of whom even helped develop that infrastructure. It's much more reliable than it was 10 or 15 years ago; This pervasive and common idea that essentially "Wikipedia is a laughingstock and completely unreliable resource because it can be edited by anyone" is pretty outdated now.

So, you explain your joke to me, and now here I'm explaining my point: Your joke's punch line relies on outdated information to uphold its logic. It does not make sense anymore.

> Wikipedia has always been a good resource....if you follow up on their sources of information. It isn't a source, but it is a very solid starting point.

This also isn't a counterargument to my points because you're treating Wikipedia like it's the only source like that or like there's something inherent about Wikipedia that they could do better that makes it lower quality. That isn't the case either; What you're referring to is literally the case with all secondary and especially tertiary sources of information, and that's just the nature of those kinds of sources. That's nothing to dunk Wikipedia on specifically, that's just how the world works.

It's not all that dissimilar to the age old adage "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its life believing it is stupid." If you judge secondary and tertiary sources (either specifically and by name like Wikipedia OR in general) for requiring their consumers to treat them like a starting point and to follow up on their sources of information, you're rigging the game against them from the beginning. That's their nature. In other words, it's a feature, not a bug.

> It's an actual fact that email was invented in 1971 (he was only 8) and Shiva claims to have invented it in 1979. Even if there was one result saying Shiva invented email there would be thousands saying Ray Tomlinson did. Kinda hard to miss that, unless intentionally.

None of this is relevant to our specific little dialogue in this little corner of this thread. Thanks though, I didn't have all the details on this timeline, so I appreciate having it clearer now!


Arctucrus t1_j1sgvpw wrote

You're missing the point.

> If you Google who invented email his name comes up. It’s between him and some guy that worked for the govt so who knows lol

> interesting that it did in fact used to say that

You're repeatedly presenting it as if it means something that Google displayed text stating Shiva invented e-mail. "It's between him and some guy," "so who knows," "interesting that it did in fact used to say that" -- All these sentences put validating weight on the fact that Google displayed text to you stating that Shiva invented e-mail. No validating weight exists. There is nothing of value to be taken simply from Google displaying that text, because that is not Google's function. Not to mention that Google these days tailors its results to each user, but I digress.

I could get Google to display text stating literally the most batshit insane thing with a few bucks and a website up that already says that for Google just to quote. Anyone could. Google's function is to put a bunch of books on the table for you to pick up and read and judge for yourself, not to guarantee that the books it's giving you are any good. That's your job.

"It's between him and some guy" puts Shiva's claim on the same level as actual fact. That does not reflect reality.

"So who knows" implies there's no way to know for sure because Google said both, implying Google placing two names on equal level means they are on equal level. There is a way to know for sure, even though Google said both and put both names on equal level, because Google's function as a tool isn't to tell anyone what is certain.

"Interesting that it did in fact used to say that" I mean, sure, as interesting as literally anything else popping up as a search result for any given query ever. Again you're signaling that specifically as interesting, which says there's something special or unusual about Google saying Shiva invented e-mail. In turn you're saying that there's something of value to be deduced specifically from Google once having stated that Shiva invented e-mail. There absolutely is not; Again, you're just fundamentally misunderstanding the tool's function. That's the point.


Arctucrus t1_j1shitb wrote


I spent a minute and a half explaining a point you're repeatedly missing. I don't give a shit if you don't have the time to read it, although it's weird that you have the time to reply anyways.

Regardless, says more about you than me if you repeatedly miss a point, someone takes a little time to explain it to you as a favor, and you judge them for it. 🤷 I'm good with that.

See ya bud, best wishes to you! Happy holidays... lol.


Ilikereddit15 t1_j1slqmk wrote

You come off as an self-esteemed autodidact who missed my point entirely…that it’s between shivva and some guy in the government…implying — you can’t trust either…so who didn’t get it? Your whole thesis was wrong. Thanks for helping but it looks like I had to help you


Arctucrus t1_j1smr3t wrote

Alright, hold on then.

> that it’s between shivva and some guy in the government…implying — you can’t trust either

You're right, I absolutely didn't get that. Genuinely, can you explain your point then please?

> You come off as an self-esteemed autodidact

You've humbled me... maybe. 😅😝 For a lot of really complex reasons related to life's challenges, I am a bit of an autodidact. If I may, I'd like to know what about me and my comments enabled you to deduce that. This surprised me, but I want to know and understand. You have no obligation to, but I would appreciate any help with that because it seems you're a person in a position to help me with it, and you've actually identified that you are haha.


tingusbangus t1_j1so8d9 wrote

I am above no one. I just don’t accept the bullshit being spoon fed to the rest of the populace. I see the attempts at dividing the population. Seeing your desperate attempt at belittling a fellow human is quite humorous. One day you will learn my friend.