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DBLJ33 t1_j26c60l wrote

The adult version of the McDonald’s play place.


NativeMasshole t1_j26ngea wrote

Some McDonald's actually have an event room too, which I'm sure you could book for a conference.


PsychologicalAgent64 t1_j26g13o wrote

Damn, the old guys that hang out every day at the one near me would be drooling over this.


LatterNeighborhood58 t1_j26kuau wrote

I know right, the only people I see "hanging out" at Dunkin are retired folks.


argument_sketch OP t1_j26lzk9 wrote

and I thought Honey Dew was the standard place for all the retirees lol


Kap10Chaos t1_j298zaj wrote

Def Honey Dew. The one near me on Rt 1 ALWAYS has some old fellas sitting around watching the news and dispensing hot takes


QueenRotidder t1_j28khts wrote

When most places had their dining rooms closed because of covid, they would bring camp chairs and hang out in the parking lot.


squarerootofapplepie t1_j26rxbp wrote

I was in Calais Maine over the summer and there was a group of American old guys at the Dunkin in Calais and then a group of Canadian old guys at the Tim Hortons a couple miles away in St. Stephen New Brunswick. Old guys getting coffee is universal.


pixieanddixie t1_j26j91l wrote

We call those groups of guys “coffee clash” haha


TheDeadlySpaceman t1_j272qly wrote

Klatch. The phrase is coffee klatch.


Nonsheeple_Funnyluv t1_j29czxy wrote

Hahaha, yup. Not clash


TheDeadlySpaceman t1_j29h23t wrote

Immediately after I posted that I wondered if they were purposely making a play on words, like the guys argue/debate a lot so instead of a “coffee klatch” they were a “coffee clash” and I was just being an annoying know-it-all.


Nonsheeple_Funnyluv t1_j2ahgmo wrote

Well maybe you are still an annoying know-it-all lol. I am familiar with the feeling. We just can’t stop ourselves haha


TheDeadlySpaceman t1_j2ay4fj wrote

Oh I am definitely an annoying know-it-all in general. Obviously.

See also: Cliff Clavin


ScarletOK t1_j26idrj wrote

Wasn't someone on here recently asking about the liveability of Bellingham? Obviously here is their answer.


argument_sketch OP t1_j26jj2u wrote

Plus the only Whole Foods in the area… and revamped Regal Cinemas (Theatre 4 is Gold).


JumpyFlamingo806 t1_j26jqnh wrote

That’s great. I was at the Encore Casino a few weeks back and asked to use the business center to jump on a meeting. They charge a dollar a minute to sit down in an area not even 1/2 as nice.


CraigInDaVille t1_j275f9u wrote

Every time I hear about that place I want to visit it even less.


billatq t1_j27kgw7 wrote

The restaurants are pretty good (specifically Rare / Cheese Meets Wine), parking and EV charging is free, and they are decent at bringing you a drink if you're sitting around gambling almost nothing for a while. The view from the hotel isn't anything to write home about, but the rooms are nice enough.

I don't go very often, but it seems perfectly fine to me. I'd probably go to my car to hop on a meeting.


bobroscopcoltrane t1_j27lf7h wrote

Free parking is unheard of and worth a visit alone.


ohhowexciting t1_j28px4s wrote

They also have the water taxi to/from Long Wharf. I haven't used it, but it seems like you could park there and enjoy a free ride. Beats parking on the orange line and riding in if you're near the casino and not on a tight schedule.


BasicDesignAdvice t1_j2925jz wrote

Every casino I've been to has free parking. Casinos have a lot of little perks like that because they are fleecing you.


bobroscopcoltrane t1_j292ymj wrote

Oh 1000%. “Free parking is unheard of in Boston” is probably a better way to phrase that. And yes, I know it’s Everett.


BasicDesignAdvice t1_j291vra wrote

Rare better be good it costs like $200 to get two steaks.


billatq t1_j29e8fu wrote

It is really good. Even the $51 flat iron is solid. An inexpensive meal it is not.


sightlab t1_j26q546 wrote

This is where I go to do my Multilevel Marketing pitches.


Idiotforrent t1_j26lmma wrote

Dunkin’ is coming for you WeWork.


chancimus33 t1_j26vvvs wrote

Is this the one in the ham of belling?


bobmcrobber t1_j276enc wrote

The ham of Belling, south of the way of medicine, north of the island of Rhodes, East of the don of men, and west of the lin of franks!


chancimus33 t1_j27lma8 wrote

Many thanks old chap. If I recall correctly this donut shoppe is in the same plaza where a fine cobbler once serviced the community. He was well renowned in villages far and wide..including the Ville of Mill, the Stone of Black, and across state lines in the Land of Cumber. This reminds of a tale of an apothecary from the Socket of Woon, but that is a yarn for another day.


CausticOptimist t1_j272n34 wrote

One stop AA meeting and after party


BasicDesignAdvice t1_j292e21 wrote

That's a tiny AA meeting. Every one I've been to has at least 10 people.

Also, if you're out there, feeling like you're at rock bottom....go to a meeting. You don't have to commit to AA, but it may be the crutch you need for awhile.

Edit: Also want to point out of you are young, most areas have a young person's group once a week at least. It really helped me when it comes to support.


Over_Morning7051 t1_j26m5xt wrote

I didn’t see the subreddit and almost commented on the fact that this is close to me lol


Ken-Popcorn t1_j26ftlr wrote

I think this is a brilliant concept


SeaworthinessLeft88 t1_j26w9q7 wrote

Perfect for doing your legal work and meeting with your attorneys.


Beck316 t1_j2709d5 wrote

That makes a lot of sense actually.


Audio_Track_01 t1_j26kpsn wrote

Remember when these were smoking rooms within donut shops ?


argument_sketch OP t1_j26l6vh wrote

sadly, I’m old enough to remember when the whole establishment was smoking!


DBLJ33 t1_j26tebr wrote

And you were protected by a cloth curtain if you were in the non smoking section.


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j27dlk0 wrote

The old people terrarium. Do they still hang out? I remember the old days they’d all be sittin there with coffee smokin butts making half a day out of it.


tehmeangene t1_j28h5hi wrote

Sadly, I've actually had off site meetings at Dunks in one of my old jobs. I've never felt more awkward.


hornwalker t1_j28mdqq wrote

This is like the Dunks version of a ballpit


harpy_1121 t1_j29ku2t wrote

The one next to the industrial park in Fall River also has one!


Doctor_Chow t1_j26uzxb wrote

Seriously business happens there


CuriousGroup3251 t1_j26vtq0 wrote

There is a Massachusetts company called Thrasio started in Dunkin now it worths billions


the-tinman t1_j275t0k wrote

I believe this use to be a small bank branch office


polyworfism t1_j279hhl wrote

This reminds me of the Denny's near me, that has a conference room


Future_Armadillo6410 t1_j27vuug wrote

Here's the thing. Dunkin Donuts is the new golf course. It's where business happens-Small businessman magazine. If they print my letter to the editor.


jpm01609 t1_j28di1e wrote

the one in Mendon (near Imperial car) has an interesting room with retro chairs and couches and more of a Starbucks feel


OandKrailroad t1_j28nn4f wrote

One of the Dunks in Auburn has one of these rooms. Never see anyone use it though


geraldoknoh t1_j29javl wrote

the one in rehoboth does too


Outrageous-Pause6317 t1_j2a795z wrote

My town has one too. We use it for short community meetings (Boy Scouts, parent school groups etc.). Everyone buys coffee and a snack. I’m sure it pays of handsomely for them.


goPACK17 t1_j2ag05y wrote

Iirc, the Dunkins in Waverly Square, Belmont has this too


noghostlooms t1_j2aor0a wrote

They should replace the New England flag with this picture because nothing encapsulates this place more than a Dunkin Donuts with an office-grade public conference room.


ian1600 t1_j2axsd2 wrote

Small Claims runs on Dunkin'