Submitted by GeniusBtch t3_zpxv7c in massachusetts

Justin Mustafa now Justin Curtis

He lives in Cape Cod.

He is 33 years old. He was granted a name change due to converting from Islam to Christianity.

'He tortured me for a week': Woman, 28, reveals horrific details about how her jealous boyfriend injected her with heroin, raped her, and forced her to perform a sex act on his DOG after accusing her of cheating


In an intense three-day 2014 trial in a Cape Cod courtroom, Justin Mustafa was accused of orchestrating a twisted week of drug-fueled torture in which he injected his girlfriend with heroin, repeatedly beat her with a belt, and forced her to perform oral sex on his pit bull.

While a judge ordered a finding of not guilty on an animal-abuse charge, the Cape Cod man was ultimately convicted on assault and other charges, and sentenced to six years in prison. The disturbing case garnered national media attention, and prompted his victim, Gabbe Rowland, to become an advocate for domestic-violence survivors.

Now, more than a year after his release from prison, a local probate-court judge has allowed the man to change his name in a move that Rowland says lets him dodge accountability and puts other women at risk of becoming his victim. 

"Based on what he has done to me and other women in my community, it's a matter of public safety," Rowland told Insider.

In November, Rowland appeared by phone in Barnstable Probate and Family Court hearing objecting to the name change. 

She told the court she believed that if Mustafa — now Justin Curtis — was allowed to change his name, women wouldn't be able to easily unearth his past.

In court, though, Curtis, 33, argued that religion was the reason he was applying for a name change.

Curtis testified that he converted to Christianity from Islam at the request of his mother several years ago and that Mustafa is a name with Islamic roots. His mother has since died, and he wanted to change his name to avoid the "religious conflict," he said. 

On Tuesday, a judge ruled in his favor. 

Judge Angela Ordoñez wrote that because of her "difficult experience," Rowland's fear that people may not know Curtis' criminal history without knowing his birth name is credible. 


He is not required to be on a sex registry.

"Mustafa's grandfather, Ahmed Mustafa. A former Falmouth selectman, Falmouth police officer and Massachusetts state trooper, Mustafa testified that he never heard any commotion from his grandson's bedroom or bathroom..."

Please be warned.



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SideBarParty t1_j0vo325 wrote

I would HATE for anyone to upvote this, in case someone searching the name Justin Curtis, from Cape Cod in Massachusetts, found this thread about the pervert and rapist JUSTIN CURTIS.

Or for anyone to find out that Ahmed Mustafa (not Moustafa), his grandfather, may have known about this pathetic little shit of a human, and let JUSTIN CURTIS rape someone.

Anyone in Falmouth, MA should be careful of the rapist Justin Curtis, also known as Justin Mustafa (the rapist who raped a woman).


kaya-jamtastic t1_j0vxuq2 wrote

Justin Curtis, the rapist? Formerly known as Justin Mustafa, the rapist?


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wb807 wrote

justin curtis isn't a simple rapist. justin curtis is a monster that was trying to make a drugged slave that it could beat at will and make do any sadistic thing it wanted. Justin curtis is garbage that happens to share DNA with humans.

It would be so sad if Justin Curtis started walking east and didn't stop.

I would cry if it got its hands on a firearm and had a ND right into it's dick or head. Again JUSTIN CURTIS in FALMOUTH

edit: changed all the he's to it. It isn't a person and it, JUSTIN CURTIS, doesn't get human rights, to have a gender or a sex.


redditor420_69 t1_j0vulap wrote

Aside from the horrifying sexual stuff, the forced heroin injection is nightmare fuel. Literally attempting to make his abuse be lifelong by causing her to become an addict. I hope she was at least able to overcome any physical addictions to that


GeniusBtch OP t1_j0vvvzj wrote

He should have been charged with attempted murder IMO.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wagnw wrote

My hat is off the arresting officers in this case. I think if it was me he would have 'resisted arrest using a weapon' and my glock would have a few less rounds in it. I would probably be fucked up about it for the rest of my life too.

He tried to do something worse than murder. He tried to steal her life and turn her into an object.


dvdquikrewinder t1_j0w65rq wrote

I've heard of people doing that before and it's always the most vile of situations, the most disgusting abuse.


redditor420_69 t1_j0w8ksw wrote

What I’m curious about is do people in those situations then have to go to rehab or do they just have to detox because they didn’t WANT for it to be in their body, so there was no mental aspect involved with withdrawing as there would be with someone who intentionally uses it


dvdquikrewinder t1_j0w9bl6 wrote

I'd think it would still require rehab as it changes the way your brain works. But yeah I don't know.


Wentailang t1_j0x5i3l wrote

i’ve heard a lot of the soldiers who did heroin in vietnam came back without any problems.

the human brain is weird.


Abject-Rich t1_j0x9g0j wrote

You can die from stopping to use heroin. Either way; you are dead. If knowingly you use it; it’s suicide.


really_isnt_me t1_j0y3ch4 wrote

Nope, only alcohol (readily available) and benzodiazepines (usually prescribed) cause withdrawals that can kill, usually from seizure. For everything else, it’s mostly a mental struggle after the first week or so. But if you’re detoxing from serious, prolonged alcohol or benzo use, you should definitely seek a professional therapeutic environment. You might feel like you’re dying when you detox from heroin/opiates, but you really aren’t.


snerdaferda t1_j0zew3u wrote

It’s actually possible to die from side effects related to withdrawal from opiates. Pure withdrawal in an otherwise healthy person, no, but someone with say myocarditis (common in IVD users) going through withdrawal will need careful management. As a HCP I know that pure alcohol/benzo withdrawal are the only two withdrawals that commonly kill, but it is still possible to die from opiate withdrawal and it’s important to distinguish that it should be medically managed as well.

ETA: This paper describes other common mechanisms of death during opiate withdrawal, namely vomiting and diarrhea.


Ok_Translator_7026 t1_j0vez03 wrote

Is he in the sex offender registry? If so wouldn’t he still be just with a new last name? And they list the crime convictions as well. Also I think they list aliases which would mostly likely be his former name. And the more news stories about the case the more it will be out there and found with a google search. I mean fuck him, but the name change won’t hide him and his awful crimes from anyone IF he is a registered rapist


PoopChuteChomper t1_j0vg1m4 wrote

OP wrote “He is not required to be on a sex registry.” Which begs the question, why?


Ok_Translator_7026 t1_j0vgq09 wrote

How in the hell is he not? That’s insane. I would assume the registry is made for people exactly like him. That’s honestly shocking. With that new data , I 100percent see the outrage and would think myself that he is absolutely trying to hide it all. Still, how in the hell is he not considered a predator after committing such a violent sexual crime🤦‍♂️


GeniusBtch OP t1_j0vowsn wrote

"He was found guilty of of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and witness intimidation."

This was his second offence, the first was when he secretly taped a woman during sex with a hidden camera and then when she broke up with him forwarded the tape to her new boyfriend. He was on parole when he attacked his new girlfriend.


Ok_Translator_7026 t1_j0vph4s wrote

Damn. Most people would still be in prison for the first charge. Seems to be a pattern of behavior. I have a hard time thinking he’d change his behavior considering how minor the consequences have been for him thus far. I’m all for rehabilitation and redemption but this is a pattern that is increasingly violent.


39goingon50 t1_j0wzflm wrote

>most people

So uh. Did you see the part where his former state trooper grandfather, with whom he lived at the time of the offense, testified on his behalf?



Abject-Rich t1_j0wpfzg wrote

These behaviours are enabled, encouraged, perpetuated, and role modeled by the tribes of these kind.


39goingon50 t1_j0wzsox wrote

Can you be a little more specific regarding who you’re talking about when referring to “tribes of these kind”?


Abject-Rich t1_j0x4uki wrote

Mostly their leaders…..someone in the community with power…..these behavior is perpetuated, and re-framed. We must change the pattern. This gem is probably a victim of something too.


39goingon50 t1_j0x4y8i wrote

Okay, but…who is “they”…?


Abject-Rich t1_j0x5b4a wrote

In this case; particularly; I dare say, the grandpa that didn’t hear anything? He learned that shit somewhere early. To find pleasure in obscene power……and on and on…..


Abject-Rich t1_j0x5lcc wrote

Who are the enablers? Who saw and kept quiet? Who pay that legal bill? Those people. I’ll leave my child in jail. The end. He is nothing.


39goingon50 t1_j0x5wo1 wrote

Eh - fight for your child to get help, not just rot in jail. Doesn’t mean justice can’t be had for their victims.

That said, doesn’t sound like your child will have such problems.


Abject-Rich t1_j0x70us wrote

Clearly, am being dramatic for show. But the foundation is there. Dear, there was a terrible case in a community in Brooklyn; am not gonna say nada, read my peeps…….point is that the subject was found with freezers filled with childrens’ parts…a butcher? I wanna forget……


anonymisskel t1_j0w6oj6 wrote

From the article: "Because there were no formal sex-crime charges in her case against Curtis, he's not registered as a sex offender and so changing his name eliminates the most easily accessible link to the crimes he committed, Rowland said."

It's fucked up.


Ksevio t1_j0wkcij wrote

Come to think of it, it's a little weird we have a sex offenders registry, but not like an abusive torturer registry. Major loophole there


funkygrrl t1_j0wmvls wrote

Or assault and battery/aggravated assault registry. I'd like to know if someone has seriously assaulted others.


Ok_Translator_7026 t1_j0vh568 wrote

I clearly missed the not required part, thank you for pointing that out to me


Chippopotanuse t1_j0vhy6v wrote

How is he not in jail for life? I’m sorry, but he should never be allowed to walk as a free man in public again.


scottieducati t1_j0w808o wrote

Cop family. Pretty obvious


Abject-Rich t1_j0wq6xv wrote

This happens all the time. A few years back the son of an baseball announcer was released and in the realm of 72 hours; his ex was murdered by him in front of her child…..don’t quote me. The importance of consequences.


Chippopotanuse t1_j0wru49 wrote

Jerry Remy’s kid? That was awful. What a scumbag he was. And a super long record of horrific domestic violence arrests prior to killing her. Something like 19 different arrests for violence…


Abject-Rich t1_j0yyj15 wrote

19 times, my friend. In my book; the system; which is composed by humans, literally, aided in her murder. Penance is there for a very good reason. Impunity is bad. If you do the crime; be ready for the time. Simple.


Chippopotanuse t1_j0z07wg wrote

100% the system and the judges involved failed her and her child. This wasn’t an unforeseeable event. It was highly predictable.


Abject-Rich t1_j0z1hmt wrote

Judges are under the pressure of the establishment (police, selectmen, etc.)


OppositeProgress5421 t1_j0wrncx wrote

There are certain offenses that allow for submission to the sex offender registry for classification. These were not any of them.


Ok_Translator_7026 t1_j0x1y0r wrote

I had assumed the forced sex act with the dog would have landed him on it. Guess they changed and or negotiated that out.


OppositeProgress5421 t1_j0x3eya wrote

Animal cruelty was the charge. It’s not the facts that indicate which charges are ones that require SORB classification but the charge itself. Unfortunately for circumstances like this that’s the way the law is written.


Ok_Translator_7026 t1_j0x41e2 wrote

I get it, I’d have thought it may fall under some kinda bestiality charge. I assume those are a thing that could land you on a SO reg. Not well versed in that area. Eitherway the guy is clearly a shit bag excuse for a human


OppositeProgress5421 t1_j0x7ice wrote

Oh yeah definitely a shit bag. This is my area of expertise 😅 it is unfortunate the way the law is set up. There are charges for orchestrating such acts but he wasn’t charged with it and I don’t believe it falls under the offenses that a person could be classified under. It’s foul. He will end up back in jail, believe me. I’m from Falmouth, I knew the guy back in the day. He won’t be out of trouble for long.


sourdoughobsessed t1_j0xswan wrote

But what about his next victim? That’s my concern.


OppositeProgress5421 t1_j0xwxot wrote

We share the same concern. There is nothing we can do except support the victim in her fight against him. Make sure people know who he is. She has a Facebook dedicated to her mission and it needs support from people like us to share her story of survival and hope and make sure everyone know who he is.


MrsMurphysChowder t1_j0vl7ji wrote

Oh you mean Justin Curtis the rapist?


Anra7777 t1_j0vv1kq wrote

Time to start a new Reddit trend.


MrsMurphysChowder t1_j0wai8s wrote

But just in case Brock Turner the rapist thinks he can breathe a sigh of relief, don't. We haven't forgotten you, you scumbag. Justin Curtis will just join you on the list of scumbags.


sourdoughobsessed t1_j0xsq1f wrote

You know the rapist Brock Turner is going by Allen Turner now and is back in Ohio? I just saw that posted a few days ago on a different sub. My friend lives near him and confirmed he’d been back for a while now.


MrsMurphysChowder t1_j0yetqz wrote

Scumbag wastes of breath trying to hide their identity with name changes.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wbpac wrote

No, I mean Justin Curits the slaver sadistic monster.


Polarchuck t1_j0wvt8n wrote

I have a practice to invite others into: search "Justin Mustafa Justin Curtis" periodically. The more people search the pairing of names, the more the algorithms associate the two names.

My intention is to search it periodically into the future so he cannot hide who and what he is.


SlothBasedRemedies t1_j0vhelm wrote

Seems like the real problem here is that they weren't able to get a conviction on any sex crimes, so he's not on the registry and also wound up with a relatively brief sentence. Likely because of a lack of evidence besides her testimony.

This is a really insidious problem with prosecuting sex crimes like this. It sucks that he's free and not on the registry. But in the government's eyes he did his time and there's just not really any basis to deny the name change. Now we wait for him to strike again, I guess.


GeniusBtch OP t1_j0vocd8 wrote

The fact that he did this after already receiving a year sentence and being on parole for his first offence of taping another woman during sex with a hidden camera and then when she dumped him forwarding the video to her new boyfriend really says everything. He is escalating his behavior with this attack. He was found guilty of of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and witness intimidation.


Abject-Rich t1_j0xawsz wrote

He has never pay a single consequence for anything. He does not get not getting his deviant way. Who knows what else. ‘His mother wanted the change ……..’ unbelievable


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wbucc wrote

The real issue is that it was convicted with violent crimes then got a name change for bullshit reasons.


Abject-Rich t1_j0z2xzt wrote

You are right. Also; I’d like to add that attorney negotiate charges exactly to avoid the registry.


CompasslessPigeon t1_j0wedjq wrote

Justin Curtis, the rapist formerly known as Justin Mustafa, should 1000% be added to the sex offenders registry.


Rjp2 t1_j0wboa9 wrote

What’s with these Judges?… Justin Curtis of Cape Cod is actually Justin Mustafa, the rapist.


Master-Ota t1_j0woxpk wrote

Good news is, many of the new articles have edited it to add "Justin Mustafa now Justin Curtis"


EnoughIdeas t1_j0w9t4t wrote

he forced someone to suck a dogs dick for his pleasure and he isn't guilty of a sex crime???!?!?

I have my issues with sex offender laws and how it's set up but jesus fucking christ. That guy should be on it with the occasional check in with the local PD on top of the domestic abuse charges he earned.

Also fuck off with the reason. He can wear a cross with the last name Mustafa.


sourdoughobsessed t1_j0xrx71 wrote

But he also raped her. So yeah. Not sure why they didn’t require him to register.


Abject-Rich t1_j0z3696 wrote

Most likely because the charges were negotiated to avoid that. He has a powerful family.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0xvi32 wrote

Rape can be very hard to prove in court. Vaginas and anuses very resilient and stretchy; they heal/recovery decently quick. Without witnesses or solid DNA evidence it's impossible plus he had the title boyfriend so it's not inconceivable that his semen would be inside her without foul play. Too many avenues for reasonable doubt even though we all know he did that and is just awful.

Dude should be on a few lists because Justin Curtis is a worthless POS who makes fucking Ted Cruz look empathic .


Stratussphere t1_j0w0w3d wrote

This guy sounds like complete scum, but my question can "supposedly" these ppl get let off (I only say supposedly because I just saw this on a reddit post for the first time today). I went through a nasty divorce and still can feel the cavity search done from the judicial system. I have literally no trust in either criminal or probate/family courts in our country anymore.


GeniusBtch OP t1_j0w1rzj wrote

Religion was the perfect loophole apparently.


Stratussphere t1_j0w3zqx wrote

I should have played that card during the divorce too! Didn't need much help since the ex wife lost her mind. But still, ridiculous loophole.


scottieducati t1_j0w858z wrote

I mean his grandfather was a state cop so…. Ofc he got light punishment.


Stratussphere t1_j0w9n0s wrote

Fuck those pigs. I don't trust a single cop out there, especially not those tax stealing staties


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wdvgl wrote

I was arrested once and still sometimes feel the handcuffs. I had to argue in court to change my name to what my mom orginally wanted because they thought I might be doing it to distance myself from the case where I was found not guilty.


Stratussphere t1_j0we9y3 wrote

Seems like predictable judicial logic. It's outrageous that you almost need a lawyer to decifer the rediculousness of a system we created so many years ago. Any layman should be able to sufficiently advocate for themselves...but they can't anymore.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wgutl wrote

More messed up. I was trying to change my name from the anglicized version to the more classical Hebrew version. It changed my six letter name to an 8 letter one with 5 of them being unchanged.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wh1i4 wrote

When I was arrested my dad took 10k from my savings account and handed to a criminal defense lawyer... Yaaay my down payment on land in NH was spent because an officer had an idea.


Stratussphere t1_j0wpr5d wrote

I had a Sargeant of our local PD Trump charges on me in the form of a felony. Never went to trial, got dismissed at the clerk magistrate hearing. The cop got completely annihilated. My fees were only 1500, but still. It's so stupid we can't counter charge cops for fucking with our lives.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wtwi8 wrote

I was given an oui while parked on a private road. I could have been fucking drunk as hell driving on that road and it's still not illegal. You have to be intoxicated, driving on a public way and the police need probably cause to pull you over for that charge. I was sober and parked. My lawyer objected every single time the officer said they pulled me over


majoroutage t1_j0xhw3d wrote

Malicious prosecution should be grounds for a civil suit. At the very least you deserve reimbursement for your legal fees.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0xift4 wrote

At the very least I can't afford to do that and I'd just be taking tax payfunds without doing anything to the officer that caused the issue


majoroutage t1_j0xtpa8 wrote

Fuck qualified immunity.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0xvxxy wrote

My ex goes out of her way to make the arresting officer feel small. More than once she has rebuffed him at bars in that town because "I can't see your bulge in those skinny jeans, how would it be fun?" She doesn't even like big o dicks because most guys with them just slam her cervix thinking they are doing awesome. She also has asked him a few times at the bar when he wants to get a real job.

She doesn't like me. She kinda hates me.


AverageJoe-707 t1_j0vm3h1 wrote

He's a sex abuser and an apostate. A highly specialized club of few members.


EnoughIdeas t1_j0wc4q9 wrote

don't a couple sects of islam call for the death of apostates?

Not encourging anyone to do anything violent but who wants to start a gofundme to send him on a mission trip to afghanistan?


ElJefe543 t1_j0wnod1 wrote

I completely agree he should be allowed to change his name........ He should be allowed to change his name to Convicted Rapist Justin Mustafa. He can go by Convict for short.


Apprehensive-Hat-494 t1_j0wck8p wrote

How did he only get six years for abduction, drugged rape, false imprisonment, assault, and forcing someone to commit a sex act on an animal?


MrLongWalk t1_j0wrq2q wrote

This guy needs to take a long walk on a short pier


purplegreenway t1_j0wfw93 wrote

Wow! This is truly disturbing and disgusting. That poor woman. You know it's just a loop hole he found. What a shame this loop hole even exists.


redwoman72 t1_j0ytkyu wrote

He only got 6 years?!


GorillaDrums t1_j124o7l wrote

For a supposedly liberal state, this is just embrassing. We need to clamp down on things like this. Rapists should not be able to change their names so they won't be inconvienced, they shouldn't be able to walk free, they shouldn't be able to avoid being on sex offender registry because of family relationships.


jules13131382 t1_j0xrxfw wrote

Holy Shit what a piece of human garbage


Visible-Education-98 t1_j0yuzjh wrote

It would be extremely helpful to have a pic of this dude.I wonder if the RMV still considers photos public records?🤔


YugsBunny t1_j0z34eb wrote

This state is a mess


Dunwich_Horror_ t1_j0zrzbr wrote

I hate to say it, but this isn’t the first time shit like this has gone down on the cape. It was back in the 90s and again in the 00s.


gregkel22 t1_j0vnsnk wrote

liberal reddit....


"Mustafa's grandfather, Ahmed Mustafa. A former Falmouth selectman, Falmouth police officer and Massachusetts state trooper, Mustafa testified that he never heard any commotion from his grandson's bedroom or bathroom..."


What does this paragraph have to do with the original story. So fucking dumb. You don't have to throw an anti cop statement in there, it has nothing to do with this case. Wanna go after the judge? Maybe the dickhead offender himself?


Every fucking post has to go the extra step into connecting to a policeman, none of which adds ANYTHING to the story. It's silly. Nothing to do with story or case.


Keep voting me down libs. You know i'm right.


Y'all got a story about a rapist and a rapee, and then you turn it into "hey look at that cop" who is a non factor. Focus on the rapists dick, liberals. Focus.


GeniusBtch OP t1_j0vpg9y wrote

It matters because the grandfather most likely lied under oath to protect his grandson and has connections in law enforcement. He was the only witness the defence called. The woman's own boss saw her the next week covered in bruises and very obviously distraught. No way for that to happen without the grandfather hearing anything in the house.


gregkel22 t1_j0vpwvb wrote

"most likely lied under oath"-


Really dude? You are making assumptions.


And you are a dink on top of it. Have issue with the criminal here. Anything to have a problem w cops. Lemme guess what side of the law you were on in the past. What a joke.


"No way for that to happen without the grandfather hearing anything in the house."- another assumption.


BoringHoles t1_j0vy6wh wrote

> Lemme guess what side of the law you were on in the past. What a joke.

Really dude? You are making assumptions.

And you are a dink on top of it.


AboyNamedBort t1_j0w4gnn wrote

Typical conservative. More worried about a cops feelings than a woman who was brutally raped for days on end.


[deleted] t1_j0v6xjf wrote



scottieducati t1_j0w8ccg wrote

Is it a liberal policy to leverage your families law enforcement relationships to get preferential outcomes?


cxp64 t1_j0vjtk9 wrote

Funny that there are only 8 comments, but you got down voted 36 times. Smh.