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[deleted] t1_j0761pp wrote

It’s better if you just ignore them


PtrWalnuts t1_j077jxa wrote

Why so they can freeze to death and thus decrease the surplus population?

If we didn't ignore them maybe there would be less of them.


wgc123 t1_j07e1ux wrote

I never do anymore , since my car was keyed because I bought someone a meal instead of giving “just $5 so I can eat”.

A couple issues with “helping” them

  • you’re only helping one person at a time and it may not go very far. An appropriate service can help that money go further to help more

  • while there are way too many people that could use a hand, the most extroverted/aggressive pan handlers, with the most profitable locations, are likely to be a scammer. Donating to the appropriate service is more likely for your money to get to the truly needy, and you won’t skip out on someone quietly suffering


[deleted] t1_j07beex wrote

That money would be better spent if you donate it to a credible charity organization like a local soup kitchen


PtrWalnuts t1_j07gk92 wrote

I do that too. I also buy people food and hand it to them.


Stringgeek t1_j07h5ml wrote

Yeah cool, treat them as if they’re subhuman and therefore invisible. So classist. They are people just like you, and the vast majority of them aren’t addicts or mentally ill. Even if they were, though, people still have basic human needs to eat, for example, and have warm clothing in the winter.

The sole reason I carry cash around is so that I can give it to homeless people. If we knew each other in meatspace, I would not be friends with you.