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johnny_cash_money t1_j223r0c wrote

Sears was Amazon first. You could buy an entire house out of a catalog back in the day.


partybanana t1_j22ids0 wrote

"Yesterday? Yesterday you said you'd order it on Amazon."

"I'll order it today."

"You'll order it now."

"...I'll order it now."


DMala t1_j23z5v2 wrote

Sears could have literally been Amazon. They had all the infrastructure and could have crushed Amazon the second they tried to be anything more than a bookstore. But they decided the internet was just a fad, and now they’re just a sad shell and won’t be around much longer.


RedRedditRedemption2 t1_j2512yn wrote

Funnily enough, there's still a Sears store in Braintree. I think it used to have three floors, but Primark bought out the third floor in 2015 and the Sears store has only had two levels ever since. At least it received a renovation, especially on the outside!

I'm also pretty sure it's the last Sears store in the entirety of New England. I have no clue how it has managed to last so long. Braintree was the town I grew up in, so it blows my mind that Sears is still there!


Crayonbreaking t1_j25gq3k wrote

Sears management has been terrible since the 70’s. They were already dying then and they were so amazing for so long it just took 40 years to kill them.