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richg0404 t1_j1xhp3i wrote

> He turned down a plea deal last month that would have sent him to jail for about 4 years, but now he faces a potentially longer sentence following his conviction.

SO how is it only a "potentially longer" sentence after conviction? Surely he can't get less than the plea bargain.


cuddlefarts42069 t1_j1xtaor wrote

He could be found innocent


bubalusarnee t1_j1ycots wrote

"Vincent Gillespie was found guilty earlier this month"

First line of the post.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome is reflexive contrarianism, from the inside?


cuddlefarts42069 t1_j1yei92 wrote

I forgot that no one in the history of the law has ever had a sentence overturned. It’s not reflexive contrarianism, it’s answered a question that was asked. However unlikely the outcome would be, that is how it would happen, ya cunt.


richg0404 t1_j1yybtg wrote

She it could be overturned but as of now he has been found guilty.


bubalusarnee t1_j1ycl5v wrote

>Surely he can't get less than the plea bargain.

A plea bargain is between him and the prosecutors. It can be whatever good or bad deal the accused and the prosecutors come to.

But, we're at the part where the prosecutors are out of the picture, with their job done. The judge is not bound by arrangements the prosecutors tried to come to.