Submitted by Great_Individual673 t3_zzv1ab in massachusetts

Passed by Encore Boston Harbor and was wondering whether only people with reservations can enter.

I’m from Connecticut where the 2 casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are basically malls/outlets with gambling slots added on. Anyone can park just to walk around, shop and eat at the restaurants.



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Direct-Pressure-7452 t1_j2duo7h wrote

Why would you need reservations for a casino, never heard of that


bubalusarnee t1_j2dq3ks wrote

Even in CT it's spelled harbor


bmark0610 t1_j2emddi wrote

CT casinos are 1000x better which is why I go 2.5hrs out of my way to go there instead of Encore


Mdecast t1_j2dvd3j wrote

Parking is free and no reservations needed.

Go on up and drop some donations to the casino gods


[deleted] t1_j2dpjq3 wrote



Darklighter10 t1_j2egut6 wrote

I get your joke unlike others it seems. Though a bit of a miss, I appreciate the effort


Great_Individual673 OP t1_j2drl34 wrote

Reservation like one has to have a room already booked in the hotel


individual_328 t1_j2dzfum wrote

That's not how casinos work anywhere. The hotel is an amenity for gambling, not the other way around.


Great_Individual673 OP t1_j2dznhl wrote

I know. It’s just I see Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have a lot more to do than just gamble. However in many other casinos, that’s not the case (not much to do other than gamble)


Scout_228 t1_j2dslnw wrote

Anyone 21 and over on Gaming Floor