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montoya0142 t1_j0ii05l wrote

Bro was speeding to Dunkie's. Gotta get a holiday cup before they're gone.


waffles2go2 t1_j0ip380 wrote

Love convertible in the snow -

but rt 2 in a Miata in the snow (particularly close to the border) is less than fun...


dvdquikrewinder t1_j0izr8k wrote

Fuck I'd give it a shot


waffles2go2 t1_j0j4z8l wrote

My thinking exactly, but IRL it went from "doable" to "white knuckle ride" to "don't die" very quick..


SolidDoctor t1_j0jj5dz wrote

Well you can be driving to your destination, and taking a cold shower while being exfoliated with road salts all at the same time. Pretty efficient way to multitask.


MisterItcher t1_j0jv3o8 wrote

You don’t like sitting in a 5 mile rotary traffic jam with the top down when it’s 40 and raining?


SithTrooperReturnsEZ t1_j0nqcnx wrote

Idk what type of fun you have but it's a blast

Not fun if you daily drive one for some reason, it's a summer car after all.


cmajka8 t1_j0ihgxs wrote

We’re all playing checkers and this guy out here playing chess


notclientfacing t1_j0iwdh0 wrote

Guarantee he’s got an iced coffee


HyruleJedi t1_j0kpev0 wrote

A dunkin one to be exact


evilmullet t1_j0iue73 wrote

Drinking a Dunks' iced coffee, presumably


Foxcecil t1_j0j0cwt wrote

Route 2 or 202 is where these people spawn.


brufleth t1_j0jnim6 wrote

I had a Miata for a few years.

With winter tires it was fucking amazing in the snow.


MainRaspberry4465 t1_j0lr24g wrote

Wow I’m surprised, being a lightweight rear wheel drive layout in snow spells for catastrophe typically.


brufleth t1_j0lu4r4 wrote

They're balanced and the weight is good for stopping and turning (less inertia to overcome). With the winter tires to keep you going, it was more controllable than my WRX on snow.


MainRaspberry4465 t1_j0mf6xk wrote

That’s awesome, it must be an amazing drive in all conditions especially in summer!


shooter_mcgawvin t1_j0kqyvn wrote

Rented a small A-Frame near Mt Snow last Feb. There was a snow storm on Friday. Saturday, my buddies and I see a black Miata, top down, come cruising down the street we’re on. Sunday I saw this story posted on Reddit. Legend!


Lazy-Ad-2530 t1_j0jotjj wrote

He does this often! I hear he lives in Templeton.


Electronic_Age62 t1_j0jry5z wrote

He’s lame for going halfzies put the windows down wuss


dan420 t1_j0inb5w wrote

What do you mean “he’s back?” This is just a picture from last year.


Que165 t1_j0ipq1k wrote

It's the same person from last year, who's doing it again


dan420 t1_j0ipsv2 wrote

Same photo too.


Hugh_Jeynus OP t1_j0ivvhh wrote

The photo from last year was on rt 2 east in templeton. Move along you fuckin bum!


J-daddy96 t1_j0j0eum wrote

It’s not even real winter weather yet


skyhoppercc t1_j0jurs0 wrote

Seen that one around, I’m thinking the tops broke, Better have a dunks in that hand


AFrozen_1 t1_j0inndr wrote

Ah yes my favorite model of snowplow: snow miat.


Random_Introvert_42 t1_j0iqy4d wrote

I mean...above 75kph you're not getting wet/snowed on inside the car.

Source: Have MX5 NA, drove in rain.

Also, hi from r/Miata


Mugwartherb7 t1_j0k0lyw wrote

Dude cruising down rt 2 without a care in the world


32d325cc t1_j0k2g66 wrote

North Face down jacket with shorts on no doubt.


jesseMc420 t1_j0ix9n8 wrote

That video was crazy


HyruleJedi t1_j0kpg00 wrote

Its not even winter yet


MainRaspberry4465 t1_j0lr9ss wrote

A rear wheel drive layout on a lightweight sporty car in SNOW?? Man this guy is brave.


RealHonest-Ish_352 t1_j0lrjaw wrote

What snow?

It's like ... rain, in Seattle. No one carries an umbrella there.

They just wear a baseball cap.


2tuna2furious t1_j0j7tbr wrote

this is literally me

dox ban pls


sloppyredditor t1_j0ibisw wrote

…and a dude taking pictures while driving?


nebirah t1_j0j6g2t wrote

If only that was a Tesla then I'd guess Elon is in town


[deleted] t1_j0ifdem wrote



dan420 t1_j0inipp wrote

Found the slow boomer who doesn’t realize that millennials are like 35.


[deleted] t1_j0innl9 wrote



dan420 t1_j0io3z4 wrote

“Deluded” is the proper term. Baby boomers raped and pillaged the fucking planet, raised the people they complain about, and have tried to pull the rope ladder up behind them for the last half century or so.