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joelav t1_j0s28fl wrote



NotnotNeo t1_j0sr7ap wrote

Quabbin pretty much marks the border of 413, interestingly enough.

RIP Enfield.


NativeMasshole t1_j0sv6kw wrote

I think Hardwick is the only Worcester County town that's in the 413, but we can call them Western Mass just for laughs.


RedditSkippy t1_j0scoxf wrote

I was once explaining to a Boston colleague that I lived in WMass and her response was, “So, like, Framingham?”


Impressive-Log-9436 t1_j0t2fxd wrote

Live in western Mass work in Boston, they don’t think there’s a central mass and anything after Framingham is western MA.


charons-voyage t1_j0uj4uf wrote

Ha I always joke with my wife that anything west of Newton is WMass


Beck316 t1_j0s9fpc wrote

After the Charlton rest area on the pike.


RedditSkippy t1_j0sd78j wrote

That’s a good one. I love how the traffic drops right off after the I-84 interchange (Was going to say exit 9. Still working on remembering the new numbers.)


mudshifters09 t1_j0smvb0 wrote

I say right past 84 where 90 goes from 3 to 2 lanes, that’s where western mass starts


BershireKayaker t1_j0waeh9 wrote

Always such a relief! And then after the Westfield exit I know I’m in my territory & have left modern civilization behind🤣


MinneapolisKing25 t1_j0smr4j wrote

Yeah this is really how I identify it when driving, but whenever anyone asks I just say west of worcester


nick-j- t1_j0sn2jy wrote

I came to say the Sturbridge exit off the Pike but this makes more sense.


Hairy_Cattle_1734 t1_j0sqfkp wrote

Easy. Western Mass is Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties.


AccurateDelay1 t1_j0uevn9 wrote

this is the correct answer. Anybody that says differently is incorrect.


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j0sasto wrote

All these people saying it starts "west of Worcester" when the geographic center of the state is pretty significantly west of Worcester (Rutland).


NoMoLerking t1_j0smp17 wrote

Only because we know it bothers you.


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j0smulf wrote

I knew it all along! The universe really does revolve around me! /s


NoMoLerking t1_j0sn9zq wrote

We’re just impressed that you know there’s a Rutland, MA - let alone that it’s the geographic center of the state.


chrisrobweeks t1_j0swvbk wrote

Geography has nothing to do with it lol


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j0swxmt wrote

You can also just look at a map and the center of the state definitely doesn't look anywhere near Worcester either. No need for fancy calculations.


boy_inna_box t1_j0vdf9c wrote

But the population center is located in Natick, decently east of Worcester


Irishfury86 t1_j0shjiv wrote

West of Sturbridge/ The 413


Zazadawg t1_j0te16b wrote

If you live in western Ma, it’s Quabbin/413, if you live in boston it’s anything outside of 495 lmao


ReactsWithWords t1_j0t40mi wrote

Worcester County and everything directly north of Rhode Island Central Mass. West of that is Western Mass, east of that is Eastern Mass.


canadacorriendo785 t1_j0uvcsr wrote

If argue from a socio-economic standpoint Central Mass doesn't really exist. Worcester and Fitchburg are the outskirts of the Boston area and all the development that's happened in those cities plus the increasing suburban development in surrounding towns is due to proximity to Boston.

Once you get West of Worcester the circumstances change dramatically and you have Holyoke and North Adams etc that have an entirely different set of circumstances.


meggiemay4749 t1_j0v7au5 wrote

Being from central mass I gotta disagree. Especially from a socioeconomic standpoint. And a sociocultural standpoint. It’s the Midwest of Massachusetts.


canadacorriendo785 t1_j0v9owx wrote

I'm not telling you Worcester is exactly the same as central Boston but I am telling you its a lot closer to being Lowell than it is Holyoke and that has everything to do with Boston. Everything within 50 miles, from Providence to Worcester to Manchester, NH is really still the Boston area.


meggiemay4749 t1_j0vam5o wrote

Worcester isn’t anything like Lowell either though. It’s its own thang baby. I’m just saying central mass exists, and it exists especially from a socioeconomic standpoint.


SteveMcTravel t1_j0vhojq wrote

The thing about Worcester is that Worcester is actually closer to being Worcester than it is to being Lowell or Holyoke or Boston. These are all different places. I checked on my map. I’ve been staring at it now for an hour trying to make sense of it all. I’m going slightly mad.


SteveMcTravel t1_j0vgv97 wrote

I’d argue that all state and county lines are merely a construct and that in fact we are all flying through space on a spinning orb that is mostly water. Also, conversely, Worcester and Fitchburg are outskirts of the Boston area? Saugus is an outskirt of the Boston area. Fitchburg is barely on the same planet. How far does the Boston area extend in your universe?


canadacorriendo785 t1_j0viyrp wrote

The parochialism of people in New England is exhausting. Every town within 50 miles of Boston is fundamentally defined by its relationship with the Boston area.

20 of the 25 poorest towns in the state are west of Worcester. The overwhelming majority of remaining vacant former industrial space in Massachusetts is west of Worcester. The towns with the largest and continuing population loss are west of Worcester, while places like Worcester, Lawrence, Lowell etc are all set to surpass or have already surpassed their historic population highs. Rockingham and Hillsborough counties NH are far and away the wealthiest counties in the state.

Every piece of data we have points to the Boston area extending about 50 miles from the Downtown core, which is completely in line with major cities around the country. Once you get outside of that orbit circumstances change dramatically.


meggiemay4749 t1_j0vm37b wrote

You are reading far, far too much into this. When it comes down to it, this question is about geography. We don’t need a lecture on economics or population density or whatever the fuck this is. Central mass exists. It is fundamentally different than both the Boston area and western mass in a geographical and socioeconomic sense. For the love of god you sound so pompous.


canadacorriendo785 t1_j0vrtdj wrote

I dont understand how it's pompous to share factual information related to the question of if Western Mass begins west of Worcester or at the county line.


meggiemay4749 t1_j0vsnc4 wrote

I mean it’s kinda all in the tone but whatever. You do you, I suppose.


canadacorriendo785 t1_j0vukb5 wrote

I'm not trying to be a dick I just genuinely think it's important. That everyone in the state views their town as this little fiefdom disconnected from the larger region completely handicaps our ability to address all these huge issues we have. If you care about how much you pay for housing, public transportation, public education you should care about what I'm trying to say.


meggiemay4749 t1_j0vvgke wrote

I don’t want to continue having this argument with you. Christ almighty. And again, this isn’t about towns this is about regions and geography and nobody is looking to get into a fucking economic debate or whatever the fuck kind of debate you’re trying to have. Please kindly lay off.


SteveMcTravel t1_j0w1ji3 wrote

But what about if the state of Massachusetts is long and can easily be divided into thirds and therefor we divide it into Western, Central and Eastern? Does that not count for anything because there are people who live in Fitchburg but work in Boston? There are people in southern New Hampshire who work in Boston. Is New Hampshire part of the Boston area? By this logic all of New England is Massachusetts and New England is part of New York City. Maybe it is, I don’t know. I’m not even from here. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, which is the Worcester of Canada.


SteveMcTravel t1_j0vnz0z wrote

Ok but who decided that we only divide up states by socioeconomics? What is The Cape? What is the North Shore? What is the South Shore? That last one is an actual question, I genuinely don’t know. Also there are people who live outside of Worcester who commute to Worcester for work. It’s the heart of central Massachusetts, a place that exists. Look at an electoral map of Massachusetts and note how often there is a big red streak sticking out right down the middle, because the culture and people there are different from the urban and suburban people of eastern Massachusetts and the old hippies in Western Mass. There are a lot more ways to divide up a state than socioeconomics and if you don’t enjoy the parochial New Englander’s views on this I dare say you have come to the wrong place, dear boy. Pip pip, cheerio!


11BMasshole t1_j0s6zcm wrote

Hampden , Hampshire and Franklin counties are western Mass. Berkshire County is the Berkshires, Not considered Western Mass but it’s own area. Worcester County is Central mass. Everything east of that is eastern mass.


Irishfury86 t1_j0shnt7 wrote

We absolutely consider the Berkshires to be western Mass.


11BMasshole t1_j0shy4n wrote

Nah, Berkshires are their own thing. Western Mass is Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden Counties.


CausticOptimist t1_j0sjxi8 wrote

How on earth is a part of Massachusetts that’s west of what you consider to be western massachusetts not western Massachusetts?


11BMasshole t1_j0sl4y0 wrote

It’s not , it’s the Berkshires. It’s in the far western end of the state. But it’s not the area referred to as Western Mass. it’s the area referred to as The Berkshires.


giob1966 t1_j0sm5lw wrote

I'm from the Berkshires and you're wrong.


CausticOptimist t1_j0slsm3 wrote

I’m aware of where/what it is. I grew up there and lived there most of my life. I assure you that it is both. Just like the north shore is in Eastern Mass, the Berkshires is in Western Mass


GroomedScrotum t1_j0sqrd5 wrote

You're so wrong it actually hurts a little. Berks are very much considered Western Mass.


giob1966 t1_j0t6jrr wrote

Just another person from MA trying to erase us...


GroomedScrotum t1_j0u8tkd wrote

Always. I did a lot of hospitality work in the Berks and damn were Boston folks the worst. Was working at a hotel and had some dude from Boston complaining at check in how "nothing ever goes right when you come to the country." I told him he should probably head back to Boston then.


Irishfury86 t1_j0sps92 wrote

No. Just no.

There's nobody in Berkshire County who wouldn't consider themselves part of western mass. I honestly don't know what you're talking about.

Ask someone from Pittsfield if they're part of Western Mass. They'll say yes. Same with someone from North Adams, Great Barrington, Dalton, Richmond, Sandisfield, Cheshire, Williamstown, etc.

Source: I live there and have access to a map and a sense of direction.


CausticOptimist t1_j0suzl0 wrote

Bros in this sub who grew up in the Boston suburbs but went to UMASS for three semesters and never left campus are the real experts on western mass though


singalong37 t1_j0u2wy1 wrote

I don’t know about ppl in the Berkshires but it is or was a thing in the Springfield-Holyoke area to say western Mass is only hampden, Hampshire and Franklin. Makes no sense geographically.


Irishfury86 t1_j0u39ak wrote

Cool, but since I live in the Berkshires and we call ourselves Western Mass, that doesn't really matter. What other people call themselves isn't relevant. We're part of Western Mass.


RedditSkippy t1_j0scsqi wrote

I consider the Berkshires WMass. It’s not Pioneer Valley WMass.


JasJoeGo t1_j0smmrp wrote

The Berkshires aren’t part of the Connecticut River Valley/I-91 corridor but they’re still part of western mass. It’s possible that western mass has multiple subregions, surely.


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j0s8msr wrote

I don't think Berkshire county is the sole extent of the Berkshires. For one, the geographic peak of the Berkshire mountains is Crumb Hill in Monroe (Franklin county), but even if you ignore that the places people colloquially call "the Berkshire hilltowns" basically start somewhere around Huntington, which is very much not part of Berkshire county.

If you look at a terrain map there's a very clear line that goes down a little bit west of the west edge of the Connecticut river valley where the Berkshire hills obviously start building up, and by the time you get to route 112 it's pretty mountainous.

I think places like Rowe, Hawley, Plainfield, Cummington, Worthington, Middlefield, Chester, Blanford, and Tolland are pretty "Berkshires" and none of them are in Berkshire county proper.


11BMasshole t1_j0s9e0t wrote

I’ve been in this area for 50 years. Absolutely no one considers Huntington the Berkshires. They consider it the Hilltowns. Most people associate the Berkshires with Lee, Lenox , Stockbridge, Great Barrington, Williamsburg, Pittsfield, North Adams.
Hence it’s own distinct area called the Berkshires.


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j0s9mz6 wrote

Even then there's still a little problem with "the Berkshire mountains" not being entirely contained in Berkshire county lol without the peak of Crumb Hill. We can disagree over where to draw the east border but that's a bigger oversight. You'd think it would be named after something it actually contains, right?

Hell you can even go on the Wikipedia page for "The Berkshires" and see how half of the things it contains aren't in Berkshire county.


RedditSkippy t1_j0sd034 wrote

Mt. Greylock is the highest peak in the Berkshires AND the rest of Massachusetts.


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j0sfqez wrote

Mount greylock is not part of the "Berkshire mountains"(Massachusetts part of the Green Mountains). It is part of the Taconics that run along the border of New York and Massachusetts/Connecticut. They are geologically separate mountain ranges.

Crumb Hill

Taconic Mountains

Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts though, I never said it wasn't. It isn't by any definition except maybe the cultural one "the peak of the Berkshires," despite being frequently misattributed as such.


Zazadawg t1_j0te6tt wrote

technically Mt greylock is part of the taconic mountains


RoyalSloth t1_j0shli3 wrote

I mean yes the geographic Berkshire hills go beyond Berkshire county. But anyone from the Berkshires knows “the Berkshires” by itself means you’re talking about the county. If you mean the hills you’d need to specify that


giob1966 t1_j0t6twm wrote

Those of us who are from there use "the Berkshires" to refer to Berkshire County itself, rather than the mountains to the east.


threenamer t1_j0s8gx9 wrote

Wherever Route 2 turns into a two-lane road. That’s western Mass.


eightfingeredtypist t1_j0sftkm wrote

Otherwise known as Philppston. Culturally, Phillipston is central mass, because the people that live there say "Westministah" an "Wistah".

Going westward on Rt 2, one encounters Orange, and Daniel Shays Highway, honoring Shays Rebellion. This rebellion, our lost cause we still mourn, defines us as Western Massachusetts.

Fortunately there don't seem to be any Shays Rebellion flags to put on our pick up trucks.


poprof t1_j0sf6gf wrote

West of Worcester? GTFO. Worcester is basically eastern MA in my head. All this west of 495 bullshit can go away


Redbandana325 t1_j0sz571 wrote

Shrewsbury? Oh yeah that’s western mass man. No doubt about it. Hudson? Yup that’s eastern mass. /s


96ToyotaCamry t1_j0surbz wrote

I always thought of it as starting at the pioneer valley, which is essentially “west of the Quabbin”

And also 413 lol


squarerootofapplepie t1_j0s35o3 wrote

I agree with you, I think the Quabbin is the border.


pine_tree_55 t1_j0ss73p wrote

Agreed. Makes sense on the north end. The south end is a little more squishy. The Brookfields and Warren seem WMass to me. Orange is the border on route 2. Culturally I think Athol/Petersham seem more central Mass.


JeffersonEpperson t1_j0s4xbu wrote

Anything west of 495 imho


jp_jellyroll t1_j0sc0l3 wrote

So, you believe the Boston Marathon starts in western MA...?


JeffersonEpperson t1_j0sdcgi wrote

No but it seems like people from Boston do


nick-j- t1_j0sn87u wrote

They think it’s a different world just beyond 128, let alone 495.


zwermp t1_j0sfpna wrote

The start of the marathon is east of 495.


jp_jellyroll t1_j0t6lkc wrote

Yes, I know, but 495 bisects Hopkinton north to south pretty much down the middle. If you’re saying half the town is in western MA then you’re basically saying the whole town is western MA. Hopkinton is not large.


rolandofgilead41089 t1_j0tx4y1 wrote

You need to get out more.


JeffersonEpperson t1_j0ukirt wrote

Don’t talk to me like that, I have a private jet with which I fly across the world to exotic locales with barely legal super models and foreign dignitaries in tow. This is me: 😎 This is you: 🤓


Jwc5216 t1_j0scioo wrote



CausticOptimist t1_j0sj9n1 wrote

It’s the four westernmost counties. Period.


rolandofgilead41089 t1_j0txfi5 wrote

Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, and Berkshire counties make up Western MA. That is the answer.


rayslinky t1_j0s9pdq wrote

West of Newton. :P


jennybens821 t1_j0svtl2 wrote

So, is West Newton in eastern Mass? Does that make Auburndale central Mass? Plz advise. 😝


MadstopSnow t1_j0so0xu wrote

Weston. That's why it's named that.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j0tpdbt wrote

From someone who lives in Worcester county… the answer is Worcester county. There is a clear feeling of entering “Western MA” as soon as you pass Athol on Route 2. Also, towns like Holden, Rutland, and cities like Fitchburg and Gardner are west of the city of Worcester, but if you ask literally anyone who lives in those places if they think they live on western MA, they would say no, definitely not. I live in Fitchburg. I do not live in Western MA. It still takes me less than an hour to get to Boston, and twenty minutes to get to Worcester for Pete’s sake. Western MA is very sparse and rural, with the Quabbin area, the Pioneer Valley, and the Berkshires. That’s it. Worcester County is central MA, not western MA, and there is a difference.


Brew_Rider t1_j0s7fek wrote

West of Weston obviously /s


Mysterious-House-51 t1_j0skfp0 wrote

This question is precisely why some in the berkshires refer to it as "eastern New york"[


nick-j- t1_j0snd26 wrote

Fun fact, the first exit in Massachusetts in West Stockbridge only has a entry eastbound and exit westbound because town officials didn’t want New Yorkers going through their town and ruining it.


giob1966 t1_j0t6fi0 wrote

We certainly have the same accent as them...


CrackityJones33 t1_j0spj1y wrote

It’s west of 495. How is that not an option.


rolandofgilead41089 t1_j0tx04g wrote

Because it's not a correct answer. Does central MA not exist in your mind?


CrackityJones33 t1_j0ub9bb wrote

No it does not. There is north shore south shore. West and eastern mass. Show me central on a compass.


EtonRd t1_j0t090x wrote



mmelectronic t1_j0tz6ha wrote

You forgot the option “west of where I live” LOL

People in the city think its west of 128, or 495. People in Worchester think its west of them. People in 508 think west of Sturbridge. There are even delusional people west of old exit 8 that think the Berkshires.

Fun poll


Cabinet_Juice t1_j0t2gw3 wrote

Once you get past Fitchburg that’s where it starts

Once you get past Gardner, that’s where it really starts


hikingto t1_j0uqgro wrote

Anything west of Worcester county is the correct answer.

For example, Spencer Ma is a suburb west of Worcester. That is not western Ma, it’s still Central.


kyle415 t1_j0sf7du wrote

It depends on who you’re talking to.


jalepinocheezit t1_j0slqgw wrote

Ah, I see 32 other people live down near the cape.

Pretty much every thing above me is boston or New Hampshire...everything below me is the cape...and honestly everything west is New York lol, but western Mass works too


PintacOnAcid t1_j0tr8ab wrote

Haha!! I remember when I lived in NYC and New Yorkers would refer to Westchester County as ‘upstate’!! Seriously, it’s Quabbin/ 413.


TheEmpressIsIn t1_j0us5w6 wrote

Western Mass is four counties: Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire


binocular_gems t1_j0v11jb wrote

Anything West of Quabbin Reservoir, which correlates pretty strongly to 413 area code. New Salem might be right on the line of 978/508/413, but let's be honest, of the 50 people who live there there's only like 10 have phones.

I think this map gets it pretty right:


Watchfull_Hosemaster t1_j0vg823 wrote

The area west of Worcester but still within Worcester County is central mass. This includes places like Leicester, Spencer, Sturbridge, and the Brookfields. It's on the cusp but those communities are more heavily linked to Worcester than they are with communities further west.


SparkDBowles t1_j0w1qlt wrote

I’d always thought west of Worcester City, which is how I voted. Then I looked at a map admins realized Worcester I’d barely even central mass. It’s like eastern central mass.


PakkyT t1_j0seenf wrote



TheMuzz47 t1_j0suf87 wrote

I was always taught you go by the highways using 91 and 495 as the dividers for western, central, and that land im not allowed in (eastern)


DoodMonkey t1_j0t2fuw wrote

Where does the tax barrier exist?


DegenGolfer t1_j0tgnqx wrote

My line is west of 385/190


imawerechicken t1_j0tk9q5 wrote

I feel like a lot of people I met from western Mass considered Worcester eastern Mass, and a lot of people from eastern Mass consider Worcester western Mass. While this doesn't answer the question exactly, I like to think that the border is some nebulous gray area surrounding Worcester.


ajmacbeth t1_j0tu56f wrote

everything west of Whusta


Dseltzer1212 t1_j0twfa3 wrote

Eastern MA….Boston to Worcester.

Central MA….Worcester to Connecticut River

Western MA….Connecticut River to MA/NY border


pastelxbones t1_j0tyzws wrote

i grew up near springfield and for a long time i considered that to be central mass, but i have been told that i am wrong


kingrobot3rd t1_j0uavvn wrote

when i moved to amherst for college and first heard someone say western mass, i said aren’t we central? they’re like nah, western. i pulled out a map, pointed to amherst like in the middle of the state. they’re like nah, western 🤷‍♂️


debauchedsloth t1_j0u2lym wrote

Needs outside of 128 and outside of 495 as poll options...


five3tenfour t1_j0udjhi wrote

For me it's the I-84 exit on the pike. I still consider everything east of that to be central/eastern Mass. Westward, there be dragons!


cityochamps t1_j0ugu3t wrote

Easteren mass is the coast to 495, central is 495 to 91 and west is past 91.


Styvorama t1_j0uicse wrote

I have a friend in Charlton who I always introduce as my friend from Western Mass because it pisses him off so much.


paxweasley t1_j0uo49v wrote

Western mass is just the Berks


eury13 t1_j0urd3u wrote

After the I-84 exit off the Pike.


plawwell t1_j0uuhaw wrote

Where the green line ends.


Watchfull_Hosemaster t1_j0vgyxt wrote

Brighton is pretty far west. Once you hit Watertown you're basically at the edge of the state and when you're in Newton/Waltham you're on the far end of the state with nothing left except for the NY State Line. Does anything exist past those cities?


Shnikes t1_j0vkwgo wrote

Worcester is west for me.



jaybee62 t1_j0s3o2b wrote

West of Route 32


PajamaWarriorJoe t1_j0skslr wrote

Central mass isn’t real west of Worcester is western mass


giob1966 t1_j0sly95 wrote

West of the Connecticut River.


[deleted] t1_j0snc8k wrote

West of 128 obviously


neatness t1_j0sthaw wrote

Anything outside of 495 is Western Mass


OppositeProgress5421 t1_j0sy8mf wrote

I don’t even consider Springfield western mass because the heart of Berkshire county is still about 45 from there. I’m gonna say Berkshire county is where western mass begins


jrdnmdhl t1_j0ul5oz wrote

It begins west of route 128. And I’m pretty sure of there was anything in Mass west of Worcester I would have heard of it by now…


my_couch360 t1_j0ul8px wrote

The moment I merge on to 90 west I'm in western ma


whynotbass t1_j0vtzlj wrote

Massachusetts is just from the cape to Boston. Anything more west than Worcester is uncharted territory


DearMisterWard t1_j0u3vi8 wrote

This poll is never going to be accurate because there are far more people in eastern mass who don’t give a crap and/or are complete morons than there are out here. We’re perfectly fine with those people not knowing where we are. Stay in Boston (which starts east of Worcester and ends at the Cape).


jwc8985 t1_j0s4vb4 wrote

Anything east of Worcester is Eastern Mass. Anything west of Worcester and east of Springfield is Central Mass. Anything west of Springfield is Western Mass.