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briank3387 t1_j0ucg5d wrote

  1. Probably not. It's not a big deal around here at all.
  2. The JFK Presidential Library is the best place you could visit for JFK-related stuff. If you're really into it, you might also want to check out the JFK Birthplace house in Brookline.

phillybust3r t1_j0wb1pt wrote

The house is just there, it didn't have a tour or anything when I went a few months ago.


briank3387 t1_j0wbgxb wrote

When we went, there was an audio in every room recorded by Rose Kennedy in the late 1960s and a film about her life as well, but that was a long time ago.


jennybens821 t1_j0xi4ze wrote

Normally there’s a tour and video, but it’s closed for renovations until next summer. Not sure if it will be open by the time OP will be visiting.


hammlyss_ t1_j0yn3qd wrote

And maybe the Cape. Do the duck boat tour past the compound


Chappy_Sinclair_ t1_j0ud492 wrote

I'd guess the presidential library would be the place to go.

He's kind of like Jim Rice to Boston types - we think of him once or twice a year and go "oh yeah, he was pretty good back then" and then go on with our day.


Balsac_is_Daddy t1_j0ui9vz wrote

I feel like JFK is waaaay more popular in Ireland than MA lol.


ButterAndPaint t1_j0ueylv wrote

The JFK Museum is excellent and worth visiting even for Bostonians who have never been.


RumSwizzle508 t1_j0vc8qt wrote

JFK library in Boston. Though he isn’t that big of a deaI anymore.

Don’t try to visit the compound in Hyannis Port. It is all private homes, set back from the street, in a residential neighborhood. There is nothing to see.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j0v089p wrote

Lmao yeah he’s from here but it’s not a big deal to anyone


AboyNamedBort t1_j0w6kjf wrote

Go to the Omni Parker House. Its the oldest continuously operating hotel in America and its where JFK and Jackie got engaged. Tons of other history in the building. It has a bar called The Last Hurrah.


peteypaaaablo t1_j0v3rpd wrote

Take either the woods hole or Falmouth ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, then head out to a little spit of land off of Edgartown called Chappaquiddick. Beautiful spot. Somewhat marred by that time teddy drove off a bridge at 2am and let the young female intern he happened to be with sitting at the bottom of the ocean in his car while he went to sleep it off. At least he did the stand up thing and alerted authorities 10 hours later, after locals noticed a car underwater, pity that the air bubble in said underwater car only gave the poor girl around 6 hrs of oxygen….


fishurmahn t1_j0wj8ij wrote

^^^ Tell me you’re an insufferable asshole without telling me you’re an insufferable asshole


peteypaaaablo t1_j0wjpej wrote

Teddy Kennedy killed a girl, seeing me dare to mention it irked you, and I’m the insufferable asshole


fishurmahn t1_j0wjuws wrote

Yup, insufferable asshole status confirmed. Thanks for playing.


peteypaaaablo t1_j0wshn6 wrote

Tell me you’re a Liz warren voter without telling me you’re a Liz warren voter


Jakius t1_j0xjkcc wrote

Can we just appreciate OPs username for this question?


Past-Adhesiveness150 t1_j0v24wn wrote



Narwhal_Defiant t1_j0wrg8q wrote

Wrong kennedy


Past-Adhesiveness150 t1_j0x5274 wrote

Naaa.... they had a house down there somewhere. Go & see where they spent the summer. The Island's a nice trip in the spring, before the summer crowd arrives. You get to see Island life the way the locals do.


Narwhal_Defiant t1_j0wsawu wrote

The JFK library is best. Its a really good history of his life, presidency and death. His childhood home in brookline is a national historic site but its closed until summer '23. Dont know if it will be open in May.

You can also go to the Massachusetts State House. Theres a JFK memorial there.

If you want to drive 90 min west, there's an eternal flame in Springfield's forest park.


NeetStreet_2 t1_j0yvjs5 wrote

The Kennedy Legacy Trail in Hyannis is pretty cool.