Submitted by AaranaMae t3_zpu2jx in massachusetts

Hey all!

I’m looking for a hotel that offers spa services (nothing fancy, just a massage and nail manicures). I’ve been on Google, but it’s so hard to know what’s good or not. My mother is sick, and this is my last chance to do something together with her, and I want to lessen the chance of a bad time.

NH is ok too if you know any :)

So please let me know if you stayed at any! Just preferably not Boston, but I’ll look at it if it’s fantastic :)



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samfran08 t1_j0ul0cj wrote

Cranwell Spa in Lenox


OkOpinion5519 t1_j0vdsy5 wrote

Maybe too fancy or too far, but I always enjoy Cliff House in Maine. I go when they're cheapest - usually February - and their cheapest is luckily the most I'd ever spend on a hotel. Took my mom there who has some mobility issues, it was nice to not have to go far for food/spa/nature.


bodaciousboner t1_j0um0z1 wrote

Mirabeau in Plymouth


TheLilLebowski3 t1_j0w88ci wrote

Truly feels like you’re pulling up to a little French chateau. Beautiful place


thspimpolds t1_j0wkupo wrote

This. This. This. This. It’s amazing. My wife and I spent two days after our wedding since a honeymoon wasn’t in the cards due to her profession until summer. It was magical.


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j0w74jd wrote

Mirbeau in Plymouth - even in cold weather! There’s lots amenities indoor and outdoors. Restaurant, hot tub, solarium. I’ve sat outside in the hot tub or in the glass solarium in snow or sun!

My advice is book one or two services with a lunch reservation in between. You can eat lunch in your spa bathrobe, and there is so much to do that is complementary to spa guests that you can still have a full day even with one treatment. I found it a lot harder at Chatham bars Inn to do that because there aren’t many amenities after your service is done, especially in the winter.


thspimpolds t1_j0wkxwr wrote

I had ice on my beard in the jacuzzi in November at the Mirbeau. It was magical


Disenthalus t1_j0utrtq wrote

Wife and I recently stayed at The Wentworth in Jackson, NH. Very cozy with nice spa. Dining at the hotel was great, too. We found it to be reasonably priced back in November.


_Your_Highness_ t1_j0x81qf wrote

We love the Wentworth. Going back right after the holidays. Highly recommend getting a private hot tub room. It's wonderful.


Disenthalus t1_j0xht27 wrote

We got a room at Amster with the outdoor hot tub. It was perfection.


StatusSprinkles t1_j0uvh6p wrote

I go to Mirbeau every year for a girls day. Love Love that place. It's in Plymouth.


HaElfParagon t1_j0v3hsa wrote

Mirbeau in Plymouth is really good


albertogonzalex t1_j0w25iz wrote

Mirabeau in Plymouth is great. A little corny. But I love it.

Cliff House in Oguncuit, Maine is also awesome. And, the town of Oguncuit offers up a lot more than Plymouth.


binboston t1_j0utbxq wrote

I’m not much help as far as specifics go - so sorry for that. But in the past I have had friends go to some nicer spas on the cape during the winter months because they may come at a steep discount compared to their summer rates. May be worth checking out.


slippy_slidey t1_j0veget wrote

Chatham Bars Inn


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j0w77zu wrote

It’s not fun in the off season. The outdoor amenities are all closed and there isn’t much indoors


houseonthehilltop t1_j0wsmt4 wrote

I love it in the off season. Very calm and peaceful. HIghly recommend - it is the most beautiful setting on the Cape


JMK9600 t1_j0yhph0 wrote

D spa and hotel/Delaney house in Holyoke


Mustachi-oh88 t1_j0ysm7w wrote

The Common man up in Plymouth, NH has a spa and sauna with an indoor pool.


SparkDBowles t1_j0wxv8t wrote

The Daniel Webster inn and spa in sandwich!


mattcal44 t1_j0uqjah wrote

What is this word spa? I feel like you’re starting a word and not finishing it. Are you trying to say spaghetti? Looking for a spaghetti hotel?


AaranaMae OP t1_j0vewdj wrote

I’m so sorry if you’ve never had any spa services. Much more enjoyable than spaghetti services.