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lunatic_calm t1_j5oxhqq wrote

FYI the article poorly summarizes the bill and leads to the incorrect belief that the quantities listed are way off from reality. Here's the relevant section (bold added):

The possession, ingestion, obtaining, growing, giving away without financial gain to natural persons 18 years of age or older, and transportation of no more than two grams of psilocybin, psilocyn, dimethyltryptamine, ibogaine, and mescaline, excluding the weight of any material such as water, plant and fungi material of which the substance is a part or to which the substance is added, dissolved, held in solution, or suspended.

So if I'm reading this correctly the limit is 2 grams of psilocybin (an enormous amount), not 2 grams of mushrooms (a low dose).


no_clipping t1_j5p9090 wrote

This comes out to ~130 grams of mushrooms 🍄


Shufflebuzz t1_j5ra34p wrote

Would the yield of a typical /r/unclebens batch be under the limit?

130g is about 1/4 pound, but I have no idea how much that is in a practical sense.


dancognito t1_j5rj10p wrote

Yeah, I think a typical batch would be a bit more than that, depending on how successful you are.


Weak_Plenty t1_j5pnjvd wrote

Am I tripping, or is that a very long sentence fragment? What about the possession, ingestion, etc of all of these substances?


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j5py5x6 wrote

Microdosing has been the one thing that worked for my ptsd and depression after years of trying different SSRIs. I’m hoping one day it becomes accepted, legal, and more widespread.


spitsparadise t1_j5q4upx wrote

Absolutely! It changed everything for me. Been doing it for over two years. Made more progress with my mental health / depression / PTSD in the first 4-6 months than 10 years working with different medications. Legalization would pave a path to help so many others.


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j5q55rd wrote

Yup! My biggest worry is my supply suddenly ending. An added bonus is it makes me not want alcohol at all, even if I’m going out with friends to a bar. I drink a lot of mocktails or tonic water!

The one downside is if I DO have a drink it does trigger a migraine.


chrisrobweeks t1_j5r0ccx wrote

Look into growing. It's very inexpensive (~$100 startup cost but only about $15 per grow after that, which yields more than most consume in several years) and fun! Or so I've heard.


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j5rawn2 wrote

I’ve looked into it. We don’t have the space where we are right now. If we got a larger house with actual closets or a basement I could. It seems doable!


cokane_88 t1_j5qejp4 wrote

Good for migraines too.


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j5qkagq wrote

I’ve noticed that, but if I have one glass of wine or even a couple sips of beer on a micro dose day I get the WORST headache


cokane_88 t1_j5syyni wrote

I'll trade you 100 regular headache for a single migraine. I'll get a visual auro effect as the first symptom in getting a migraine, if my timing is right and my dose is adequate and depending how bad the migraine is... I'll have a mild trip vs having a debilitating migraine.

A step further, migraines and tripping effect my body similarly. Both effects my vision, both make my head and body feel weird. Both can last multiple hours. If you have ever had a bad trip it's basically the same thing as a migraine. During a bad trip you feel sick, headache, puke, nausea, all the same shit happens to me during a migraine.


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j5tdgo1 wrote

You know, now that you mention it they are very similar. I never do enough to trip, but younger me has. I keep zofran on hand to help with headache nausea - it also helps so you don’t puke meds back up. Not sure if you’ve tried it, I know most migraines folks have tried everything


SpyCats t1_j5q38qy wrote

So happy for you! I hope more people discover the benefits.


gravitas-deficiency t1_j5pdwur wrote

Oh, let’s do this. Seriously. Psilocybin actually has a LOT of therapeutic value, particularly in trauma-related disorders.


89DEALS t1_j5oq5mi wrote

>This is different from legalization,’’ Jehlen said. “This is allowing personal use up to two grams. I think that’s probably enough for most people to use all the mushrooms they want to in their life.

Dear Fucking Clueless in Somerville,

Two grams in a lifetime, ha! I eat 2 grams of mushrooms every morning for breakfast just to make it through the day.

Peakin' at the Beacon,

Psilo Cybin


ShinigamiLeaf t1_j5pmrch wrote

It seems that the bill is talking about up to two grams of pure psilocybin, not two grams of mushrooms.


89DEALS t1_j5ptufg wrote

Let's hope so. We can discover the wonders of nature...


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j5oy4bd wrote

I guess if you consider that the majority of people either never use them or maybe try it once? But yeah 2 grams not even at a threshold where most people would feel uncomfortable or incapable of being out in public.


ak47workaccnt OP t1_j5o6ugp wrote

Slightly misleading title there, GBH.

Some state senator who has no experience with the drug gets to arbitrarily decide how much is worth going to jail over:

>“This is different from legalization,’’ Jehlen said. “This is allowing personal use up to two grams. I think that’s probably enough for most people to use all the mushrooms they want to in their life.”


RoundSilverButtons t1_j5plbwu wrote

I argue the same thing about how many rounds of ammo my magazine can hold. Or how many grams of THC per serving the state allows.


amphetaminesfailure t1_j5pkfk5 wrote

I know the article touches on this a little, mentioning lack of enforcement, but they are pretty much "unofficially" decriminalized aren't they?

Like you can openly buy the spores used to grow them online and have them shipped to you without federal or state law enforcement knocking down your door, can't you?

I also know psilocybin isn't tested for on any standard drug panels. And K9 units can't sniff the mushrooms out.

Seems like you would have to put effort into getting in trouble over it.

That's not to say I don't agree that the law should be officially changed, to make sure some people don't fall through the cracks and get busted for it.


TurnsOutImAScientist t1_j5r7ktc wrote

Agreed that it's already nearly effectively decrim by itself, and that it ought to be officially legalized for possession. Beyond that, I'm on the fence. Worried about Joe asshole coming off the plane and eating a whole 8th and winding up either in the Charles or the ER, and triggering a backlash. Like maybe for retail sales there needs to be a waiting period and/or a little presentation you need to sit through and answer a quiz about.


Bargadiel t1_j5r9cru wrote

I figure yeah but if Joe Asshole is the type of person to do that with shrooms he has already done it already with pretty much every other legal substance anyway.


Sandlicker t1_j5qkuvl wrote

Magic mushrooms are more healthful and safer than alcohol. It's absolutely ridiculous that they were ever made illegal.


Cost_Additional t1_j5q9gq5 wrote

They should be fully legal. Same with any other drug.


deggy123 t1_j5pzx7i wrote

After watching the first two episodes of The Last of Us, that's a no from me, dawg.


bizmarkie24 t1_j5s1j5j wrote

I didn't even realize people take cordyceps as a health supplement.


wombat5003 t1_j5q4mmo wrote

The problem I have with that is folks don’t really understand psychedelics as well as say cannabis…it’s not the same and can lead to bad experiences and yes overdosing… also I remember when I used to do them, I could only handle doing it 1 time a week because it made me very sick of say I did them one day after the other ( I think they have some toxins like strychnine or something like that… just my opinion of course


Sandlicker t1_j5qkqqw wrote

First, when truly appreciated cannabis is also a psychedelic.

Second, cannabis can also lead to bad experiences and "overdosing" (i.e. taking more than necessary to produce the desired effect, resulting in undesired effects, but not toxicity)

Third, doing mushrooms more than once a week is a bad idea anyway. It's really more of a once-a-month max type of deal and twice a year is fine even for most experienced users.


wombat5003 t1_j5qq3vn wrote

Come on :) cannabis will not trip you out like mushrooms… light trippy effects…now you can have a bad experience with cannabis… it is not in the same universe as a bad experience with mushrooms. Especially with someone who does not know a thing or 2 about them… it’s a much more powerful drug, and in the right setting is awsome, but in a wrong setting not so much…. I’m not saying I did once a week all the time, but if I had a bag of shrooms yeah I’d do a few once a week… but honest last time was like 30 years ago, those were different days before wife kids etc….


Sandlicker t1_j5qtmvz wrote

Each mind-altering substance has its own unique effects and risks. The effects of psilocybin may be more "intense", by some measures, but I've always felt more in control under its influence than I have with alcohol, for example. Likewise, while a bad experience with mushrooms can be much worse, bad experiences with cannabis are much more common in my personal history, and I've had far more bad experiences with alcohol which objectively does much more damage to society than either of the others.


cokane_88 t1_j5qe9nu wrote

LSD isn't listed? Fuck that


Rocktopod t1_j5q3zxq wrote

Is there anyone in the sub that's been following local politics closely enough to give a rough idea of how likely this is to pass?


TheGrandExquisitor t1_j5q8ezs wrote

This will never happen. Look at how they tried to roll back weed legalization.