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Anxious_Sky3254 t1_j6i8ago wrote

Getting a cup of ice


Sbemon777 t1_j6ifeys wrote



HopeTheGOP_dies t1_j6mnsm0 wrote

Lol only suburbanite vanillas and Townie drunks think dunks is nice

Go to a real coffee shop, buy real high quality coffee instead of this absolute swill

You guys live life on such a low level lmao

America is a low quality


jp_jellyroll t1_j6i92f1 wrote

It can't possibly be any worse than the fresh version. Might as well drink it.

Actually, these probably have better consistency since they're mixed & poured by an automated machine versus a disgruntled Dunks employee.


Vaiiki t1_j6jfn4s wrote

Doesn't have that same charm if a fifty two year old woman who reeks of cigarettes doesn't make my coffee though.


bostonboy08 t1_j6jl3np wrote

It’s really the ambiance that keeps us coming back to dunks.


Vaiiki t1_j6jrbeu wrote

Yeah. I can't relax with a nice hot cup of coffee unless someone in a winter coat is furiously scraping away at a fistful of scratch tickets with a quarter in the dark at 5:30 AM at the table next to the line.


ghostsintherafters t1_j6n3617 wrote

B-b-b-but I thought only teenagers worked those jobs which is why we're allowed to underpay them


paganlobster t1_j6j2iaa wrote

At least this version doesn't appear to be 99% milk


lgt25 t1_j6lp746 wrote

I guess you’ve never had one then


PtrWalnuts t1_j6kt6ou wrote

Don't blame the employee for the poor quality of their crappy coffee. I live next door to one. I've been in it twice since 2009. A big truck comes and delivers there donuts for want of a better turn every morning. I'll go there primarily for a clean bathroom and a diet Coke.


Tempest_1 t1_j6kxrk5 wrote

Can we get some gruntled employees please?


danmur15 t1_j6l1xsx wrote

Its better than the fresh version for sure


TGrady902 t1_j6mkpuy wrote

I’m going to say it….. Dunks is not good anymore, especially the watery coffee.


JWard515 t1_j6mscmf wrote

Dunkin coffees are made with love.

The love of pissing me off by fucking up my coffee.


rammallamadingdongs t1_j6ihpm4 wrote

Thanking them, and not being a nitpicky bitch about it.


jpr_jpr t1_j6ik4sx wrote

Seriously. Someone thought they were doing something nice and got blasted for it. Next time, the person can buy whatever free coffee for others they seem fit. Show some grace and just be thankful.


Undecidedbutsure t1_j6iogu2 wrote

Filling my cup up with ice - those babies are good!


user72230 t1_j6igno8 wrote

It doesn't matter, I still don't get why Dunkin is popular....on the best of days Dunkin is mediocre


rammallamadingdongs t1_j6ii0vz wrote

The same reason that my husband still loves me, it is cheap and readily available.


corgibutt19 t1_j6ih0pt wrote

These things have an ungodly amount of caffeine at 225mg. I'd chug at least two.


Tempest_1 t1_j6kxw59 wrote

“How do you like your coffee?”

“Strong enough that it shows up on a drug test”


Quincyperson t1_j6iesm7 wrote

I would have gotten my own coffee once they said they were bringing Dunks


tapakip t1_j6ikz10 wrote

Thank them for being thoughtful but pass on drinking any of it.


TheSpokedB t1_j6iee6w wrote

I mean I'll still drink it if it's free but I'll think twice about trusting them again.


Eggiestboi t1_j6jr7uo wrote

It’s $Free.99, in this economy you gotta take anything you can get.


Tempest_1 t1_j6ky0k4 wrote

In this economy it will be 87 cents in a week


Cheap_Coffee t1_j6ie5vl wrote

I'd go get a real coffee from somewhere that isn't Dunkin'


VoteCamacho2508 t1_j6iqonq wrote

Thanking them, and then never trusting them to bring coffee again.


dupattaluella t1_j6it58k wrote

I wouldn't drink it either way. DD's coffee is all sugary and nasty.


M_Shulman t1_j6iqnvl wrote

Cancel any afternoon meetings cause I’ll be in the bathroom…


S1ntag t1_j6iwynn wrote

Cup of ice, a quick 'thank you', and an icy resolution to request any and all details before if they commit to anything.


brip131 t1_j6j7gh4 wrote

Saying thank you


sihtydaernacuoytihsy t1_j6ik5g4 wrote

Grabbing the only one without chocolate or vanilla obviously because what am I a savage?


dmoisan t1_j6ixnux wrote

They're the best iced coffee beverage I've had, and I've tried everyone's.


PakkyT t1_j6j27dp wrote

Agreed. Those are not hot, black, and unsweetened as coffee should be.


harj1 t1_j6l759v wrote

💯✅ These have upwards of 8 tsp sugar 38g or so per bottle


freedraw t1_j6j3ebb wrote

Grabbing some ice.


Pew_Pew_Petey t1_j6j3nnf wrote

Drink it or not drink it depending on my mood, say thanks and carry on...seems simple enough.


Obvious-Lunch8185 t1_j6jintn wrote

These are better than what the Dunkin’ employee makes you IMO


Atari875 t1_j6jk39l wrote

I’d probably drink it. You don’t go to dunks for the flavor you go because it’s cheap, convenient, and caffeinated. This checks all the boxes


cheerycherie t1_j6jux8e wrote

Thanking them and appreciating the fact that they spared some poor dunks worker from making the floor wide order


UsernameTaken93456 t1_j6k53do wrote

Saying thank you and continuing to drink the coffee I acquired somewhere else as soon as I heard "Dunkin Donuts*


TheLighthammer t1_j6l1qgs wrote

Take a pull off a bottle to make room, pour in some rum, and go for a nice drinky-walk.


decoste94 t1_j6p696d wrote

Those really aren’t all that bad when ur in a pinch. Free coffee’s free coffee


NeetStreet_2 t1_j6ito3b wrote

I'd already have a mug full of delicious coffee I brewed at home.


highlander666666 t1_j6iubiq wrote

thank them but I wouldn t drink it I only like hot coffee


Balsac_is_Daddy t1_j6iykdh wrote

I definitely prefer these to one made at a DD. Just need a big cup of ice!


halloweva t1_j6j3pu4 wrote

Imagine if they said they were getting Dunkin munchkins... 😉


Ravenflaw t1_j6j5oh8 wrote

As long as there's also a Vanilla Bean Coolata for me, I could care less; I don't drink coffee but keep it stocked for friends that do.


Joeylogo724 t1_j6j8c5g wrote

These have so much sugar it's insane. It drink like a soda. I wouldn't mind if it was unsweetened at least. I only have these in last resort situation.


harj1 t1_j6l7azi wrote

Yep☑️ Like 8 tsp sugar per bottle.


drjoker83 t1_j6jc746 wrote

Say thanks and grab a mocha and ask if I owed who got them anything.


Grinchtastic10 t1_j6jcfdd wrote

If i’m really desperate, Shitting most likely


stephyska t1_j6jd1az wrote

These are too sugary to drink in mass quantity and I like my coffee in mass quantity.


Pudge223 t1_j6jdecs wrote

crank 3 and then complain to my wife on the way home.


OnlyPaperListens t1_j6jdtna wrote

Can't have dairy, but wouldn't mind otherwise.


HanSoloWolf t1_j6jmkqy wrote

I'm saying "Thank you for bringing this in for everyone. Very thoughtful of you."


Zaius1968 t1_j6jo7x3 wrote

Drinking the Starbucks I already have in hand…


Sandlicker t1_j6jobrt wrote

Saying thanks and having some. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.


chuck138 t1_j6js4va wrote

I'd be happy. These taste better than any Dunkin I've been to in the last few years. Far better consistency too.

I'm sure there are some great dunks around somewhere but I haven't had any luck.


darksideofthemoon131 t1_j6js897 wrote

Despite the ridiculously high sugar content- these are pretty good.


YourPlot t1_j6jvw4b wrote

Do what I always do when someone shows up with coffee, brew myself a cup of tea.


Lusiggy t1_j6jwz3z wrote

Taking the vanilla one


BrockVegas t1_j6jxmp6 wrote

Sip on my far superior Honey Dew...



Nobel6skull t1_j6jz5im wrote

It can’t be worse then regular dunks coffee.


oldcreaker t1_j6k2v9k wrote

That looks like caffeinated Boost. But not fortified. I'm going to go find/make a cup of coffee.


Graflex01867 t1_j6k3f5v wrote

Getting a cup of ice and drinking it.

There’s probably better quality control and the equipment that made it was properly cleaned and washed. Factory production isn’t always a bad thing.

Plus it’s free coffee - you say thanks and be polite anyways.


bmyst70 t1_j6k83oe wrote

Going out to get some hot Dunkin, since I prefer hot coffee unless it's above at least 65 degrees or so.


poprof t1_j6kbunc wrote

It might actually be better than actual Dunkin’ - grab a cup and say thanks for coffee


Phornix_RyFt t1_j6kdrcb wrote

Taking that person to the merrimack river to push them in


kw66 t1_j6kdznd wrote

Keep coffee ice cubes on hand and we’re all set


Lazy_Football_511 t1_j6kegom wrote

Since I am diabetic, ask them if they are trying to kill me.


StrangerInPerson t1_j6kevsz wrote

Keeping it in the employee fridge for two years.


SluggoRemains t1_j6kicvd wrote

Saying thank you and grabbing one


FirstTimeLongThyme t1_j6kk0yx wrote

Those absolutely contain more coffee and caffeine than your average cup from Dunks.


sporky211 t1_j6klguh wrote

honestly as long as i get the thin mints one I'm ok with it


69thunder t1_j6klnrr wrote

Admiring their pragmatism. This is way easier than carrying 7 coffees on a cardboard puke tray


softriceking001 t1_j6koysa wrote

Those are better. The one they make taste like hot water.


oihane97 t1_j6kpen5 wrote

Grabbing the French vanilla and a cup of ice 😂


Different_Ad7655 t1_j6kup7v wrote

Yeah pretty worthless products and Dunkin and so adulterated with all that junk people put in their coffee isn't coffee at all. Drink it black and You will see why. Starbucks same garbage a or B coffee. There are a few real coffee shops around that do it right


lafonda34 t1_j6kwgy8 wrote

Probably taking a handful of lactaid first.


HKnoxx t1_j6l0ipg wrote

Drinkin’ it


US_MC t1_j6l0zcb wrote



danmur15 t1_j6l1uom wrote

Hoarding the mocha ones for just me


ohms1son t1_j6l6le5 wrote

Say thank you and go about my day.


ARoundForEveryone t1_j6lg0f1 wrote

What do you mean? I'm saying thank you, and depending on the temperature of both it and my surroundings, getting a cup of ice. Then I'm drinking it.

What else is there to do?


thegreatindoor t1_j6lhptk wrote

Saying thank you then enjoy the drink.


QuantumStars t1_j6lonol wrote

I'd rather drink those than their actual coffee.


Crafty_Kissa t1_j6m8mfr wrote

Laughing at all the addicts that have intense opinions about the right way to be addicted.


tomphammer t1_j6ma6az wrote

I’d assume they didn’t know what I liked and thought those would be the safest option.


Notown_Rubicon72 t1_j6mljsn wrote

Same thing as if they brought a cup of Joe. I’d make my own coffee at home. Dunkin’ coffee is terrible in my opinion.


odeacon t1_j6mocqc wrote

Thanking them, that’s the good shit


JWard515 t1_j6ms9rl wrote

If they bring the thin mints flavor I’m here to party. That shit is better than anything they make in store


that_was_funny_lol t1_j6mv01l wrote

Calling my dentist to get ready to fill some cavities.


rosa-marie t1_j6pcsd3 wrote

Say thank you very much, I appreciate you going out of your way to do something nice for me


suhhhdoooo t1_j6ik4r9 wrote

Go get coffee somewhere else like I already planned on doing


Low-Donut-9883 t1_j6imdj2 wrote

Its better than what they serve at D&D...


emotionallyasystolic t1_j6itnps wrote

I mean, I won't be an asshole about it but I will still have to brew some coffee to add to it.


connaire t1_j6j1l4b wrote

If somebody said they were bring coffee from Dunkin. I would’ve prepared and brought my own coffee.


away0ffshore t1_j6j6bay wrote

Giving them a high 5, because dunks is shiite


HardRockGeologist t1_j6je4fr wrote

Nothing, I've never had a cup of coffee in my life of many decades.


StevieSparta t1_j6jeu8l wrote

I’ll be honest , I used to hate them but when the line is too long at Dunks its like forget it I’m going to A Richdale which is usually 5 seconds away from any Dunks


ratiofarm t1_j6jf16y wrote

Still not drinking it.


Perks508 t1_j6jidqb wrote

I’d be pretty disappointed and I’d prob just go get my own coffee.


haystackofneedles t1_j6jn204 wrote

Know that these will at least be consistent unlike any two cups of their coffee


Northbound77 t1_j6n1sho wrote

Saying no thanks, Dunkin coffee is terrible


Kodiak01 t1_j6o3j7u wrote

Going and making myself a cup of my own. Iced coffee is disgusting.


Coggs362 t1_j6ipo0u wrote

Deleting contact info from my phone.

Edit: I hit Dunks 6-10x a week for my coffee.


mrhuggiebear t1_j6j1my0 wrote

Mmmm, preserveitives in already bad coffee


Accomplished_Ad_9288 t1_j6jiesn wrote

It doesn’t matter if it’s “fresh” or in a bottle. I would throw it in the trash because that’s where Dunkin’s “coffee” belongs.

Someone who used to work there told me it’s 10% coffee and 90% water.


CapintheHat t1_j6jmayr wrote

I would say wtf is this I told you Mary Lou’s. I told you I was boycotting dunks?


masshole91 t1_j6k8pal wrote

I’m throwing hands.


climb-high t1_j6kth51 wrote

Calling them retarded.


TwoforFlinching613 t1_j6i9asv wrote

Not drinking it, DD is the only place I will not drink "coffee" from, lol

Would appreciate the effort, though.


ManWithTheCats t1_j6iepw9 wrote

And with that you are officially excommunicated from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You shall be tarred, feathered, and forced to wear the Yankees Cap of Shame before being dumped over the New Hampshire border out of my cousin’s “wicked badass” ‘91 Iroc-Z Camaro. Expect one of the lesser Wahlbergs to arrive at your house within the next 24 hours.


Son_of_Blorko t1_j6iezji wrote

Nah, you just need to get with the times. The consensus is now that Dunkin's is shit coffee.


rammallamadingdongs t1_j6ihtsh wrote

We know it's shit coffee, but it doesn't stop us from drinking it like mana from the heavens.


Son_of_Blorko t1_j6is4a7 wrote

No argument there! I'll even happily drink those cold bottled ones in OP's picture!


Capable_Couple8328 t1_j6jnlk9 wrote


I would rather drink poison than dunks. Oh wait. Dunks IS poison.