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jp_jellyroll t1_j6i92f1 wrote

It can't possibly be any worse than the fresh version. Might as well drink it.

Actually, these probably have better consistency since they're mixed & poured by an automated machine versus a disgruntled Dunks employee.


Vaiiki t1_j6jfn4s wrote

Doesn't have that same charm if a fifty two year old woman who reeks of cigarettes doesn't make my coffee though.


bostonboy08 t1_j6jl3np wrote

It’s really the ambiance that keeps us coming back to dunks.


Vaiiki t1_j6jrbeu wrote

Yeah. I can't relax with a nice hot cup of coffee unless someone in a winter coat is furiously scraping away at a fistful of scratch tickets with a quarter in the dark at 5:30 AM at the table next to the line.


ghostsintherafters t1_j6n3617 wrote

B-b-b-but I thought only teenagers worked those jobs which is why we're allowed to underpay them


paganlobster t1_j6j2iaa wrote

At least this version doesn't appear to be 99% milk


lgt25 t1_j6lp746 wrote

I guess you’ve never had one then


PtrWalnuts t1_j6kt6ou wrote

Don't blame the employee for the poor quality of their crappy coffee. I live next door to one. I've been in it twice since 2009. A big truck comes and delivers there donuts for want of a better turn every morning. I'll go there primarily for a clean bathroom and a diet Coke.


Tempest_1 t1_j6kxrk5 wrote

Can we get some gruntled employees please?


danmur15 t1_j6l1xsx wrote

Its better than the fresh version for sure


TGrady902 t1_j6mkpuy wrote

I’m going to say it….. Dunks is not good anymore, especially the watery coffee.


JWard515 t1_j6mscmf wrote

Dunkin coffees are made with love.

The love of pissing me off by fucking up my coffee.